Fastest Way To Reveal Who Has Your Back & Who Doesn’t

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about how you can know someone has your back and who doesn’t.

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I'll never forget when I hit rock bottom Oh bro the BET do you know It was the sickest thing when I hit rock Bottom okay The guy that I was always on the fence To see if he was really a best friend or If he was a hater okay you know how long It took me to figure that out one second Shut up no what was that one time what Was the moment And then uh so what happened was Ward Came back to me text messages all this Other stuff saying let me tell you what This guy said about you I said got it Well I'm not surprised finally validated That I was right that guy was a waste of Time okay I gave him credit you know Benefited a doubt but he was right You know what happened the guys I Thought didn't have my back had my back Many of the guys I thought had my back Didn't have my back the greatest Filtering system in life is when you Have a massive crisis in your life You can immediately filter out 90 of People in your life what types of Crisis Bankruptcy divorce loss of a loved one Drug use setback you're messed up Falling out it's the fastest way to Filter out the real people and the fake People in your life immediately there's Nothing like it the cousin you thought Was the best cousin that he's been Jealous for a long time he's just never

Revealed it until your fall the best Friend you had that you know you thought He was like the guy that had your back And it was right next to you and like oh This is my guy no it wasn't he's been Waiting for you to have a fall because He's internally envious of all the Attention and all this all that you're Getting he's sick of it do you know what Happened with one of the guys that was The guy that turned his back uh on me What right before we leave Texas he Invites me to go to rafi's place and I Go to rafi's place with them and we sit Down And I said to him I said hey so what's Going on he says yeah I want to pay for Lunch I said you know you've never paid For lunch I always pay for lunch what do You do like what's this act all about I Said look man I'm gonna pay for my lunch Today I'm not paying for your lunch you Can cover your lunch but I'm going to Pay for my lunch today But I want to tell you everything Okay once and forth and I just went Through all of it and by the time it was Done I said dude it's been awesome I Wish you nothing but the best I hope all Your dreams become a reality but moving Forward we're acquaintances there's no More friendship here okay uh God knows I Want every single one of your dreams to Still come become a reality because I

Know where I'm going with my life I Don't there's plenty of success for all Of us to get it all you can get it if You're more successful than me more Power to you but I'm looking for real Relationship in my life and you're just Not one of them okay good luck with you The look on his face changed so many Different times okay because in life you Can make millions You can have all the women in the world You can have the cars you can have the Houses you can have the clothes you can Have the accolades you can't have all of That nothing is more valuable than real Relationships where you can just sit There do nothing chill out and you know That person's not going to judge you Jordan said something about his Relationship with Tiger Woods He says you know when tiger comes to our Place I want him to feel safe I want him to Feel like he can be whoever he wants to Be because no one's going to know we're Not going to judge him he says because That's how I feel with tiger it's very Hard to have people like that in your Life when you make it to the levels that Tiger and some of us have made it right There's only a few Andrews in the world Right now okay he just filtered out 99 Of the people in his life okay and the One percent that is there those

Relationship he best value because They're very very hard to find Especially as you age but the the Greatest filtering process we just saw Right there within a 24-hour period is All the people that came out and said What they said now you know the other Thing that the point I was going to make Here's is the following as well we all Have a past You have a past Adam's got a past we all Got to pass okay and he's got to pass This well we don't know everything about The past all we know about him is six to 12 months remember that one clip that Came out he hit a girl and I can't Believe you're supporting this because You're like I've never seen this before Let me see this oh the girl said they Were doing some kinky stuff turns out She was into it yeah yeah she made a Video and say no this is kind of what Things we did private okay fine great You know a lot of things like this came Out oh he paid her off he did okay Whatever I I'm not sitting here telling You this guy's an angel okay believe me There's a lot of words we've used to get A girl to be willing to have sex with You I mean if you know the book uh uh Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill said Something very powerful uh sex Transmutation I don't know if you've Heard the phrase sex transmutation yeah

Of course type in the word chapter 10. Jesus shut up I swear to God chapter 10 I'm gonna be very important yeah it is By the way this is one of the reasons Why I went 17 months without sex yeah This guy and another guy this guy the Two guys I won 17 months without it was A hard I ever did my temper was the Worst I was lifting weights like you Wouldn't believe I'd go to the gym I'm Like put another plate I want another appetizer hurry up anyway So he talks about sex transmutation and One of the things he talks about in this Chapter is the fact that men will say Anything In the moment like right before you're About to be done or right before you're About to close men will say anything to Get a woman to go in bed with them you Know but babe listen how do you expect Me to show you love if if you're not Letting me like that's how I'm able to Only show love to you you know last Night I was having a dream in the middle Of the night I woke up I looked to my Right I thought you were next to me you Weren't I cried all I thought about was You we will say the dumbest oh thing About moving your family I'm allergic by the way if you're a guy And you're sitting here saying I've Never said anything like that you are Full of is what you are I've always

Loved you from the moment but by the way I'm not I'm not uh Sensational no Because I'm just saying it's a weakness Of men that we are willing to say some Stupid together yes so am I am I Sitting here saying Tate hasn't used Some lines like that and by the way as Good as you think you are with lines I Guarantee you he's better than those Moments so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here Foreign [Music]

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