Emotional Story On How PBD Earned $30 Million

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I talked to Eli I said Eli how can I Help you he says Patrick you can't Really help me in any way but one way I Said what is it I said my son's in Prison for nine years he did something He shouldn't have done none of my Friends and relatives want to go visit This guy his friends won't want to go There I said I'll go he says you sure Absolutely I go to prison I'm sitting There all day with them so I come back Eli's emotional He said I can't believe you just did That for me I said buddy you know what Do you mean I did that for you it's your Son he says how can I help you I said I Don't know he says here's the 600 most Influential name I know you can use my Name to call them to help you out with It whatever you want I call them one of The contacts introduced me to another Person who introduced me to another Person who introduced me to another Person who introduced me another person Maybe 30 million dollars Why because I didn't say hey you want to Go to bed No I went and I said how can I help you

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