“Easter Goes Woke” – PETA Demands White House Replace Easter Eggs With Potatoes Due To DEI

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they react to PETA demanding that the White House replace Easter Eggs with Easter Potatoes for the White House’s annual Easter Egg roll.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Let me read these uh uh this story to You with we got to do proper things We're being a little bit irresponsible As Americans yeah Peta appeals to First Lady Jill Biden advocating for the Replacement of chicken eggs with Potatoes at the traditional easic role Stating instead of promoting the the the What is it the larious uh factory Farming and Slaughter Industries will You please initiate the annual White House potato roll in a letter to the First Lady petaid president Ingrid nerk Emphasizes the inclusivity and ethical Consideration of a potato role stating Potatoes are the most popular vegetable In the country and can be safely dyed Allowing for spectacular spatacular Traditional activities such as rolling Them seeking for them and decorating Them Peter asserts that the proposed Change promotes kindness to animals and Supports local farmers I mean if you if You're hearing me read this and you're Getting agit yourself you know Addressing concerns over an navian flu Outbreak and Rising egg prices noting Amid the worst Avan flu outbreak in History we're rooting for you to leave a Legacy of kindness by stating this new Easter tradition can you show these Pictures so here's what we did folks I Just want you know this we're so Committed to following guidelines with

Peta because this we have to be Responsible citizens that our Kelly okay Who's on man act and who if you want to Know what cameras technology use you can Always talk to Kelly and Arnold Kelly Look at this so we We are following the Guidelines what was that is that a joke You guys are Funny so this is the Easter my God got a Bunny too yeah it's so cute right let me See I got one for all of you look at This one for you can you please give the Pink Give the pink one to Tom oh my God Tom you get a pink you get a pink one You look like a purple guy so I'm going To give this one to you we can play what Can't we do this m Miss Biden can't we Do the responsible thing and paint Potatoes instead of X I mean we got to Do the responsible think here and I'm Assuming uh if I show this to my kids I Wonder what my kids are going to say They're going to be very upset but to do The responsible thing I want to Challenge everybody moving forward no More eggs yeah it's potatoes you this Now now I don't have to do with all that Lead based paint I have in my garage I'm Going to paint the potatoes here so that They're safe for children and by the way Kelly said was so hard to paint the Potatoes I can she stayed up till like 3:00 in the morning doing this can't Believe she actually did this this is uh

I actually have a story about pet go Ahead Tom it was it was terrible so I um So I go to pea and I got my pea t-shirt And I brought my friend who is a VP of Marketing from sweet baby rays right and You know they make all kinds of barbecue Sauce because I thought Peta was people Eat tasty animals and I brought my Friend from Sweet Baby Ray we were there They were so upset they kicked us out by The way for to me and Vinnie maybe for Me because Vinnie was born here whenever I see Peta all I want is Leb exactly I Want to put Ley on Peter bread because Together it's like so so so to me when I When everybody we talk about pet I'm Like I totally support P because you Know the Peta bread is like the greatest Bread in the world oh if you put Kebab Meat and you pull it off the Kebab State Oh my God and then with some colored Potatoes to go with it bro you're like Dude I'm H rolling shout out to rafy's Place should make some shirts pea people Eat tasty animals brought to you by Sweet baby RI there you go buddy well The right sauce anything's great right Sauce uh right sauce anything is great As you're uh as you're reading this Article I didn't even read the article I'm just waiting for it I'm like I'm Waiting for a Dei think the word and Then there it was uh the Peter president Emphasizes inclusivity with eggs bro

Like how far down the rabbit hole are They goingon to go here with these these Pedophiles right there so you know I you Did the whole Christmas Extravaganza it was all gay black Trans People in the white house it was pretty Interesting you know my biggest issue With the Democratic party is That if you're a straight white guy at This point like you're excommunicated From the Democratic party this not what It was under Clinton this was you know Thanks Obama thanks Biden this is what's Happening so it's just like I I can't Condone this let the kids eat their eggs Next thing you know they're going to Having instead of uh Thanksgiving Instead of having turkey they're going To have tofu oh no tofu it's it's uh St Uh Patty's day this week instead of Having Guinness they're going to be like Penis coladas everybody so instead I I'm Just offended because when it comes to This I am very Dei Beef Pork venison ve Any of them I do not Discriminate way I actually think Tom is Trying to make a run at it he's uh he Wants to prove he's the second best Comedian on this on this Behind you so he's he's and I I like What he's doing he's he's been very very Riter but I'm not going to give him Classifi go it's shame to see with Dei We're lowering our standards out here so

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