Find An Enemy That Brings The Best Out Of You

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Your business plan needs to also have Emotions attached to it what's emotion Okay so emotion could be enemy is Emotional What enemy do you have that produces Emotion you ever made a list of 10 Things people ever said to you that Really hurts and just kind of mess you Up a little bit you ever heard uh made a List of 10 things people said that Really Felt very good the compliment like Genuine that you truly believe that You're like you know my dad one son said This to me till today I remember this And I made a very big impact on my life Right it's emotional but enemy is a Driver You know Jordan look for enemies Kobe Look for enemies Brady look for enemies It produces something right Sometimes uh if I want to get uh one of Our guys in a company to move it's my Job to find an enemy for them it's your Job as a father for your kids to Sometimes find an enemy that brings out The best in them

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