FAITH MAKES IT POSSIBLE – This Speech Will Make You Cry | Steve Harvey Motivation

Broderick Stephen Harvey is an American television presenter, comedian, actor, broadcaster, author, game show host and businessman. He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud and the Miss Universe competition.

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Speaker: Steve Harvey
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Foreign I want to say man that I'm really Impressed by all of you I'm impressed by people who get Education You know I don't have that I didn't have The particular skill set that you Possess to sit there the capacity to Learn to listen I I just that was not my Groove you know I could I couldn't get It I just want to say really to all of You congratulations for making the Necessary steps to improve your life and And it will pay off it really really Will you know it's daunting and harder Than difficult as it is It has some great hard work has great Rewards I got better at over the years you know My first guy that I had with me who's Passed away is one whole I picked him because he was my friend I just needed somebody I could trust you Know I was going out to Hollywood in 90 92. 93 I didn't know nobody out there I just Wanted somebody I trusted What happens is is you learn as you Progress there are people in your life Just for a season You know my father used to say this all The time everybody come with you ain't Gonna go with you you know some people Are in your life just for a period of

Time I figured out I was lacking in a lot of Areas you know because I have a high School diploma so you hear the whole Saying if you're the smartest person in Your group you need a new group I figured that out right away so I Always look for people that were smarter Than me and I've surrounded myself by People who are smarter than I am now Here's here's the catch with me I don't Care how smart you are I don't care what You know They ain't a person living go out hustle You can't hustle my grind is unnatural There's no one on this Earth on today That's going to out hustle me my father Taught me that he said boy look they can Outthrow you they can outrun you they Can outdash you they can out sing you But don't you let no man outwork you Work covers a lot of things my ability To work and grind covered a lot of my Flaws and so I started surrounding Myself with really really smart people And the smarter I got in this business I Kept looking for people who did Something better than me [Music] Let me ask you a question how many of You in here have been through some hard Times How many of you have had some days you Ain't know how you was gonna make it

How many of you thought you just wasn't Gonna make them was gonna have to give Up Okay now let me tell you something about Yourself your track record for surviving Unsurmountable difficult give up days You'll track a record for surviving Those days is 100 percent You've survived them all So what makes you think you ain't gonna Finish up with the rest of Them so you got to get you gotta get you Got to understand what's happening this Is life Covet was for everybody everybody been Dealing This Global pandemic this is Real you ain't the only one cover you Ain't the only one lost somebody you Love You ain't the only one who got put out Okay and Life don't care It don't care man it just keeps coming You get the next card you get the next Card because life just dealing them out So you got to understand through Experience that if your track record for Surviving unsurmountable Unforgettable Unthinkable days is 100 you got to know As I heard Tom Hanks so eloquently say Online he wish he knew when he was Younger that this too shall pass I don't care what's happening it has to Pass

Now that's spiritual but that's another Thing and let me before I say anything Else I'm here because of my faith I'm here because of God's grace and Mercy Now if you got something else you want To hear I Ain't Your Man Because I ain't got no education I ain't got I've lost everything I ever Owned twice Been homeless stuttering problem Sleeping in a car two divorces what what What That's favor that's Grace that's Mercy If you don't understand that you need to Get to understanding that because I got News for you and you can ask Mr Brandon Williams it's going to have days as a Lawyer you ain't gonna know what to do Some of this stuff is life man and you Got to have something else behind your Education to get you through that's the Truth of the matter so this dude you Looking at that then made it Is because of God's grace mercy and Faith and my mother was a Praying Woman I'm a product of Prayer Because you're going to need that you're Going to need that more than that Education watch what I tell you Because once you get that degree it just Hangs on the wall After that it's it's about you it's hard

It's just hard You coming in here with all these come It's hard you ain't gonna get rich easy You are in law school you have this Dream whatever it is of being whatever Kind of lawyer it is I want you to understand something every Dream gets tested Every single dream gets tested You're not just going to be a lawyer Because you want to be Somebody might not pass the bar the First time so what you through now Are you gonna go again [Music] Ricky Anderson his nickname is City who Is my first lawyer we call him City Because Ricky bought this big house in Texas and he just from the city man he Don't know nothing about the country he Bought a five acre lot in a wooded block Cut every tree down on his five acre lot Because he don't like trees he had no Hedges around his you can see the Foundation of his house with the brick He didn't have flowers along the edge You could see an ant coming up to his House and we called him City he Past the bar before he finished Law School Here gangster dude He said I gotta get at this he passed The bar before he finished Law School Go figure that

I hired him cause of the hustle in him You see what I'm saying now you but but If you do fail the ball you got to keep Going every dream you have is going to Be tested understand that ain't no easy Walk to the top ain't no Stairway To The Top you got it ain't no elevator to the Top you got to take the stairs you're Going to be tested what you gonna do When you get tested cause you're gonna Get told no a bunch of times So what you gonna do you gotta master That but the only way to master it is You've got to get knocked down to Understand how to get up You must fall and roll over to know what It is to have to recover you got to be Down to understand up you got to be Under to know how to get over you got to Get to the low point to appreciate the High point if you don't think it go like That man you might well get out of School now Cause you gonna get tested Now the question is what you gonna do When the tests come cause you think this Testing here hard you think the ball Hard [Music] It ain't nothing like it man it's Nothing like it so you got you got to Keep fighting and digging you you got to Be funky I tell people all the time you Got to develop the dog in you

You have to develop a tenacity in you if You don't have dog in you man you're Done That don't work You got to be a dog I don't care if You're a lady I don't care what religion You're in you got to be funky you want To win you got to get funky man and I Don't mean nasty step on nobody but when They bite at what you can't keep walking Past people when they snapping at you You got turned around stop somebody Snapping I'm African-American Key word African because it's too many Days I don't feel American at all At all Really tell you truth you don't know Truth about me I prefer being called Black I really do I like black Steve you black I like black I like that Because it tells the story for me and I'm comfortable with that you know that African-American because I I'll I'll die Identify with African-American when that Constitution applies to all of us if if This country would Allow that Constitution to apply to all Of us that would be fair but it don't You know a few years ago man I had six TV shows running at one time I had six full-time Prime Time Shows on At one time I was making so much money

But I was dying I had no days off I taped seven days a Week I taped all things my wife would Say Steve you gotta slow down But I was trying to you know I've always Been running from my past you know I've Always At three years living in a car man that Was that was that was crushing man and I've always been running from that and The reason one of the reasons my grind Is the way it is is because I've just Always I can't go back to that but you Know you work to acquire nice things but After a while man it's not the things That can motivate you because I mean I Have everything My motivation now is my legacy my family My children I got grandkids now man Haters are not decision makers power Brokers or shakers and movers that I Don't care what they say about me it Doesn't matter they don't matter and What they say don't matter if they they Don't have a person can only affect you If you allow them but people only matter If you allow them so what you gonna say About me what I care he this he that you Don't even know me you ain't even never Met me man Everybody that talks about and Especially men When I hear a man talking about me I

Just look at him how weak can you be you Don't even know me Bruh really tell the truth have you ever Met me 99.9 of the time no So I care nothing about him [Music] We are all the sum total of our past And you got to remember man that God has An amazing way of taking your past and And using it to your advantage if you Had a disadvantaged childhood you you Could you're gonna be able to use that If you had a rough upbringing you're Going to be able to use that now I was I Grew up in a tough neighborhood so I Grew up tough man you know I've been Fighting my whole life so I'm a fighter You know uh I don't have an education I Have a high school diploma like I was Telling a group of students I grew up my Graduating class was 695. I graduated 690 I've used everything that happened to me Two divorces living in a car for three Years a stuttering problem told I would Never be nothing I've lost everything Twice I've taken all of that and it has Turned me into who I am today My overcoming power is Wicked Man I'm a Bad boy man I don't care what you do to Me you can't crumble me what you gonna Do what I already been homeless what you Got

They thought when they canceled my show I was finished I lived in a car for Three years see I use that so every time Somebody say I'm taking something from You they forgot I had nothing I come from nothing I've lost it all Twice anyway if I lost it again I could Get it back Let me tell you some Mother's Day coming Do you know how I make a lot of money I Have a lot of things if I can have my Mother back I would sell all of it I Would give every dollar I got if I could Get her back man you give up everything Just to have your mama back every every Dollar every piece of property every House I give it back cause you know why Cause I know how to go get it again Cause I got that dog in me man I'm unbreakable you can't break me cause You didn't make me so when you come up With these ways you're gonna crumble Steve Harvey hold up homie I got news For you I ain't over here by myself you Come over here messing with me cussing And all I still belong to him I am all You want I'm that and everything else I'm one of the strongest wheeled people That you'll ever meet and you can become That if you use the mishaps in your life And apply them Stop that's what kills me with Celebrities they get where they going And then they forget to tell the truth

What helps me is my transparency see the Fact that I'm willing to tell people That I messed up that I made mistakes Because you gonna mess up and make a Mistake you don't think you can make it [Music] So see what I decided was to be Transparent about it and I appreciate Y'all doing this study on my life Because like it's it's a trip man you Know I'm I'm just a hood boy I come out Of Cleveland Ohio I come from the dirt And y'all and I'm at a law school I'm a Case study and then y'all said you don't Know who you're gonna do next whoever it Is it ain't fitting to beat me [Music] Very few people gonna give it to you the Way I'm gonna give it to you because They don't want it they they want to Tell you about this side of it they Don't want to tell you about the side That got them here that's my specialty I'm telling you you fitting to mess up So bad You Finna blow it But you can blow it And recover from that Let me tell you something you're allowed To make three major mistakes in your Life and you gonna use up all of them I didn't use my three I have no more [Music] All right

You're gonna need everything that Happens to you you're going to need it To happen in the exact order that it Happens to get you where you want to go Remember something Listen to me Everything you're going to go through And going through is God preparing you For what you asked for That's that's a fact man young people Listen to me that's a fact look if You're not a spiritual person look I Know you was what's coming so I I just Have the way I talk and this is the way I am I'm just telling you spirituality Has something to do it don't get hung up Out here with this ignorant mess right Here this whole ain't no God My mother was a Sunday school teacher And she told me when I was a little boy I didn't understand it then but she kept Saying boy one day God gonna give you a big house up on the Hill You can't get a big house up on the hill And don't tell nobody else how to get up There She said remember that and that stuck With me when I got old I finally learned What she was talking about And the foundation got formed 20 Two years ago When my father died

And It was second Most crippling Time of my life the worst thing ever Happened to me was my mama died when I Was 40. man That pain I thought I was gonna die man And I'm a tough dude you know I'm I'm Really tough I'm really tough guy man I Can take a lot but my mama passed man Can I talk I didn't know what to do She was the greatest person I had ever Known in my life three years later my Father died from heartbreaking He wasn't sick or nothing he just his Heart was broken he's telling me all the Time boy Guess I just gonna see your mama this Ain't nothing down here without him And I said man That was cold to me and at my father's Funeral when he was in that casket man I Was sitting there And I was thinking on that day I said Man What would I have done if it wasn't for This dude right here I there's no way I could have make it I Grew up on 112th Superior I'm in the Hood we we was doing some tough catch up In there man And it it's just no way I would have Gotten out of there without his guidance

And on the plane Going back home after the funeral I said Man What do boys do that ain't got no father What do they do Because I'm trying to tell you something Man Trying to be a man Without a male role model Is like an Explorer without a map It just ain't no way to get help and so I said man I gotta start doing something About that so I said my Foundation was Going to be originally Boys who were from single parent homes Headed up by women And I was going to teach them the Principles of manhood and how to dream Because you know it's hard for single Women when they got boys because it's a Daunting task for a woman to try to Raise a boy Because you have no idea how to do it And that's not any just being Disrespectful to a woman it's like when Brandon Carly was born I had no idea how To turn a girl into a woman what do I Know about it I ain't no woman Their mother did that She turned them into ladies and women I Don't know the first thing about it so Guess what you can raise your child to Be law abiding God-fearing You know smart a good student but you

Can't turn him into a man though It takes another man to do that so I Started the foundation at first just for Boys And it my whole mission with these boys Is to teach them only two things the Principles of manhood and dream building [Music] See one of the problems with school Systems today And this ain't knocking education I just Know what the problem is because it's a Problem for me see School Doesn't teach you how to be successful What school does teach you how to Memorize recall information And apply some logical thought And then if you can recall it good Enough we'll give you an a And we'll give you a high G Point GPA And we'll give you a degree And that's perfectly fine But after that We gotta start doing this thing called Life and life ain't got nothing to do With your GPA life don't care that you Magnum Laude Hell don't give a damn man I'm telling You right now it just don't and so what I focus on and the problems with schools Instead of having study hall you know What schools should Implement schools Should Implement a dream building course

For kids to sit them down in a room once Every 30 days and just talk about their Dreams Because your dreams is more important Than your education Nothing is bigger than the dream see you Dream one day of being a lawyer and Inspired you to get the education to Fulfill the dream See without the dream man you're gonna Drop out You ain't gonna pass the bar Your dream is to be a lawyer You dig but if you take the dream out The equation what you in here for You studying this hard if you if you Don't see your day itself one day being A lawyer you're gonna go through this You've already been in school for years You got a degree I don't know why you in Here you people are brilliant but it's This dream that's got you in here so if Schools would Implement a dream system To ask people see if you ask a little Boy what you dream of doing I want to Fly an airplane well you ain't got to Kick it go to school now cause now guess What to fly airplane you probably gonna Need to be good at math and science and Engineering it Spurs them to get an Education That's what the dream is doing so I Talked to the boys about dream and what Real manhood is real manhood real men

Take care of their children real men Honor women real men obey the law real Men go to work every day Our young people today man I don't care What nobody say they even feel how you Want to feel like I say this one right Here Little man you can change a person's Life with your dream I'm in front of this log school today Cause at 10 at 10 I dreamed of being on TV at 10. But see you you got to write these Visions out yeah you you think that's it When you become a lawyer nah man you got Obligations after that You got to change some lives you got to Get right so the mentoring Camp I got Was to get young men to dream and become The proper type of men real men it ain't Your Realms it ain't your chain them Ain't your girls in the video that ain't Your money to spread on the table It's not Now the girls program is different Because Marjorie takes girls from all Different backgrounds Marjorie's philosophy is if you mix the Privilege with the underprivileged and You give the underprivileged a chance to See what the privileged side lives like They get a vision of what that is but Then you take the privilege and all of a Sudden they develop a heart for the

Underprivileged see y'all y'all right Now y'all privileged The question is will you have a heart For the underprivileged After you become lawyers when you change Something you can do it man Cause it ain't just about the money So we spend millions of dollars on this Camp So he taught me to size up so this Camp Will allow me to service thousands of Boys and girls instead of hundreds And you have to give back most of you Come from families that understand that You have to give back God blesses you to Become a blessing You know you can't It doesn't work any other way For somebody To think enough of me to do something Like this Is deep I ain't no study [Music] I'm a miracle I'm telling you [Music]

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