EVERY Level Unlocks The NEXT Challenge

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Every time you get to a level you have To realize whatever level you are right Now how many Subs does your YouTube Channel have almost a hundred thousand You're going to get to a million Subs Because you're a very good interviewer Right thank you so much okay so now Watch this at your level it's very easy For you to say I'm better than the 60 000 guy sure but but for you you Essentially at the next level you're at The bottom of the next level right I Don't know if that makes sense yeah yeah Totally so for me I'm at the bottom of Next Level if I go against PewDiePie if I go against Rogan I'm not at the top of That love I'm like a nobody you Understand what I'm saying so for me it Was always not the level because most People look this way yeah I'm not what Am I bragging myself against you well It's like a sick you know bragging about The fact that you beat up a 12 year old Kid what are you bragging about there's So I want to go hey can you go against This guy so if most people don't do this And eventually they get stuck at a level Very few people keep going so if you Can't keep if you can keep going there It means you have to always put yourself In a situation where you're not the top Guy

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