ENJOY YOUR LIFE AGAIN – Motivational Video

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

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Foreign So hard that we don't get to enjoy our Life and I know some of us we have to Because of circumstances but I want to Just encourage everybody on here to get Back to having fun Get back to Bringing excitement in your Life Get back to saying yes to the fans That's bringing excitement to your life We don't grow old because of our age we Grow old because we stop spending time On things that keep us Young And I want you to think about this what Have you stopped doing that you used to Love to do some of us we we literally Spend so much time in stress We spend so much time in giving Ourselves to a job that's just going to Replace us once we die or once we retire We spend so much time doing that and I Know we have to at times but when are You gonna start taking care of yourself When you are gonna start doing the thing That excites you life is very short and One of the biggest regrets in life is Looking back on your life and realizing That you spend so much time on doing Things that didn't bring joy to your Life You spend so much time building someone Else's dream You spend so much time saying yes to Other people you spend so much time

Working on your whole entire life I believe in working hard but also I Also believe in having a lot of fun I Also believe in creating a lot of Experiences with your kids with your Family There's gonna come a point in time when Experiences turn into memories Think about the memories in your life as A kid Depends you hold on to Defends that just brings a smile to your Face right now Maybe it's a memory with your kids said Maybe it's your memories with your Parents Maybe it's the memory with your friends It's gonna go to come to a point when You might not be able to create more Experiences with your kids at that age Because they are going to get grown they Are going to get cool and you can't take Them to the park no more It's going to be a time when that time Has passed and memories is all you have To hold on to Because some of us have gotten very Boring as we've gotten older because we Stopped doing the things That's used to excite after And some of you have programmed your Role in Thai life to say no to defend That literally Would Rain a smile on Your face so remember once you spend

Your time on will fulfill your life [Music] Thank you

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