FAITH OVER FEAR – The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life | Motivational Video

Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

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Les Brown

Pastor Brigham Lee

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Foreign What are you afraid of No really what Scares you A better question would be how do you Respond To fear How you respond to your fear Is what determines how much power it Will have over you How is fear Hindered you from living the life you Want to live How is fear stop you from accomplishing Your goals Put our mind on the things of God not on Our fear And then put it into practice put those Elements that we've learned what we've Seen from God you understand it takes Practice The practice of the peace of God Requires practice in unpeaceful Situations fear is a matter of Perspective how you view something Either by faith or by fear will Determine whether or not you run toward It or you run away from it Fear is a response to a set of Possibilities the devil would love for You to live by fear Because when you're afraid you run away It's fear that causes us to doubt that God loves us and has a plan for us even

When he draws near to us again listen God knew what was going on but he was Looking for them he was going to find Them and they fled in fear fear makes You want to run away from from what you Need to run to [Music] Look at one of the things that we can do That would put us on some firm footing In life that will enable us to do some Things and and use some powers that we Have that many of us go through life Never ever discovering that we have Those things going for us And part of that I believe Is knowing what it is your life work What is it that gives your life a sense Of meaning and purpose Because once you find that It puts you in your power place See if you know what your life work is I Encourage you to start working on it If you can't do it all at one time do Just a little bit of it And if you don't know what it is that You showed up to do if you don't know Why you're here I encourage you to find out what your Purpose is here what is the meaning of Your life Why is it that most people don't pursue Their dreams or don't do better than What they're doing if they're capable of Doing it I think that many of us don't

Go the next step because we don't know What to do yet And I say that that the reason that we Don't even Explore the possibility of What to do is because subconsciously we Don't believe that it can happen for us And we don't believe that we deserve it So here's what I'm suggesting How much time do you spend working on You How much time do you spend every day Working on your dream In the last 90 days how many books have You read And the last year what new skill or Knowledge have you acquired What kind of investment have you made in You See I'm saying that as you begin to look At where you want to go if you want to Make it today And things are changing so fast you have To literally run to stand still I'm saying that you've got to make some Conscious effort to begin to work to Develop you Here's something else most people are Not living their dreams because of fear Ladies and gentlemen [Music] Our sin separates us from God but fear Causes us to flee God put the best things in life on the Other side of fear

Being afraid is not trusting God Don't let anything cause you not to Trust God Don't let anything cause you not to Trust God Don't take anyone's opinion more highly Than what God says about you what he Says to you in his word He didn't say that things won't be scary Uh he just said don't be afraid God Didn't say everything's going to be Peachy everything's going to be easy No In fact he said in this world you will Have Trouble But I have overcome He didn't say it was going to be easy he Just said don't be afraid Focusing on your fear instead of having Faith and the one who holds your Tomorrow is foolish Focusing on your fear instead of having Faith in the one who holds you tomorrow It is foolish Don't do it Don't do it you've got to get over what You're afraid of in order to walk in the Best of what God has for you You've got to get over what you are Afraid of in order to walk in and Experience the best of what God has for You Foreign Limited vision and lack of self-esteem

Is what keep most people doing things They don't want to do The same reason that people stay in Relationships where they abuse or They're unhappy or it's unfulfilling They can't see themselves beyond that Relationship they can't see themselves Enjoying life without that person they Think that this is all that they can do The same reason that people get stuck at A certain level in life they can't see Things being better for them and they Think that this is it and this is all They deserve this is all they've ever Seen it's been passed on to them and They think that this is it for them Foreign And destructive of all human diseases Fear kills dreams Fear kills hope Fear Put people in the hospital Fear Can Aid you Fear ladies and gentlemen Can hold you back from doing something That you know within yourself that You're capable of doing but it will Paralyze you And it seemed like you're in a hypnotic Spell And I ask you a question what is the Benefit What's the benefit of allowing fear to Hold you back what's the benefit

Of giving up on yourself of not stepping Out on life and taking life on what is The benefit for you what's the Plus in That It's one of the things I had to ask Myself So I didn't want to make any mistakes I wanted everybody to like me I wanted To be perfect the first time I did Something It's not going to happen You're going to make some mistakes You're going to hurt some folks feelings You're going to create some enemies Whenever you decide that you want to Begin to take life on You've got to ask yourself how long am I Going to allow this to hold me back Fear is false evidence appearing real That is an illusion that we create in Our mind it is a state of mind that can Be changed So let's look at how we can begin to Take some steps to restructure that fear To begin to expand our visions of Ourselves to begin to increase our Self-esteem Webster said that Self-esteem means confidence and Satisfaction in oneself Look at your life right now Whatever you've done up to this point in Time your life is working Whatever you have produced It came out of you as a result of the

Kind of person that you have become as a Result of your choices it's a result of Your Consciousness now you have to ask Yourself are you satisfied with what you Have produced Is this what you want Would you like for things to be better Than this [Music]

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