Elon Musk’s WARNING – What Happens if China Masters A.I. First?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Elizabeth Pipko, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about what happens if China masters A.I. before America.

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Ai's threat to humanity will be far Greater if China Masters it first Gordon Chen who knows something about China he Lived there as a lawyer for I think 19 Or 20 years okay so according to China Expert Gordon Chang AI poses a direct Threat to humanity but it'll be more of A threat to humanity of China Masters it Before we do China's proposed measures To ensure AI development adheres to Socialist values and does not disrupt The economic or social order may also Hinder its AI development furthermore China's political politically repressive System that relies on censorship is not Conducive to AI development and AI may Not react well to such restrictions Chinese Tech firms like Alibaba and Baidu have created Bots to rival banned AI products like open eye open AIS Chad Gbt finally China is a great AI Capabilities and access to vast amounts Of data give it a built-in advantage to A development creating an arms race and Lowering Global standards thoughts Yeah um what was the quote that it's It's dangerous of China Masters before We do I think that stands for anything That's not just AI anything that China Masters before America does is probably Going to kill us Um I have been convinced for years that Technology will take my life so this is Further proof I am terrified of all this

Stuff I don't understand it I don't know Why people trust it Um so blindly and I don't know why we're Okay having it when we know that Countries like China Russia Iran Everyone else has it as well possibly at A higher level is that why you use an Extel you're still using old school Phone she's still got the flip folks I Love it see the phone I wish yeah but Isn't it scary Pat when you have people Like you know Elon Musk saying like Listen yeah I'm involved with it and I'm Going to be making a shitload of money Off of it but it's going to be dangerous And they're giving you the warning sign Right now that it's going to be taking Over there's already I'm seeing robots Working what by the way did you see that One robot pet that was working at some Warehouse and it just fell over from Being overworked did you see that um Yeah this is this is the clip where he's Saying like well this is uh Elon was on Tucker last night and they talked about AI regulation and uh Elon brings up a Great point about regulation if you want Me to play yeah yeah go for it Rob your Audio is very low so right After something terrible has happened it May be too late to actually put the Regulations in place the AI may be in Control at that point you think That's real it is it is conceivable that

AI could take control and reach a point Where you couldn't turn it off and it Would be making The decisions for people yeah absolutely Absolutely no it's that that's Definitely the way things are headed Uh for sure okay I mean um The the things like like say uh chatur EBT which is uh based on jpd4 from open AI which is a company that I Played a a critical role in in creating Unfortunately back when it was a Non-profit Yes Um I mean the the reason uh opening eye Exists at all is that Um Larry Page and I used to be close Friends and I would stay at his house in Palo Alto and I would talk to him later Tonight about uh AI safety and at least My perception was that Larry was not Taking AI safety uh seriously enough Um and um what did he say about it he Really seemed to be Um What It Wants once sort of a digital Super intelligence basically digital Guide if you will uh as soon as possible Um he wanted that Yes he's made many public statements Over the years uh that the whole goal of Google is uh what's called AGI

Artificial general intelligence or Artificial super intelligence you know And I agree with him that the there's Great potential for good Um but there's also potential for bad I Said well what about you know who we're Going to make sure humanity is okay here Um And and and Um Uh and they called me a speciesist Did he did he use that term yes And there were Witnesses I was the only One there when you called me a Specialist and so I was like okay that's It uh I've yes I'm a speciesist okay you Got me What are you Yeah I'm fully auspicious um Busted um It's a new word that I just learned Today but by the way go ahead so you see This how do you feel about what he's Saying here well the whole point is that He brings up regulations but the only Time that we put regulations in place is After something tragic happens are we Going to wait with AI until something Tragic happens before we start Regulating it and if that's the case it May be too soon at that point the AI Could become self-aware self-conscious And then how do you shut it so I got a Question for everybody here and let's

Just see what angle we take this okay so His concern is he's trying to pump the Brakes on AI okay fine So would you rather have it lets you say You pump the brakes on AI on private Sector entrepreneurs you got to pump the Brakes on AI is the government also Going to pump the brakes never okay so They're not going to pump the brakes Would you rather you have three options Private cannot go to AI it's overly Regulated but the US Government Can okay Uh or the both private and public can go Ai and let it rip okay meaning like go Forward you can do as much as you want Government can do it and private can do It which one of those two is just going To be two which of those two would you Rather prefer you you are you trusting More private with AI or public with AI Wow I'll go to you first which one do You prefer it's an interesting one yeah It's hard because what he's saying is He's pumped the brakes the government's Not going to pump the brakes so you're Telling privates pump the brakes on AI So who's gonna pump the brakes do I want Them to monitor everything but you don't Want us to go and impose so who's going To stop who's not no that's fair if There is no way to get the government to Stop which there never is then we must Continue and hopefully have more Experience I agree then they do I agree

With her because I mean yeah you can't This is such a slippery slope because It's like everything that all those Movies all those iRobots and all the Warnings of what they're doing it's Coming out into our phase and we're Seeing I'm telling you right now Pat It's happening like fast fast there's a Documentary called the transcendental Man by uh something if you could look it Up uh he warned Pat of the art select War not him other people in the Documentary artificial intelligence Against us But that's the future and it's scary and The guy was either warning it's coming And it's gonna have it's happening Faster and faster and one of his points Was when we look at an aunt Pat you Don't think twice you just go dead right That the robot is going to get millions And millions and millions of times Smarter than us where that robot's gonna Turn on us and be like who the who are You yeah telling you what to do you know What I mean yeah and Elon brings that up Yet uh in the interview he says if every If humans wanted to go around and kill Every chimp yeah we could kill every Chimp because we're strong we're not we May not be stronger than gems but we're Smarter than chips we're the smartest Species on this Earth what happens when There's something smarter than us then

We're smoking smoking like a true Species suspicious yeah you just care About Humanity yeah so this guy's all About the future in this documentary but All the other people in the documentary Are like this guy is nuts you're asking For the end of humanity because robots Are going to take over so well I think Well there every industry has regulation We I mean SCC finra you know the EPA There's there needs to be some sort of Regulation here I mean even crypto needs To be regulated right now but I mean I Think you bring up a good point about Government versus Private Industry so What crypto needs to be regulated right Now I think there is I don't think I'm Not I'm not a fan of Central Bank Digital currencies but I think there Needs to be some sort of Regulation out There I mean even even everything that Just happened with the Silicon Valley Bank they lifted regulations disaster so But they're also to your credit you know The famous the the meme you ever seen That Meme let me see where it's like These two guys are talking and the guy Goes um did you hear about the new bill Or do you support the new bill and he's Like uh what new bill he's like it's the Bill that gives the government the No No Like I'm not in favor of it I don't know If the government no so I don't know if You can find that

Were you going somewhere but there needs To be a balance there needs to be a Public private partnership and an Agreement on what the hell is going on With this AI I don't know about AI Enough to even to to weigh in on this But I do trust Elon Musk on this well I Mean I don't trust anybody that created It now is like that's like making a gun And going like hey I don't trust it now You made the gun you know I mean like And the hell with the government or the Private the machine itself is going to Be superior than us that's the fear That's the genuine fear is this machine Saying who are you to tell me what to do And I have the power and the ammunition To take over you that's the fear so I Don't care who has it once the machine Becomes too smart it's a wrap and you're Talking about the one made possibly here Imagine the one made by the Chinese oh Forget it forget it that's a different Level wow so I don't know have fun yeah I I don't know I don't know if we can Fully put a pause to Innovation and I Don't know if I fully feel comfortable Saying you can innovate but I can't Right and hey I'm smarter and I'm going To be more under control because I'm not Driven by power let me try to see what I Can do with this technology and I'll Tell you in a couple years how it's Going to help you yeah because I'm the

Government and I'm here to help you you Know it's just a very honorable thing to Say we know when we look at the last Time the U.S population trusted the Government the most this guy named John Was president and his last name is Kennedy yeah and it was 72 or 70 percent Today it's in the 20s people don't trust The US government today it's just period You know the weaponization the what Spying all this stuff just like look we Don't trust what you got going on right Now we kind of want to leave that part Alone Um I I will say it's When an Elon says it you got to give it Credibility he started you know it's Like when the vaccine guy who started The vaccine he's sitting there now Saying like there's a lot of people that Invented the product and they turned Around they say I wasn't too happy about What I produced not necessarily the Vaccine but certain things that they Invent maybe Elon is somebody we ought To listen to but how we go about it is The issue I'm not comfortable with it Being fully deregulated but again we're Going to see what's going to happen Apparently Um according to this uh former uh what Was it model that uh Harvard and University of Pennsylvania Because of Technology

We have to stop it we have to figure out A way to stop it and Elizabeth's got a Message to uh folks in DC and this guy Named Milan okay we should listen to That so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here [Music]

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