Fentanyl: The FDA Approved Drug Deadlier Than Heroin

Patrick Bet-David delves deep into the escalating Fentanyl crisis in America, tracing its lethal path from China and Mexico to the heart of American communities.
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Do you see that picture on the screen That's a pencil and that's the lead on The tip that's how much fentanyl it Takes to kill somebody by the way fentol Is the leading cause of death to people Ages 18 to 45 50 times stronger than Heroin 100 times stronger than morphine Over 150 people die on a daily basis From this and what's most powerful about It is you can potentially die from it by Just touching it there was a story done Recently where a lawyer from Cleveland Is sitting doing an interview with 60 Minutes and they're saying why do you Have this person with gloves there he Said is because there's potentially the Risk of dying if you touch this thing What's crazy about all of this stuff It's FDA approved Patrick what do you Mean by this fanol is FDA approved the Santis while he's talking and there's a Debate going on tells the story of what Happened in Florida an 18-month-old baby Dies in Florida because they had an Airbnb and the kid is crawling on the Floor and Report comes after this kid Dies that the baby had fentol in it Saying the fact that the previous people That stayed at this Airbnb potentially Left fentol where the kid played with it Put it in their mouth like this died Fentanyl the amount of people that are Losing people due to fentanyl is Increasing on a regular basis and it's

An issue I want to get into because I Want to learn about it and I think you Need to as [Music] Well so if you get value out of this Video give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel let's get right into so What is fentol fentol is a synthetic Opioid approved by the FDA for the use Of pain relief think about that it's FDA Approved marijuana has only killed one Person in the history of smoking weed This is when you read the numbers this You'll always find one person I think She was 39 years old I don't know what The numbers right now could be two but The number I know is only one and it's Not FDA approved but uh fentanyl is FDA Approved the origin it was first Developed in 1959 and introduced in 1960s as a intravenous anesthetic it is Legally manufactured and distributed in The US according to DEA . goov fentol Produces effects such as Euphoria pain Relief relaxation sedation confusion Drowsiness dizziness nausea vomiting Urinary retention and pupilary Constriction some of you are probably Watching this saying there's no way this Thing is FDA approv let me go Google it You did that you're back okay did you See it says FDA approv crazy right so Why is it FDA approved and how do they View this like how does the FDA compare

Fentanyl to Other Drugs the medical Advantage of fentanyl is that it goes Into effect much more quickly than Morphine and wears off much more quickly For that same reason it's much more Addictive than heroin typically the high Of heroin will last an entire day after Shooting up but fentol wears off within A few hours which means you need more of It when it's gone fentol is cheaper to Produce dose Ford dose than heroin Wholesaling it at approximately 1/1 of Heroin's price by weight given that Fentol is approximately 50 times Stronger than heroin an equivalent dose Would therefore be 1300 or 1400 of the Wholesale price of heroin and you know Who said this nih.gov that's fentol for You so how do drugs in us get classified You know these different schedules we Keep hearing about schedule 1 2 3 4 a Schedule one drug is a drug with no Currently accepted medical use and a High potential for abuse they are the Most dangerous drugs of all drugs Schedule with potentially severe Psychological or physical dependence Here's what's on that list heroin LSD Marijuana cannabis ecstasy methaqualone And pyot now notice what's not in there And as Fenton by the way later on we're Going to look at the data out of 100,000 People what percentage die when they use It wa till you see the numbers of how

Heroin compares to fentanyl but let me Continue schedule Two drugs with a high Potential for abuse would use Potentially leading to severe Psychological or physical dependence These drugs are also considered Dangerous here we go number one vicadin Then cocaine then metamphetamine then Methadone Hydromorphone madine then you Got oxico then you have fentol then you Have dextrine arerol rlin fentol is in The same category as rlin arerol and all These other drugs but it's killing 150 People a day and marijuana schedule one And it's only killed one ever somebody That was 39 years old and they don't Even know if that's exactly due to Marijuana but that's the story everybody Talks about huh you know what's one of The craziest numbers that came out on What Co did to everybody this whole Loneliness uh epidemic that took place Where people don't have friends and Peers around them and they don't have Somebody to talk to and maybe you're Watching the say I'd love to talk to a Therapist but I don't want to go to a Doctor because anybody go to therapist They're cons weird and I don't want to Be part of the weird Community I want to Go talk to somebody if you're someone That wants to in a discret way talk to Therapist without anybody knowing better Help may be the perfect company for you

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Schedule one and schedule Two drugs but More than four so here we go Testosterone steroids anabolic steroids Ketamine and then you have Tylenol and Codine schedule three schedule four Lowest level Xanax Soma Darvin daret Valume Adon twin ambian traod those are Some of the names on schedule form by The way if I butcher the name I'm not a Doctor I'm just giving you some of these Drugs that are on this list so now when We go a little bit closer and study this Recreational drug toxicity look at this Chart here at the top fentanyl 25% then Heroin then GHP then you have all of These other things alcohol cocaine MDA Codine you know goes all the way down to DMT LSD look what's all the way at the Bottom marijuana yet marijuana is a Schedule one and fentol is a schedule to Whoever comes out with this list they're Probably not following what's going on Or there's other reasons for keeping Marijuana as one and fentol as 2 I don't Know maybe I'm just speculating let's Continue so then the question becomes so Drug dealers want to keep making money Why would they make a drug like this That kills their customers isn't that Dumb do don't drug dealers want their Clients to live that's a valid question So if fentol is so deadly why do drug Dealers use it to lace illicit drugs According to nabarun das Gupta PhD

Epidemiologist at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill studying opioids Done correctly lacing illicit drugs with Fentol often creates a return stream of Customers because fentol is considered Highly addictive this is why fentol is Often found in drugs like cocaine Counterfeit Xanax counterfeit adol or or Other drugs not classified as opioids Fentol is good for business if you lay Your addiction into it interesting so if If in your life nobody's died from Fentanyl it's probably not something That consumes your mind a lot you don't Think about it like why would I even be Thinking about fentol no one around me Died it's probably just a propaganda Look at this data here overdoses from Fentanyl when you look at this from 2018 To 2021 look at the average in 2018 it Was only 11% of drug poisoning deaths But if you go to 2021 it's at what 44% God knows where this thing's at today in 2023 we probably won't get those numbers Till second quarter of 2024 but I would Assume it's more than 44% today this Next data is very scary how much fentol Do we have in the US you ready the the The government DEA announced the seizure They seized over 379 million doses of Fentol in 2022 you know what that is That's enough to kill the entire country That's what they have today by the way a Fentol so now the next question is so

Where does all this stuff come from Who's selling it to us who's producing It who's making it and why domestic Black mark fentol comes from theft Fraudulent prescriptions and Distributions by patients Physicians Nurses physician assistants nurse Practitioners and pharmacist it's Estimated China is responsible for over 90% of a listed fentol found in the US The majority of fentol is mass produced In Mexico using chemicals from China Before being pressed into pills or mixed With other counterfeit pills made to Look like Xanax adderal or oxy codin and If you look at this chart right here This will tell you where it's coming From look at China to the left look how Many of it you see the blue it's going From China to Blue Weare Canada it's Going from China to us China to Mexico And then if you look it from Mexico Going back to India it's circulating you Can kind of see what's going on and Where it's being produced and what States it's going to the most but China Is a party involved in this us is a Party involved in this cuz we're Receiving it then you got a little bit Of India you got some Mexico going on as Well you got to hear this one here in China companies making precursor Fentanyl chemicals are subsidized by the Government and receive tax breaks what

Tax breaks tax breaks according to who Investigative journalist and author Ben Westoff so how is this impact in America This is the impact 42% of counterfeit Pills tested for fentol contain at least 2 milligram of fentanyl if you're not in The fentol business you don't even know What 2 milligrams means I don't know What 2 milligrams means but check this Out if you look at this here the harm Reduction ohio.org you know what 2 Milligrams is is 2,000 micrograms what Is 2 milligrams all the way at the Bottom death you can die from these 42% Counterfeit pills that they're testing For fentanyl that contains 2 Mig of Fentol it's freaking insane if you think About it so while we're going through This we have to also be thinking about When is it Spike like when did it all of A sudden take off has this always been Around you maybe you're like I remember Partying 20 years ago I never knew about This kind of stuff maybe even 10 years Ago what does it look like Pat here's Fentol uh data on the amount of people Uh dying overdosing on it from 1999 to 2022 look at the chart it's pretty flat From 99 till when 2013 then slight Increase in 2014 15 16 then from 16 Climbs all the way up to 2022 and now it It is responsible for nearly 70% of all Drug overdoses death in 2022 and by the way as a parent if

You're wondering like who this impacts The most it's 70% there but fentol Responsible for 80% of overdoses deaths Under 24 years old so if you got Somebody you got kids nephews cousins Peers this is really targeting the Youth Of America I remember earlier when I was Talking about heroin versus you know Fentol you're like well how many people Die per 100,000 use versus fentol of Heroin here's from statista this is from CDC when you look at the colors baby Blue is heroin the yellow is Prescription opioids but red is Synthetic opioids which is what fentanyl Okay the blue out of 100,000 using it 4.1 die heroin yellow is 4.9 synthetic Opio it's fentanyl 17.8 this is not a small little chart We're thinking about or looking at this Is massive the impact of fentanyl so if You're watching this you're saying well Pat what do I do about this if you if You're if you don't have kids you got Friends educate them everything's about Education share this with your peers With your brother with your sister get Everybody watching this two have your Kids watch this my kids are going to Watch this video to Lear for themselves Cuz they need to know this is real and These things are happening when you and I are not around think about how bad it Is today that even the Cartel caloa

Cartel from Mexico are noticing their Customers dying where they come out and They say the following the calora cartel The leading expor of fent on the US is Prohibiting the production and Trafficking of illegal opioids in his Territory after coming under increasing Pressure from the US law enforcement Cartel members say this is a Wall Street Journal story from little over 2 weeks Ago is what we're talking about October 16 2 weeks ago the caloa cartel is Telling their people knock get off stop Producing this because it's affecting so Many people's lives and by the way China How do we hold them accountable they're Producing 80 90% this and why are they Sending it to us why are they sending it To Mexico and the Mexico makes it so who Is really the one to be held accountable Them I mean is this also impacting in China as much as it is impacting us you Know some say Tik Tock is used as as a Way to Dumfer are they using these drugs to Kill our kids in America I mean they Definitely don't have a good reputation Of what they did the last three years With coid and Wuhan lab and all the lies What's their motive with this it's very Deceptive there's a lot of things I'm Skeptical about on what's causing with Us in China this is another thing that China's got to be held accountable for

Because they're producing this and America's unfortunately being the Beneficiaries of losing their kids with The drugs coming up to us through Mexico The other question is if you're a parent Or if you're somebody that lost somebody You're like how come this is not a Schedule one we a lot of weird people Right now that watch our content some People could be watching this your Congressmen and women or Governors or Mayors or you're involved in politics or Presidents why don't you put this in Schedule one why don't you categorically Put this and make it clear to everybody So we all know why don't you make a Phone call and say hey any reason why Fentol is not a schedule one drug why is It not and why is marijuana what are we Doing with these category how are you Processing your decisions when you're Doing this they also need to be held the Account of a state needs to be made with That in 2018 one of the things Trump was Doing was he was he was proposing death Penalty if he distribute fentol could That be something but no matter what it Is somebody selling fentol the crime for Dad should be severe I don't know about Death penalty but it should be severe Because practically this much usage of It could potentially kill anybody when It comes down to China this could be a Revenge thing that China is doing

Because when you think about China's History up until 1997 they were part of The British colony they had like a 150e Contract because back in 1839 I think They had two Opium Wars because uh the Brits wanted the tea and this was one of Their ways of getting a bunch of people Addicted to Opium and and I think 90 out Of 300 million people of China's Population was addicted to Opium so Maybe this is one way of them getting Revenge who knows maybe I'm speculating A little bit too much but China needs to Be held accountable on what it's doing To America I think it is something to Question it is something that as a President whoever is taking a leite next That conversation needs to be had and There needs to be a bit of a level of Accountability for someone to put on Them so again whatever you do you got Kidss peer siblings make sure everybody Watches this video and if you got value Out of it give it a thumbs up subscribe To the channel if you like videos like This we did something about big pharma's Biggest secret if you've never watched It click here to watch it take care Everybody bye-bye Bye-bye

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