“Employee Leverage Is Gone” – Working From Home Is Being Shut Down By CEO’s

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana explain why working from home is being shut down by CEO’s.

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Work from home era ends for millions of Americans this is from a real newspaper Called Wall Street Journal a labor Department report released this week Shows 72 and a half percent of business Establishments said their employees Telework rarely or not at all last year Compared to 60.1 percent in 2021 the Survey showed about 21 million more Workers on site full-time in 2020 to Compare with the prior year several Large companies have said they have Their employees to report in person more Often and they said they began pushing Harder to get staff to work on site more Often as recessions recession fears Prompts and increased emphasis on worker Productivity Walt Disney Company now Pushes for four day a week on site and Meta platform inc's Zuck said that In-person time helps build relationships And get more done the share of business Establishment hybrid Arrangement where Employees split time between home and Workers work site decrease in all Measured Industries in 2022 from 2021 Declining 13 four percent across the Private sector according to the labor Department Tom there is a lot going on In here and I'm I'm about to go like to 1.5 mode if that's okay so you you have All these people that are upset about Work from home but guess what with the Recession coming it's about to be go

Back home and you could get laid off and Lose your job here is what's going on in Tech remember Tech The Darlings of the Liberal side that take care of other People and make them special organic Pizzas in the Google cafeteria here we Go apples threatening to take action Staff who aren't coming in the office Three days a week and they're gonna Monitor your badge to make sure that you Do because they think quote with the Recession coming we need collaboration Then Oracle is forcing some employees to Come back to the office Mark benioff Excuse me excuse me Larry Ellison comes Out and says we've missed the benefit of In-person collaboration and mentoring That drives our creativity improves our Decision making it helps us learn from One another especially as we come into a Competitive era translation recession Coming let's get in the Huddle and get done tree number two gone says Mark Benioff has revised the plan to stack Rank the bottom five percent the way GE Used to in the 80s 90s until Jack Welch Retired and he said the general Strategic plan will include return to Office mandates because we have a vision V2 mom so V2 mom which stands for Vision Values methods obstacles and Measurements for the new year and Measurements are hard to take place Unless people are here working together

On teams tree number three then Amazon's HRT sent a memo rejecting rejected what Okay I sound like check Hearn here Rejected in March 24th just the other Day or HRT formally rejected the Internal petition by 30 000 amazonians as they prefer to be Called who signed it and said that the Return to office RTO mandate was unfair To them their comment was we respect the Petition We Appreciate You collaborative Nature in which you brought the issue Forward however the RTO mandate will That Andy jassy is outlined will stand We need here it comes again Collaboration and team work I can't Respond to every accommodation request But this is decision of corporate now Then Guess what you heard in there like seven Times collaboration teamwork You know recession tough environment let Me tell you you want to complain about Work from home there are Reddit threads Out there right now Pat that are warning Each other hey you know if you you may Have an opinion but go light on it you Don't want to get targeted if we have to Do a bunch of layoffs and you're on the Work from home and you've been kind of Pushing back too hard against management Be careful so there are voices on the Reddits that are reminding each other Yeah show your opinion but I don't know

If I want my signature on a petition Because if they're looking for layoffs I Don't want to be seen as a troublemaker Whereas corporations it's not about Troublemakers we're about to go into Recession and they're talking about Getting stuff done driving hard and Building stronger businesses during it And by the way I'm not leaving out Mark Zuckerberg because you just read in Summary here he says in person time Helps build relationship and get more Done To cut you off for everybody who's Watching and me and Adam lately have Been really like into like the planet And Earth all the trees that you killed Can we just take a moment of just Silence for For all the trees that Tom just killed For that one bit but I appreciate it You're funny but you know what you know How sometimes you listen to every single News station and they use the same line You know that that one clip that shows Like 75 different anchors all saying the Same thing exactly the same thing yeah It's like a central narrative narrative By the way you can tell all of these Guys also talk to each other 100 every One of those guys got on a call and we Said let's use the word collaboration so Let's throw a bunch of warts against the Wall which one do you like the most all

Those stories are 72 hours from Beginning to end that everything I Pulled it's all together what do you Think are the chances they had a call Together that they all spoke to each Other ten thousand percent okay I'm with You there and by the way guess what Guess what all the people that are Saying well you know if you don't offer A work from home you know we're just not Going to do this but but by the way let Me tell you a crazy story I can't tell You Leverage is over I can't tell you Who but you know who and I'll tell you After the call who this week to these Big biggest Bankers in all of America Okay very well known guys we got on a Call they're the best team in that Company you know who they are I call Them after six months of back and forth We're giving him some money and I said Here's some money I want you to look at Him give me some options of investing Into things right now you know what his Answer was He says we'll take the money and we'll Put it in cash and we're not buying Anything right now because we believe That SMP is going to go to 35 And there may be a chance that SMP goes To 32. s p today is around 39.88 around 4 000 okay to go from 30 to like 4 000 To 35 that's a 15 drop off okay to go to A 32 that's a 20 something percent drop

Off exactly 20 drop off to go to 32. so These guys in all the Big Wall Street Guys are all sitting around saying Dinners are probably a very big you know Uh uh drop off coming up here soon the Next few months To say they're aligned on the same page Together most of them are it's very rare You tell a salesperson take some money Go sell me some products make some Commission and for the salesperson to Say what no no how often do you hear a Salesperson saying no to making Commission you rarely hear that okay This happened to me today's what today's Tuesday this was on a Friday call that I Had with these guys what do you think of That approach well first of all I love That approach you know I love that Approach that's the right approach but If you do with that when you know what I Told you guys let me tell you guys Something here I've been around the Block for a long time you treat me right You'll have me for a lifetime you don't You don't I said I'm just getting barely Started with making money you know I'm 44 I'm in the money making years we got 20 30 more years of making money there's Going to be more Investments that we're Going to be making together moral of the Story is this More of these guys who are running Companies who who laid off 19 000

Employees is it extensions no it's uh I Think Accenture is it Accenture that Laid off 19 000 rap yep Accenture to cut The cut 19 000 jobs as it spending slows This is 19. if you can zoom in 19 000 Jobs they're laying off right left and Right yesterday Jeff Bezos had a video Jeff said uh If you're right now sitting around Seeing what's going on the marketplace Everybody is bracing for recession to Come and it's coming Jeff is talking About he says the advice I would give to The average person is if you got some Money take some money off to take some Chips off the table if you got some Savings don't make any crazy decisions Right now that's what Jeff is talking About because we don't know how bad it's Going to be the direction we're going on Unemployment we're going to experience All of this stuff that's coming here Right and all of those guys are not Going to say well if you don't let me Work from home four days a week I will Not work for you because I got four Other options you know what you should Say now I totally understand sweetheart Go somewhere else Because this isn't a place for you That's what all of those guys are saying Together and they're very aligned that Leverage is over you're you are so right And you're not leveraged on that abuse

Is over yes yeah the companies felt Abused the employee thought they had Leverage and but it turns out to be fake Leverage and by the way this is censure This is not Amazon saying we're laying Off what was it I think Amazon looks Like 19 000 plus nine and they came back And it was like 27 000 overall this is Censure this is not warehouse workers That's freaking Accenture these are Highly Educated white collar workers and Finance accounting and professional Consulting Yeah 9 000 more in addition to eighteen Thousand yeah so so uh and Central is Like I'll see your eighteen thousand and Raise you a thousand by the way we Talked about this I want to say you can Tell me to date on this we talked about This at the peak of covet Where it was we talked about how if you Can go get a raise go get it go dude do You remember that conversation and I Said don't do it I said I'm telling you Don't do it it's gonna backfire no go do It all those years of Social Capital you Had with a company when you left you Lost it all of that loyalty the Relationships all of that you lost it It's gone right you don't have that Anymore the people that didn't do that They deserve to be recognized those who Did do that they're paying a price today I believe we were well they're

Mercenaries right what does the Mercenary do could have been invoke You're right I think it was a bulk of Thing yeah what does a mercenary do a Mercenary shows up for the temporary war And then goes off somewhere else They're paid soldiers so if people Wanted to be mercenaries working for Amazon and then Amazon now lays them off Because they're like these folks here Are dedicated and working man what goes Around comes around you know as they say Fafo you know so oh And guess what people are finding right Now level 10 of that experience so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Foreign

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