Exercise Temperance When Letting People Go | Patrick Bet-David Explains

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Say somebody leaves you and they betray You has happened to you yeah I'm sure Okay How do you manage that You trash them publicly you go out there And say hey this guy's such a loser and All this I'm not saying you doing it I'm Just saying is that like the right move To make no You have to learn how to let people go Gently How do you do that a phone call listen We're gonna miss you Okay I know this thing didn't end well But we're gonna miss you and I wish you Nothing but the best just be respectful And we'll be respectful no problem that Little phone call okay and then when You're going places sometimes you got Like 15 things you want to say just say Three things Don't say 15 things because you don't Need more enemies to be created it hurts Momentum [Music]

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