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Chad Wright

Brad Butler

Will Tidwell
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The very Foundation of leadership is the Ability to make freaking decisions All right You have got to be able to make Decisions Before you can Build anything else you have to build a Lot on top of that to become a good Leader But you have got to make a decision in Your life you have got to make a Decision about your Fitness you have got To make decisions about your business You have got to make decisions about Your faith you have got to make Decisions about your marriage you have Got to make decisions about your kids Because you know what your only other Option is To crouch and stagnant fear like a Coward and potentially die and Potentially put the lives of everyone Who depends on you in jeopardy I will never quit Because if you quit You're done You may still be alive walking around on This Earth you're done I will never quit I will persevere and I Will thrive on adversity my team expects Me to be physically harder and mentally Stronger than our opponents I hold myself to that standard I will be Physically harder and mentally stronger

Than anything that comes against me my Family my business my brothers my Sisters my team I will be the one that Is physically harder and mentally Stronger and I will work to maintain That position You won't beat me If knocked down I will get back up every Single time Somebody gonna have Just not possible for you to work and Work and work and you not get ahead and You not get an opportunity you not get a Chance to somebody not feel that you Have the desire That you want more out of life You think being a leader You think leaving a legacy is about the Glitz and Glam and money and all the Opportunities in your network and all The people that you know and what people Can do no it's not it's about who are You in the dark when nobody else sees You when nobody else is around The same person that I am on this stage Is the same person I am when I'm at home With my wife a certain level of passion That others do not have I don't get it like I don't know what The word quit means 10 years of people Telling me stop 10 years of people tell Me I'm not good enough it doesn't matter I was like if I can get through that I Can get through this

So for you That's in here right now there's some Stuff that you're dealing with some Stuff that you're going through you have To make the best of the situation I hope the fact that you that the fact That somebody saw that big heart you had And they took it they misused it and They took advantage of it I hope you don't stop using that gift Foreign Hope it doesn't make you stop giving Because somebody somewhere in this world They need what you have to give He said because what a lot of people Don't understand and what a lot of People get misconstrued is that there's Nothing wrong with having a big heart There's nothing wrong with giving You see but the problem is is that a lot Of people they give and they give and They give to people that just take and Take and take they give to people that Would never do even a fraction of the Things that you do for them Because don't get me wrong see everybody Is not you see the problem comes in it Was not even willing to at least try to Meet you halfway Do a fraction of the things that you do For them Because I want you to think about Something if you're constantly giving And giving and giving to people

And all they doing is taking and taking And taking Then you might look up one day you might Not have nothing left to give the most Important person You Seeing that loyalty and that love and That time and that energy in that care That you so willing to give to everybody Else And sometimes in life you got to say That for the most important person Yourself Cause you matter too But see the thing is is that I just want you to be careful Because no that's not anything wrong With giving There's nothing wrong with with one Having a big heart there's nothing wrong With being that selfless person and Again I never want you to apologize for That Oh this person can help me but they Aren't It's not about what they can do what can You do To move forward with the goals that you Have set for yourself nobody is required To give you anything it's going to be up To you to make things happen yes you Should have support yes you should have Resources yes you should have Connections

But sometimes you gotta work up to the Point of getting those connections and Resources into your life and so Initially It's on you it's on you to make the Decision to work with what you already Have Foreign Listen I know it's a lot of you out There you super talented like you super Gifted right I'm talking about you you Really got me juice right here's my Thing I'm not worried about that I know You're gifted I know you're talented I Know you got all those things in place For you my question for you is can you Be patient during the process right can You be patient during the process now What does that what does that mean what Does that what does that look like Listen All the things that you're trying to do Is possible you can actually make those Things happen but there's gonna be some Things that happen along the way that It's not going to look like what you Thought it was going to look like and if You can't remain patient during the Process then you're never going to get To whatever it is that you're looking For I'm telling you that you're probably In that same situation right now and I'm Asking you to be patient during the Process because I promise you if you

Stay faithful to the process and to the Goals that you have except for yourself It will eventually happen if you Continuously do the work I tell people All the time listen if you are Persistent you'll get it if you're Consistent you'll keep it all I'm Telling you right now is that whatever Goal it is that you have in your mind Whatever it is that it is that you you Say that you want to do whatever it is That you say that you want to be you can Have it you can be it no one's telling You you can't I'm not telling you that You can't do it but what I'm telling you Is there's some adversity there are some Obstacles that are going to come your Way specifically for you to throw you Off your path and to keep you from Getting to that thing it is up to you to Be patient during the process it is up To you to remain calm and focused laser Focused on that goal so that it can be a Reality and you can start to live your Dreams with your eyes wide open Oh

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