Don’t Underestimate THIS Superpower #shorts

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I don't think I've actually mentioned This story inside there was this event And they got James Khan Alan sugar Richard Branson to come and do keynote Speaker I was like I really want to be Part of it but obviously I didn't know How I'd get their press passes Etc so What I did was I emailed owner of the Event and I said hey so I'm this 17 year Old how about the day before I basically Lay out all the chairs and all you do is You give me a backstage pass he would Say yeah okay cool a lot of people Underestimate the power of both naivety And youth people would have seen that All right he can't get a backstage pass So just go oh well I guess I can't but Like I'm actually going to figure out What I can bring to the table which is Just like energy and time and I think For a lot of young people they almost do Not realize how many superpowers they Have in terms of just like energy time And naivety

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