Election Integrity Concerns Rise as 380,000 Ballots Go Missing in Georgia

Amidst the ongoing debate over election integrity, Georgia finds itself in the spotlight as concerns escalate over the disappearance of 380,000 ballots. Join us as we delve into the latest developments and explore the implications of this alarming situation.


In recent news, election integrity concerns have been on the rise as 380,000 ballots go missing in Georgia, raising eyebrows and leading to questions about the legitimacy of the electoral process. With the Georgia Election Board reprimanding Fulton County and appointing an independent monitor for the 2024 election, the spotlight is once again on the state’s election procedures. Let’s delve deeper into the unfolding events and controversies surrounding the missing ballots.

The Disappearing Ballots: What Happened?

The saga of the missing 380,000 ballots in Georgia has sent shockwaves through the political landscape. As the county found violating state laws during the 2020 presidential election recount, the spotlight has been on ensuring transparency and accountability in the electoral process. But how did this massive number of ballots go missing in the first place?

  • The Controversy Unfolds: A timeline of events leading to the discovery of the missing ballots.
  • Impact on Election Results: How the absence of these ballots affects the integrity of the election outcomes.
  • Calls for Investigation: Demands for a thorough investigation into the handling and whereabouts of the missing ballots.

Patrick Bet-David’s Take on the Issue

Patrick Bet-David and his team, known for covering politics, business, and current events, have also weighed in on the election integrity concerns in Georgia. Offering merchandise like the “Allegedly” t-shirt and “Future Looks Bright” hat, Bet-David has brought attention to the importance of transparency in the electoral process. With his book “Choose Your Enemies Wisely” available for purchase, Bet-David emphasizes the need for making informed decisions, especially in turbulent times like these.

Valuetainment’s Role in Providing Solutions

Valuetainment, under the leadership of Patrick Bet-David, provides business advice and courses for entrepreneurs looking to navigate the complex world of business and politics. As the CEO of Valuetainment Media and author of “Your Next Five Moves,” Bet-David is no stranger to controversy and challenges. With the ongoing debate over missing 38,768 ballot images in Bolton County, Valuetainment aims to shed light on the importance of ethical leadership and transparent governance in all spheres of life.


The disappearance of 380,000 ballots in Georgia has sparked concerns over election integrity and transparency. As the investigation unfolds and calls for accountability grow louder, it is essential to address these issues head-on to uphold the democratic principles that form the foundation of our society.


  1. What steps are being taken to recover the missing 380,000 ballots in Georgia?
  2. How does the missing ballot scandal impact the trust in the electoral process?
  3. Are there any similar instances of large-scale ballot disappearances in other states?
  4. What role can independent monitors play in ensuring election integrity in the future?
  5. How can voters ensure their voices are heard and their votes are counted accurately in upcoming elections?
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