Feminist Are Probably The Most Arrogant People You’ll Ever Meet – Patrick Bet-David

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We have a hard time looking at people And saying I can never be like you and That's okay I can never be LeBron James As a basketball player never I can't Jump 46 inches I I don't have that Vertical ability I don't have it right There's a lot of things we can't do and That's fine there's certain things LeBron cannot do that I can do he just Can't do what things I can do and that's Fine right there's certain things you Can't to do that I can do you have to be Okay with that but there are certain Things I can't do that you can do and I'm certainly very okay with that when It becomes about you saying no I want to Be able to do or equal in every aspect Of life you're full of yourself you're Naive and not only are you naive you're Incredibly arrogant to think that Feminists are probably some of the most Arrogant people you'll ever meet as Weird as this sounds they're not Tolerable they don't like to tolerate Anybody that disagrees with them they're Arrogant they think they know it all They're annoying to be be around

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