“Feared For His Life” – Did Boeing Whistleblower John Barnett Fear Retaliation For Speaking Out?

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Robert Turkewitz, the attorney representing Boeing whistleblower John Barnett, as they discuss why John Barnett spoke out against the company.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

As a person who's just curious you want To get all the options I mean if you Look at data I don't know if you've seen The stock if you want to pull up the Stock Rob when you think about boing uh Just earlier this year in the month of January uh if you go to just go to Boeing stock uh you go to December uh You would notice in December the stock Was at around 267 okay 52 goes 6 months Behind go 6 months 6m 6m Rob right there Yeah so all the way right there in the Middle you'll notice the stock hit about 267 right there and then if you go to March 13th keep going forward to March 13th boom couple days back it hits 182 All the way down to 170 so if a stock Goes from 267 to 170 that's a drop of $100 what's 100 on 267 it's a probably around 40% Yeah it's about 38% it drops 38% so market cap that we're not talking A billion or two billion ion or 3 Billion we're talking about $170 billion Company give or take loses $60 billion Right $50 billion real money and to some People who already don't trust some of These organizations especially how L Stman where the interview a guy that They interviewed a bunch of the Engineers I don't know if you have that Video Rob where they're interviewing the People that are working there and They're saying hey would you fly boing

Plane oh hell no would you fly no would You fly no we're no longer responsible That we used to be would you do this Would you do that would you do that I Mean it's just people at at the if you Can play this clip uh uh employees are Saying this go ahead and play this would Not fly on the Dreamliner I want one of These because I see the Quality going down around Here an employee captured the footage After contacting Al jazer to tell us he Had serious concerns about what he was Seeing at his request we changed his Voice with all the problems reported on The 787 there's 90% that's getting swept Away hushed up it's an Iceberg in another meeting the source Told us workers are often unkilled Uncaring and in some cases on drugs I've Seen a lot of things that should not go On at an airplane plant people talking About doing drugs looking for drugs it's All C and um Pain And get me here really good me here Don't T nobody I know they don't there's People who go out there and lunch smoke Warm up do they hell yeah over the Course of a year investigative unit so You know this is the kind of stuff the Average person Robert sees and they want To sit there and they say okay there's No foul play it's just regular things

That's going on you know Robert was you Know uh uh uh John was probably under so Much pressure that he took his life Because of the challenges he was facing That's probably what it is and I'm I'm Willing to bet 90% of people 80% of People are probably going to roll with That story and say okay maybe that's What it is but when you're a Whistleblower we know a lot of Whistleblowers some of them don't live In America anymore some of them live in Russia some of them live in different Places because they just don't feel safe Being here and they're feel more Protected on enemy territory than here Did did John at all when you would speak To him did he ever express the fear for His life like would he ever say Robert I'm worried do I need security do I need To do this did he did he feel worried That something could happen to Him he never expressed that to me and The type of person John was is if he I Think if he was afraid he wouldn't he Wouldn't show it I mean he always put on A you know a happy face really for the Most part or tried to be positive that's Person he was so he's never expressed That to me it's interesting that you Showed that footage because um when that Came out I guess the question was you Know what did Boeing do when they saw That you know when they heard their own

People saying that they never fly on a 787 what John said was you know when he Was at ett he and everybody who worked There they were proud of that plane they Would they they wouldn't hesitate to fly On that plane and it was you know a Matter of Pride to them but in Charleston I mean that what was in that That video is I've heard that from I Can't tell you the number of people who I heard that from because they KN they Knew that the processes and procedures Were not being followed they knew that Shortcuts were being taken and they also Knew that if they complained about it They were going to get fired and what They were told there by the managers is That you better stop complaining because There are a thousand people outside the Gate with wanting your job and that's Just a fact that that was going on and Management ignored it and you know That I mean that the management should Have been a they should have saw that as A huge red flag and they should have Taken action to determine is that true And what are we going to do about it Because that's Unsatisfactory so the flying public does Need to have uh faith that the plane That they're flying on was built Properly and built Correctly and if it's not if they don't Have that Faith then they're going to

Make their decisions on what planes to Fly on and I know a lot of people right Now are choosing to fly uh other planes And uh be honest with you I mean that's It's not an unreasonable decision to Make I mean when you have someone like Ed Pearson who is a whistleblower on the 737 basically saying that uh when he Found out that he was on a 737 Max he Actually got off the plane and made Other arrangements that tells you Something so the Boe of before the ear The the old bo Once they heard of that they would have Been talking about that in the boardroom And said we got a problem and we need to Do something about it the Boe that that We're seeing now is a Boe that well what Are we going to do to change that Impression as long as and what could we Do to get the sharehold to get the stock To uh go back up to where it was uh Instead of what are we going to do to Fix the problem and that's what they Need to do need to fix the problem and We had John and I had many conversations About you know what Boeing needs to do To fix the problem and you know the Problem is that Boeing has never or in The last 20 years Boeing has never gone To its own people and said do we have a Problem and what do we need to do to fix It because that would interfere with Shareholder value and so this Boeing

Right now needs to they need to Reorganize and they need to prove to the Public that quality and safety are are Tough concern and really matter and um That's the only thing that's going to Fix this company otherwise I see this Company going down you see this company Going down if they don't fix their Problem I do do you do you trust like Today when you travel do you check to See if it's boing or not I do and do you Travel Boing well there are times when I when I Do when I have to um do you do it with Do you have like a backpack with a shoot In it or just to kind of feel safe or no You you just trust them let's let's put It this way I'm I'm not Comfortable I I have not flown on a Max um would I fly on a Max I might I Mean it depends on what the options are Um but I know a lot of people who won't And um I think that's of Concern yeah there's no question and Obviously when you look at the numbers Right now with the departing CEO Dave Calhoun who uh is going to be getting a $24 million payday and if the stock Comes back I think another 37% with the New CEO he'll get another 45.5 million Do payday which is creating a comp plan That he at least works with the new CEO And is willing to accommodate I can no Longer remain in today's Democratic

Party Tulsi gabard says she is no longer A Democrat that Tulsy gathered VP where we are being Told that we just have to comply and go Along with whatever they say American People are smarter than this however we Must remain Vigilant to recognize their Propaganda for what it is pure life Unfortunately we live in a time where Free speech is under attack whatever They say goes and we we have to just Fall and the people who suffered under Your reign as prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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