DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME – One of the MOST POWERFUL Videos You’ll Ever Watch | Billy Graham

The great tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer.

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Speaker: Billy Graham

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Foreign Is short What is your life it's even a vapor that Appeared for a little time and then Vanisheth away The brevity of time that brings us to The urgency of time They asked me uh what the greatest Surprise was I just passed my 64th Birthday and that had been in the press That I'd had a birthday and they said What is your greatest surprise in life And I answered the brevity of life If I told if someone had told me when I Was 20 years old that life was very Short and would pass just like that I wouldn't have believed it and if I Tell you that you don't believe it Either I cannot get young people to Understand how brief life is how quickly It passes it seems like yesterday I was In school Every one of us here has been given the Same amount of time in a day 1440 minutes a day 168 hours per week The days of our years are three score Years and ten and if by reason of Strength therefore score Years yet is Their strength labor and sorrow for it Is soon cut off and we have passed away And cut off Seventy years God allows us and it's Interesting to me with all of our

Medical science We've never passed that magic mark The average American male today lives 70 Years And four months The average female seven to three years And six months More people live to be seven But the average age Of an American is still 70 as taught in The scriptures Now seventy years God allows us let's Think a moment what do we do with those 70 years the first 15 are spent in Childhood or And then 20 years we sleep And then the last five years physical Limitations are curtailing your Activities they haven't curtailed mine Yet but uh my fifth year until 70 starts Next year Only 30 years left and part of that time Must be spent in eating meals Working And figuring out your income tax things Like that what a thing it is when you Think that you have just one short life To spend and it'll soon be over Foreign Y of time and this is one of the Problems with me time runs me The schedule that I've tried to keep the Last six months is the heaviest schedule Of my entire life I don't know how I got

Into it I don't know how I ever accepted So many things but I did And somebody asked me uh some time ago At some University or seminary where I Was speaking they said what is uh if you Had it to do over again what would you Do I said I would study more And speak less I have let people pull me to every type Of thing in the world to speak And I needed to be on my knees in my Study and I would say to yours to the Students get all the education you can Get I wouldn't change one thing if I were You I just study if that's where God LED You and you're in the will of God study While you're studying on the side study The word of God for your own soul not Just for classes not just for grades Fill your heart with the word of God I Found that those who know the scriptures Are the ones that have the power today Time can also be a tool but it can also We can also be a slave and you know I Think if I had life to start over again In seminary like you are here I'd write down my priorities in life And I'd get committed to certain Priorities Foreign The things we ought to do the classes we Ought to take the books we ought to read Do it now

The family that needs you spend more Time now Write that letter home now that you've Been meaning to write Money you ought to give give now time For study do it now people you ought to Witness to do it now Every time the clock ticks it seems to Say now Today If you will hear his voice It may not be a tomorrow And for me because there's a warning to Time Is running out for all of us time is too Short for indecision and vacillation Do not halt between two opinions Fools say that time is long every Morning we have 86 400 seconds to spend And to invest And each day the bank name time opens a New account for you and for me It allows no balances and no overdrafts If you fail to use the day's deposits The loss is yours To redeem the time because the days are Evil and the days in which we're living Are very evil It doesn't matter whether you live Another year or two years or five years Well you don't work be finished Is there a quality to it is there a Dedication to it People ask me do I feel that people are

Deeper in their faith in those countries Than here I say yes Where the pressure is the greatest that Is the deepest walk with God We have pressures you have precious a Different kind of pressure here But we need men and women who walk with God And if you do that you too can finish The work that God gave you to do Foreign Foreign

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