End the Tyrants of Iran | Masih Alinejad | EP 324

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Masih Alinejad discuss the current situation in Iran, the growing unrest as revolution beckons, and the need for support from the world stage. Alinejad recounts her personal experiences growing up in Iran, being exiled, and multiple kidnapping attempts orchestrated by the current regime.

Masih Alinejad is an Iranian-American journalist, author, and women’s rights activist. Alinejad is an outspoken critic of the Iranian government’s human rights abuses and its treatment of women and political opponents. She is the founder of the My Stealthy Freedom campaign against compulsory hijab. Since its launch in 2014 has become the largest civil disobedience campaign for women’s rights in the history of the Islamic Republic. Alinejad currently lives in exile in New York City under FBI protection since a coordinated kidnapping attempt by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry was foiled in 2021.

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(Book) The Wind in My Hair by Masih Alinejad
“The Next Revolution Will be Led by Women” Speech by Masih Alinejad:

“My Stealthy Freedom” campaign against compulsory hijab in Iran by Masih Alinejad:#

“The West is finally waking up to the real problem in Iran” oped by Masih Alinejad:

“The Beginning of the End of the Islamic Republic, Iranians Have Had Enough of Theocracy,” Article by Masih Alinejad:

– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(1:18) Intro
(3:13) Brave or foolhardy?
(6:30) Women in Iran, the loss of social freedom
(9:55) 1979, all who were affected
(12:00) Ebrahim Raisi, the butcher of Iran
(15:15) Religious dictatorship
(18:00) Compulsory Hijab is a symbol of oppression
(19:35) Men and women, the optimal relationship
(22:47) Crime of womanhood, insult to manhood
(25:47) Pamphlets, Parliament, and exile
(29:22) Kidnapping plot, fear and bravery
(34:00) Facing the West, Islamophobia
(39:00) The women’s march, a need to go further
(44:00) Balancing relations with Islam and Islamic countries
(49:00) The need for universal values
(51:36) Execution, protest at a funeral
(54:24) The desert, chaos, collapse
(55:30) Why Iran can survive revolution
(59:55) Lies of the current regime, broken mentality
(1:02:00) Mahsa Amini, the dress code of Sharia Law
(1:05:50) Masih’s family was weaponized against her
(1:10:15) Corruption of the Mullahs
(1:12:55) Assassination plot, motive, and spin
(1:14:40) Salman Rushdie, western apologists
(1:17:55) Message to Trudeau from Iran
(1:22:35) The scale of protest in Iran
(1:28:00) New age in Iran, the call for heroes


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