EP 358: Anthony Furey on Taking Back the Cities” – A Blog Post Title.

Introducing our latest blog post titled “EP 358: Anthony Furey on Taking Back the Cities.” In this post, we delve into an intriguing discussion with Anthony Furey on the importance of revitalizing our cities, the challenges faced by modern urban environments, and the steps we can take to reclaim our urban spaces. Join us as we explore this critical topic and discover innovative solutions for the cities of the future.

EP 358: Anthony Furey on Taking Back the Cities


In a recent video conversation, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson had a candid discussion with Anthony Furey about his mayoral campaign in Toronto. The conversation touched on key issues such as homelessness, injection sites, transportation, bike lanes, and general safety. Furey is a journalist, broadcaster, and political commentator with over 15 years of experience. He has taken his experience to the political sphere, seeking to champion policies that promote economic growth and enhance public safety in Toronto.

If you’re a concerned citizen in Ontario, you can donate to Anthony Furey’s campaign, supporting his efforts to take back the city. The conversation covers Furey’s top priorities, including affordability, taking back transport, and dealing with the drug crisis, injection sites, and homelessness. Furey also talks about ways to get involved in local political spheres and how young people can gain from joining the fray.

Top Priorities of Anthony Furey


According to Furey, affordable housing needs to be a top priority for the mayoral candidate. The current average housing cost in Toronto is upwards of CAD 1 million. Furey believes that this high cost of living makes it challenging for young couples and families to live in the city. He suggests creating policies that increase the supply of housing and reduce competition among buyers.

Taking Back Toronto’s Transport

Furey believes in prioritizing public transit over bike lanes. He argues that most people rely on a functional public transport system to commute to work and carry out daily activities. Furey wants to build an underground rail system that connects Toronto’s suburbs to the downtown area. He also suggests utilizing existing train tracks above ground to get more people moving.

Dealing with Drug Crisis

The overdose death rate in Toronto is at an all-time high, and Furey recognizes that the situation requires urgent attention. He suggests focusing on early intervention and treatment for people with drug addictions. He also believes in creating support systems that promote recovery and rehabilitation for those who’ve recovered from drug addiction.

Injection Sites and Homelessness

While there are conflicting opinions on injection sites in Toronto, Furey suggests that they are a reasonable solution to the drug crisis. Furey would like to see a public forum where people can express their concerns, questions, and comments and help create policies to deal with the issue. He also emphasizes the need to build more affordable housing to fight homelessness and provide better support for those in need of mental health support.

How You Can Help Anthony Furey

Anthony Furey encourages young people to get involved in local politics and make a difference in their communities. He believes that local politics is where most tangible changes happen. If you’re interested in supporting Furey’s campaign, you can learn more about him and his policies on his website and social media pages. Additionally, you can donate to his campaign and help make a real difference in Toronto.


Anthony Furey’s campaign aims to take back the city by addressing key issues that matter to its residents. His policies are designed to enhance public safety, promote economic growth, and improve the overall living standards of Toronto. By prioritizing affordable housing, smart transport, and addiction treatment, Furey stresses the importance of making Toronto a better place for everyone. If you’re a concerned resident, make sure to support Furey’s campaign in any way you can.


  1. Can I donate to Anthony Furey’s campaign if I live outside Ontario?

Yes, you can donate to Furey’s campaign from anywhere in the world using his donation page.

  1. Is Anthony Furey a newcomer to politics?

No, Furey has over a decade’s experience as a political commentator and journalist, and he’s now seeking to put his experience to good use.

  1. How can I get involved in local politics?

Furey suggests attending community meetings, going to local council meetings, and joining political parties and citizens’ groups.

  1. What is Furey’s approach to affordable housing?

He suggests increasing the supply of housing by building more housing units and creating policies that reduce competition among buyers.

  1. What is Furey’s stance on bike lanes?

Furey believes in prioritizing public transit over bike lanes, as most people rely on a functional public transport system to commute.

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