“Enemy of the People” – Trump Says Facebook Is A Bigger Threat Than TikTok

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss Donald Trump’s position on banning TikTok and other Big Tech giants in the United States.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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Facebook has been a very very bad for Our country especially when it comes Down to elections interesting Tom Thoughts well what's very interesting About this this is in the news this all Started this all started uh last week When 50 members of the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce Remember they go into committees before They go on the and all the congressman Vote all 438 of them all that number go And vote 50 members US House committee On energy and Commerce Voted to bring to the floor ban Tik Tock In the following way they must sell it To a US company in 165 days or it will Must be removed from the App Stores so This is all 50 members so this is not Partisan there's Democrats and Republicans in these committees and they All came out and said yeah all 50 of us Say 165 days sell the US company or ban It and now it's going to come to the House floor vote so watch that this week So what that smells to me not one person Dissented it feels like you know meta is One of the biggest lobbyists in Washington one of the biggest and I and I feel like there is the Chinese Ownership thing it's an election year we Got this anti-china sentiment but it Feels kind of political to me even Though I agree that all the data that's Going back to China on Tic Tac is really

Bad yeah didn't uh Zuckerberg give to Biden 200 million how much was it last Uh the 2020 election stack of money I Think he was like 200 million Rob if you Could check that I'd appreciate it but When it like this type of thing with Trump I know everybody's like oh you're Just a blind follow no I don't I don't Agree with the fact that and I Understand what Facebook is doing and They're very very biased and political Uh wanting to save uh Tik Tok for the The benefit of being anything against Facebook I don't agree with that I cuz That's that's China owned that's China That's influencing the kids that's Brainwashing the children that's doing All these Tik Tock challenges where They're what drinking nyol and chicken And a kid just died recently I don't Agree with it at all and and I I I think It will Empower them but everybody Thought that Snapchat was going to be Empowered but their stock didn't budge Went up like a point and a half and Then was off go the nonprofit that Distributed most of the $350 million in Donations from Facebook under from uh uh Founder zck elections offices in 2020 Said Monday that it one disperse similar Donations similar what does that mean Maybe 290 this year after backlash from Conservatives suspicious that the Contrib contributions tilted the outcome

Of the presidential race towards Joe Biden instead the center for Technology uh uh uh instead the center For technology uh Civic life is Launching a different program dubb the US Alliance for election Excellence the 80 million a of 5year effort is intended To create okay which means the 80 Million is going today Adam what are Your thoughts on this well look uh this Is concerning and there's a lot of People saying that this is actually a Selfish move by Trump Steve Bannon Actually being one of them what do you Mean you don't want to sell Tik Tok he Was the guy that brought this up like to Trump's credit he was the one in 2020 That made an executive order trying to Get bite dance to sell Tik Tock out of The CCP control to possibly Oracle Possibly an American company he was was The guy so now what has changed since Then well I mean the obvious is he's Calling Facebook the Enemy of the State Uh could it be that meta banned him After January 6th so it seems a little Counterintuitive why Donald Trump who Was the person that made this the focal Point made this the issue has now Reversed course he he he did an Executive order it was blocked by the Court and I don't understand why he's Doing this now so there's people out There saying well he's only caring about

Himself he's vindictive and he's Selfish Steve Bannon being one of them Steve Bannon suggested Donald Trump has Been bought what's going on with that so Trump was absolutely right in 2020 to Say that it's a national security say Rob is there anything Bannon says like What what are his words what is he Saying when he's saying he's being Bought so now news be while B Yeah but what is there's nothing about Steve Bannon here so what is he saying If we can get to his quote if you get Rid of Bottom I think you got to look at this a Little a little deeper and it doesn't You don't have to go that deep Trump is Not saying I like Tik Tock Trump is not Saying I want to help Tik Tock Trump Said if China wants anything from Tik Tock they Tik Tock are going to give it To them so that's a national security Risk that goes up quote unquote Donald J Trump he acknowledged But if you ban Tik Tok Facebook book and Others mostly Facebook will be a Beneficiary and I think Facebook's been Very busy trying to do this and I think That's bad for our country so what Trump Is saying is Tik Tok is bad they're Giving stuff if China wants anything From Tik Tok like data that's bad that's Security risk but if you ban them look What's going to happen to to meta and

Facebook so Trump is actually saying Both saying these guys are bad we don't Want data go into China but remember Just like if you kill a dictator and you Don't put a government in place maybe we Know something about that United States Then something's going to come in and Fill the vacuum and that thing is going To be Facebook and that's equally bad I Think Trump has a very measured Statement here I don't think he's Supporting Tik Tok everybody's spinning It like he's supporting Tik Tok he's not I don't think he's but this is a damn if You do damn if you don't moment because If regardless of what happens each one Of them is going for against Trump I Mean they're going against Trump Tik Tok Is obiously anti-trump because it's China and Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg And all the Silicon Valley they hate him So what is he there's nothing you could Do it's to me it's not about Trump this Is a national concern uh national Security security concern I I'm removing Trump from the equation what's worse China and the CCP or Facebook in America Yes we can go on to Facebook you know we Saw that the the Chinese uh CEO of Tik Tok his name is Oh I don't trust that guy at all he Testified before Congress he made up a Very valid point he said well look you Know talking about uh data and uh

Corrupted data we remember what happened With Facebook and their Cambridge Analytica situation back in 2020 valid But nothing is more of a national Security concern than China whether it's Espionage whether it's surveillance Whether it's political Meandering uh Campaigns you see on Tik Tok what's Going viral over the last year Hamas Videos Osama Bin Laden videos pbd you Did a whole video about what Tik Tok Suppresses in and in China they suppress Anything with tianan Square Hong Kong Protesters anything so let me tell you Let me cuz I'm trying to think from the Strategic hat right I think I think this Is what he's thinking about I think it's Timing on when to ban Tik to Tik Tok When would the left want Tik Tok to be Banned probably in 2024 no no in 2024 The left because it's all going to go to Facebook and they know 100% Which Way Facebook's going to lean and Facebook Will silence Facebook will do anything And everything to Trump's Camp the Facebook side will do that so Trump is Probably sitting there not wanting to Give up this chip as a negotiation tool In 2024 he wants to have the leverage to Use Tik Tock to negotiate in 25 he Doesn't want to negotiate this in 2024 Because it's another one to do whenever You're negotiating like let's just say You're selling a company or buying a

Company there's about 20 markers you're Negotiating right so you may negotiate Well I want to make sure I get paid this Much money okay no problem then we want A 10e non-compete I don't want to have a 10year non-compete well then do it for This much money but I don't want to do For that much money well no Sherlock you can't do all of it right so You we want to make sure you do this and We want four board seats I only want to Give you two board seats so he's going To lose a very very very big negotiating Chip if Biden negotiates the Tik Tok Think today not him under his regime I Think that's what it is and I don't Think he trusts Zuck I think Zuck Doesn't want him back in the White House You know what's going to happen if he's In back back in the white house so Twitter files now you got Facebook files And you know it's not been a good last You know God knows how long for Zuck Zuck is trying to stay out of this stuff But um yeah I can strategically Understand why he's doing this and it Makes sense and what a curveball to a Lot of people who were expecting him to Just say we got to ban Tik Tok but I get It I get why he's doing give you my Opinion Tear Me Apart tell me I'm an Idiot tell me I'm wrong go ahead go in The comments I may do that anyway okay Perfect so this is the problem I have

With Trump that a lot of people have With Trump it's his policies are correct I agree with you formerly he said that We should shut down Tik Tok I I agree With him that we should shut down the Border the challenges he wants all the Credit no he wants to be the one that Shut down Tik Tok yeah he wants to be The one to shut down the Border I agree With him on the policy 100% I'll give You my P on that okay do you know when We're negotiating a contract for Software do you know I had a meeting Last year with three of our guys Upstairs they're not listening to this Because but anyways um And if they listen they'll know which One I'm talking about and they're in the Negotiating room and one person wasn't In the room negotiating and I'm like can I ask you guys is why the hell are you Guys negotiating this big of a deal Without that person being in the room oh Because we thought we could have it no You can't have it you're not a Negotiator what do you mean we're not a Negotiator you're you're not a Negotiator on a good day you're a five You suck at negotiating that's not your Strength I don't want you in the Negotiating room because you don't know How to negotiate we have a yesterday We're having a conversation one of our Guys yeah you know we have to give these

Guys 200 $50 million he's going to laugh When he listens to this what are you Talking about you think they're worth That much Money who so who's negotia you don't Negotiate on my behalf no so weak Negotiators who get too excited cannot Be in the negotiating room negotiating a Big deal all Trump is saying right now Is the fact that I don't trust anybody In the room knowing how to leverage and Negotiate the power of Tik Tock we can't Give this up that's what I believe is Going on with them okay and I don't he's Sitting there does he probably want to Be able to do the deal cuz he Confidently thinks he's going to get More out of it from China if he Negotiates that's what I think is going On I think that's all it is trust me When I tell you this in a negotia Tom's Been on these calls many many times with Me the last 10 years and I'll say if Moral is negotiating I I I lose no sleep Over it okay because morals watch me 2,000 hours of negotiating but if some Others are I worry if they're Negotiating so it's always about knowing Who's in there negotiating on your Behalf and he simply all he's saying is I don't trust that you guys going to Negotiate a Tik Tok deal properly right Now I think that's what he's saying Again I may be wrong but that's that's

How I process I think you're exactly Right we can go on to the ne the next One I'll just remind people if when Trump is elected he will negotiate Tick Tock ban and he will also negotiate the Kryptonite for Facebook which is FCC Section 230 that that is a big thing I'm Going to add he will declare and by the Way do you think this democrat congress And do you think the people that were There excuse me do you think the Democrats and Congress will negotiate Against meta on Section 230 no way but When Trump gets there he's going to do Both and so Facebook becomes a publisher Tik Tock is there he neutralizes both That is the boss move and I think that's What's coming let me give one last Little thing because at the end of the Day National Security concerns this is a A tick Tok talk official leaked Recording here it is ready everything is Seen in China all the data flows to China there is zero daylight between she The CCP and any private company they Control everything that is the concern Whether it's Trump whether it's Biden Whoever it is I think they need to break Up Tik Tok period I I don't disagree With you I fully agree that they have to Uh and I think that there's an element Some people agree that you know Facebook Needs to be meta needs to be broken Apart whether it's WhatsApp and

Instagram and all this stuff there can Be that argument made for that great There's a time and place for lawyers to Go and make their arguments but all I'm Saying to you is I worry when somebody Negotiates like you know when Chris CUO And Candace Owens were going and they Talk about the Putin thing and that's That thing's been going viral all over The place what was the issue is the fact That I don't want Joe Biden negotiating With Putin understand I don't want that When you when you're sending somebody in The boardroom to negotiate you send the Wrong person you're going to give up a Lot of different things you send the Right person you're going to give up Exactly what was the right price and Less and you're going to get more than You thought you were going to get Because that person knows how to Communicate there's a big difference and You can't teach that to everybody some People have it some people don't you Simply have to trust the right person All right let's go to next this is what We're going to do anybody that places an Order of let's say $50 or more minimum One future looks bright hat cuz I want a Million people this year wearing this Gear there was so many people in the Arena independently wearing the future Looks brigh gear and it's so confusing For people who are pessimistic when they

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