Find Out What Motivates You

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You have to know what drives people at Different phases and here's how you and I learned the way we learn is by asking Questions if I sit there and I ask you Question one of the first questions I Asked you was a follow-on Albert do you Want to be a celebrity or do you want to Be a billionaire and you said no Pat I Want to be a billionaire the way you Moved you proved What mattered more to You make sense you wanted to build a Company now what if I talked to and you Would have said Pat I want to have more Followers than XYZ by the way nothing Wrong with that it's just a different Strategy so I talked to one of my guys Sheena sheena's not driven by Chanel Purse but if I take one of my other guys And I said I'll give you ten thousand Dollars Chanel first are you kidding me They'll do backflips they'll learn how To do gymnastics so a lot of times you Will learn what moves you so you got to Test a lot you got to ask questions a Lot

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