“Flip New York” – Can Donald Trump Win NY State In 2024 Election?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by political commentator Dave Rubin as they discuss whether Donald Trump can flip New York state during 2024 election.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

New York Times comes out with an article And I want to read this to you okay um Survey only half of New Yorkers plan to Stay in Democrat City okay so only half Of New Yorkers plan to stay in Democrat City according to the survey of more Than 6600 New York City households reported The New York Times this is coming from New York Times by the way but but but His fraile and then this goes to brart Story Joe received 76% of New York City's vote in 2020 okay 76% of New York City's vote in 2020 and Democrat Eric Adams received 66% of New York City Mayoral vote in 2021 so why is everyone So unhappy with New York City when Everyone's getting exactly what they Voted for unhappy these Democrats Democrats are especially compared to 7 Years ago only 39% are content with the State of public education currently Right now 37% are happy with the level Of public safety in their neighborhoods And only 34% are satisfied with the Neighborhood's cleanliness less than a Third less than a third rate Ci's Quality of life as excellent or good Less than a third quality of life Excellent or good less than a quarter Are content with the overall quality of Government services you know do you Think it gets to a point where bad Policies are so bad that people on the

Opposing side even say I'm done I'm not Doing this anymore Tom yeah I do and I Think if you know your history and I'll Be quick with this go back and look what The survey said and that led to the Election of Mayor Giuliani and we can Say what you want about him uh now in Association with Trump and things he's Had but go back and look at what led to Mayor Rudy Giuliani being elected it was A similar time with a bunch of things That were completely out of hand and the People voted the other way people voted The other way and and Jani he came in And look what he did but there's a Bigger problem now which is that New York as a state someone could check the Numbers on this I think the state itself Has lost about 500,000 people since Covid right so right so 500,000 and many Of them are now voting the right way in Florida so florid is getting redder and Then by these people leaving New York is Thus getting Bluer so now you've you've Put a divide there but also there is no Giuliani left in New York we've talked About I think we talked about it on when We did the live show here with him there Is no Rudy left there that thinks that They can fix it now maybe the miracle Person shows up and can really reverse The direction of the of the entire Machine but probably not when uh when Kathy hokel who was one of the worst

Covid Maniacs in the country when she Got elected which wasn't a re-election It was her first election because she Obviously took over for Cuomo she only Won by about 500,000 votes for governor This last time to zeld to zelden who Nobody knew two weeks before the Election he was was a little Congressman Nobody had heard of so she wins by 500,000 votes but we know about 500,000 People left the state now it's not to Say every single one of them would would Have voted that way but the point is the Divide now has gotten bigger and bigger And I think we're just going to there's Almost no way to reverse that can you Imagine a sane let's say a somewhat Conservative leaning New Yorker saying I'm going to run for for mayor of New York and winning how how would it be Possible well I I think I think I'm Telling you I know this sounds crazy and Bold but I think Trump's Camp is Convinced they can flip New York okay I Think they think there's a chance they Can flip New York do you know what do You think they can flip New York well I I think I think right now you know if You're if you're playing a Um if you're playing a game and you're Looking at the score and what happened Over the years and how close it is it's Not close the Dems are still ahead but The more and more and more give you an

Example Stephen A Smith can you pull up Stephen A Smith by the way the clip with Chris comoo so both Chris Kom and Stephen A Smith are probably voting left And have their entire lives okay President whites let's just Cuomo last Name Father Mario Brother Andrew CNN That's his background that's what he's Done we know where he's probably going To lean politically Stephen A Smith is Fair he'll give his thoughts and his Opinions but he's also probably voting The other side again folks I don't know I'm not speaking I'm just saying Probably I'm giving the estimation they Can come out and say Patrick you're Wrong you know we voted in a different Way but I'm saying that's probably where They are but watch what Stephen A Smith Says that what's not working today watch This it's good to have you I got a Couple of topics for you it's a it's a Beautiful shirt first thing is you don't Like the way the media played the Trump Bloodbath situation why well first of All I thought that he was talking about The United States and China and the auto IND and I thought that they used it as An opportunity to expose and exploit the Kind of things that they wanted to about Donald Trump fair enough the problem is Is that he's kicking their tail that's Really what this comes down to uh According to the polls he's up he's

Gaining momentum and when you use these Kind of tactics and it it comes with a Question mark it comes with some Trepidation I don't think that's Something that is has shown itself to Work against Trump over the last few Months or so I mean the guy's got four Indictments 91 counts against him he's Been impeached twice he's got just lost A civil case where he was ordered to pay In excess of $400 million doll and he Keeps gaining campaign dollars he keeps Gaining momentum and somehow some way They keep using the same old tactics That was really my point it's not Working it's not being effective he's Literally kicking their butts and They've got to get their act together And find a different strategy because The fear mongering over the kind of Things that may come out of his mouth is Not the kind of tactics as have proven To work against this man at least as of Late pause it right there okay so check This out you hear Stephen A Smith he's a New York guy you can just listen to him He's an East Coast guy right yeah and He's saying this and by the way he works For an organization that got rid of a Lot of people that were on the right Side that maybe they didn't work out and You stopped hearing from them we can Name some of these guys you ever sit There you're like what happened to

Brousard what happened to Sage what Happened to all of the where did they go All of a sudden that was the Organization even when I was sitting on With Stephen A and I was interview When we were in New York at ESPN you Know what his Handler kept telling Mario He kept telling Mario hey Mario Patrick Better not ask any politics stepen a Doesn't want to address any political Questions and I said does stepen a not Want to answer political questions or Does ESPN not want Stephen A to be Wanting to ask answer political Questions so you you just kind of watch To see what's going on do you think Common sense is going to Prevail like Maybe even let's do this okay let's do This Rob can you run a poll for me run a Poll and say chances Trump wins New York Okay put less 10 25% put 25 to 50% put 50% plus okay Chance is he wins New York and by the Way folks while you're uh voting for This don't vote emotionally actually Think about it it's very very hard to Beat New York what do you think is going To happen can we get the numbers on New York last time that would be that would Be we pulled it up the other day but it Was like 50 46 40 5 I don't know what The I sent Rob at current Numbers and by the way just to heads up All the mans that I get on on the app

All the majority of the New Yorkers from Cops to business people to everybody I'm Not joking Dave all of them every single One of them is like hey man what the can You guys talk talk about this problem Talk about this problem I'm moving how's Florida I'm coming every single New Yorker that I speak to shout out to Everybody that I talk to on theck They're all like bro I'm talking about Law enforcement guys that own pizza Shops they're like this is just effing Crazy they're like I got to get the [ __ ] Out of here I I could show you I can't Do it on air but I could show you easily 10 conversations I'm having with guys That were NYPD former NYPD that all have Left and most of them are here now and That's again it goes to that divide you Start losing all of the good people so The question is even if Trump's policies Make more sense and even if everyone's Like you know I've had it they're Roasting Rats on the subway this is a Problem uh there may just not be a good Enough good people left and you got you Got to give the devil is due the media Has confused people and lied to people About so much that people just vote the Wrong way there you go 6138 but keep in Mind keep in mind when this was this Vote was when 2020 November 2020 what's Happened to New York Post November 2020 Totally different toally if I can give a

Little perspective on this it's and I Sent you some numbers to validate this Look the big three blue liberal states We all know this California New York yor And then if you want to put Illinois as A second runner up you know Second City Uh those are the big three but if you Actually peel back the numbers and you Actually take a look at the bigger Context of what's going on in California Your guys state in New York it's not Even close because if you look in the at The sort of the like the Zeitgeist of Each of these cities New York is Capitalism it's Wall Street is you know Vinnie's from yoner over here there's Like this what the [ __ ] is going on here Type of vibe California is totally Different Hollywood silicon Val It's literally left far left so if you Look at the numbers Rob Trump has closed The Gap by 10 so if you look at the Numbers now there's only a basically a 10-point lead in New York between Biden And Trump whether it's 42 32 or 46 36 But if you go to California it's Actually still a 20-point lead that same 20-point lead that Biden beat Trump in In 2020 so something in the DNA of New Yorkers is basically saying I'm not just Going to go along with the blue matter Who Mantra what's that syndrome where You like your abuser and you fall in Love with it stockh stock syndrome

That's exactly what cuz it's it's that Close still that means people are just Like no anything but Trump and they're Willing to suffer just because they the The orange badman Hitler guy that's what They don't want let's also not forget You know where's Trump from New York New York New York there's no Trump not just The political Trump the 2016 down the Escalator you're talking Aboutone It's not on cable anymore the bankruptcy Trump the casino Trump the Trump so like There's a deep deep history with Trump Uh uh New York is not afraid to take a Stand and Everybody everybody sounds like an emem Song come take his hands and they can Walk This Road Together together through The storm and I I think New York's Capable of doing that a poet said that Once right Here's the poll for you 3,000 people Voted less than 25% uh 28% 25 to 50% chance 45 50 plus 28 so you know it's it's to say 73 says There's a less than 50 50% chance he Wins unfortunately uh 28% of our Audience is now officially delusional if They think there's a greater than 50% Chance that Trump wins New York but Respect to you guys out there words talk Numbers scream could you pop back to the Poll really this Sienna polls take a

Look at the most recent Sienna poll add Those together Biden 42 Trump 32 that is 75% that means 25% of the people in that Poll these are The Independents right Now that on polling are saying neither And it's showing up a lot you can go to All the polling places but this is the New strength of the American Independent Voter that people are not looking at This in the polls which way are those Indies going to break when the rubber Hits the road and the two conventions Come and go and it gets serious and They're looking at the economy they're Looking at the border and it's time to Vote if you look at take a closer look At the numbers think about this what are The chances what I'm I'm sorry go ahead No I was going to say those there's Actually numbers that support what Tom Is saying basically Kennedy RFK is Getting about 10 to 15% and the leftist Communist Cornell West is taking about 5% in New York Watch this that's how the numbers watch This this is what's interesting this is What's interesting when did you think A guy named uh Mark Cuban would defend Trump when did you think a guy Kevin oy Would come out this publicly defending a Judge out of New York Kevin o says New York attorney general Leticia James Threat to seize Trump's asset is an Attack on America he conem condemns New

York attorney general Leticia James Threat to seize Trump's assets labeling It an attack on America citing the Significance of property rights and due Process you think about America the Reason this is the number one economy on Earth is that we have laws and we have Due process and we have property rights Oi expresses concern over the Unprecedented nature of James's action Noting the lack of precedent for a 30-day Bond requirement and its Potential impact on foreign investments The concept of seizing assets is on a 30-day Bond number has never been issued No insurance company has ever issued Issued anything near this so there's no Chance it was going to happen the legal Dispute Arises I mean this is him saying the Clip and and how long is this Rob Because I'm pretty much done with what He said about a minute okay it's it's Fine I mean I pretty much read what he Said the legal dispute arises from James Lawsuit again the Trump against the Trump Organization for fraud and Overvaluation of assets would Trump Ordered to pay $350 million in Damages By March 25th and you they're trying to Right now find a way and by the way if If he doesn't come out with the money on Monday do you know what the lady on The View said the other day do you know what

Leticia sh James said the other day do You know they can't you know how they Said we can't wait for them to sit in Court like this yeah and have to answer Questions do you know on The View They're like oh I just can't wait to see His assets being seized I just can't Wait to see that happen they're Celebrating this happening but Pat I'm Sure you know this but the point the the Part that you didn't mention there is That the banks got paid back every body Was made whole it makes a point of Saying this in in the CNN clip so Everyone was made whole and this idea That you can just overvalue all your Companies and the banks will give you Whatever you want it's not Hub anyone That buys a house you buy a million doll House you got to put 20% down you need An $800,000 loan but you can't just say To the bank I would like $800,000 please And that you they look at the house they See the comps all the obvious you can't Even tell the bank I think this is a $50 Million property no it's called Someone's got to go do the appraisal Yeah we'll do the under we'll do the Appraisal Mr buer can you just stand Over there for a minute with your Realtor well that's why the maralago Thing so maralago they said it's valued At 18 million it's 17 Acres an acre There on the water in West Palm an acre

Alone is easy 5 mil so like you just Extrapolate that and then 18 18 acres is Special so now you're going to have a Premum just none of it makes any sense But this is what they do and again I Think this is why I'm not bullish on Trump winning New York because there are Not a enough good people left who get What the issues are and and that leads Just the The Divide to just grow and Grow and grow Rob I'm going to send this To you based on what um Dave just said Where they were CNN all bragging about The fact that this is not a you know They're telling the story when Laticia James came out saying marago is worth $18 million right watch this watch this CNN story I'm just going to give you the Screenshot if you can pull it up Rob I Just literally texted it to you look What even CNN Has Mar Lago worth if he does a fire Sale even CNN knows it's worth $240 Million okay do you realize this they Just pay tell the story so Trump has Until Monday to pay 454 in a fraud case If he misses the deadline the New York AG can start seizing his properties Properties Trump could sell on a fire Sale today on a fire sale even CNN says They can get $240 million from our loga I mean look you've been there the place Could use a paint job you know they've Got some cracks in the walls there's

Some stuff that could be fixed but you Know what if they can get this thing for 18 how about we'll all split oh I'm all In that's not question but but here's my Question to you guys from a legal Standpoint how the hell can she get away With this for this long and get to the Point where they're going to sees and Sh What does that say about our legal System but what does it say about New York that's that's the point I'm trying To drive home and that's what oi is Saying this has nothing to do with Trump The system is now so corrupt and it is So broken and there aren't enough good De left in New York there are enough Good lawyers all of the people that are Taking their businesses out of there Elon taking uh what was it the the Excorporation out of Delaware like we're Just going to see that divide continue And continue so the guy the Rudy that Was waiting when David denin was Destroying New York City he doesn't live In New York in 2024 and that that is the Problem I have a question for our friend Dave Rubin I think he'd be the per Perfect person to answer this you know The the one thing you would hear about Trump whether you like him or don't like Him is like what was the moment that he Lost your vote what was that moment what Was the moment that he gained your vote You know every listen 90% of the country

Has made up their mind I'm talking about The movable middle the independence as You call them the disaffected Liberals All that we all remember the moments That people would basically highlight of When they lost Trump like the David Duke Moment the both sides moment the John McCain I like my people captured that Whole moment I like my people not Captured what do you think the moment is For the general American of why they're Going to go back to Trump meaning the Capitalist the Kevin O's of the world The Mark Cubans of the world their Moment is now the money bro like you I Might not like Trump's rhetoric but when You start coming after hundreds of Millions of dollars I'm playing that Game what do you think the movable Middle moment is to go back to Trump the Wokeness the Border what do you think it Is the Cuban one is kind of funny cuz He's so wrong about everything Especially as it relates to woke and Even now he's like well I do like my Money so I guess I should maybe you know Kind of defend Trump on this thing I Would say the the moment for I can tell You the moment for me cuz I didn't vote For Trump the first time I voted for Gary Johnson and I should be judged Accordingly but then but then it was About two years into Trump and I was Like wait things are kind of working

Peace in the Middle East economy's Chugging along everything you know Pre-co and then one day I was uh I was Having lunch in Beverly Hills and I Happened to drive by a trump rally on on Rodeo drive over there and I was like You know what I've never been to one of These things let let me just see what's Going on I was kind of coming around and I went there and it was the most joyous Party of America loving people and they Had blacks for Trump and gays for Trump And Latinos for drum and all of that and Virtually everyone there knew me and Everybody was so excited that I was There that the next week I said I said To Dennis Prager hey you want to go to This thing see what's going on I started Bringing more and more people and Dennis Was already on the on the Trump train But there was it it had nothing to do With a political ideology per se it Didn't it didn't it wasn't like oh I'm For Trump so that means I believe parted Better I mean stuff doesn't matter well It was just like I love America more and And it wasn't like okay you better have 15 we abortion and you better have cap Gain tax of this it was that we love This country we want to fix this country And I think more and more as the Biden Thing goes off the deep end and I think Especially with the Border I think more And more people are just going to be

Like you know what I can't have gangs of Cannibals running around the city that I Live in so you think right now the Border is the number one issue that will Move people from left so let me ask you This when was it when was it for you Well it's been a slow drip you know Thanks sit next to you and obviously Dave Ruben working on this guy for years Yeah I think for me I mean I'm in the Same camp as probably an Elon Musk or a Joe Rogan where none of those guys were Voting for Trump I don't think ever but At some point you have to take a look at The landscape and say all right clearly The game has changed clearly the media Has lied to me clearly we've been Manipulated clearly a lot of the things That we thought about Trump or thought About certain things were fabricated by The media most people are not going to Change overnight most people it's going To be a slow move I think it's just the Reality of what's going on in America as A dude who actually certainly thinks That only women can have babies and that Men can't transition like this and Believes in borders uh I think there's a Slow drip to be like what the going on For you for you it's a slow drip yes on What happened yeah okay I think the so Would you would you would you say a part Of it is the unfair treatment where it's Like this is getting a little bit too

Much at this point do you think you Would put that at the top where what are They doing to this I think that's that's A part of it that's not number one I Think number one is genuinely the Border Like what is happening here guys like What you know and then also an element Is what the Democratic party even stands For at this point it used to be blue Collar the workers you know equal wages All that now it's silicon Vetti leftists And Harvard educated how many think There are like Adam on where he was the First time we spoke first time I spoke To him I I uh when he he wanted to come Down he reaches out and you know he says Hey Pat you know uh I'm making a major Life change I want to come to Dallas and I want to come join V I say you realize This is not Miami bro like there is no Freaknick here so tell him here I'll Make that sacrifice But but so so you We're talking I said so where do you Stand with politics well you know I just Kind of like to hear everybody's and so Tell me about uh Trump what do you think About Trump and and literally the Conversation got uncomfortable and I'm Sure you remember this did he cry no he Didn't he was like well um wh why I mean You know I you mean I didn't say not a Fan not not our best and bright he tried To kind of go through it because you're Almost like I'm like is this guy a guy

That you can have a conversation with Are you so much like deranged that There's no logic that you can have and And he's like yeah it's kind of okay Cool sounds good then he came and we Started having a conversation but but The you were going to say you asked me If I was a Bernie guy I said definitely Not but who you asked me who's your guy Who did I say Mansion I said Joe Mansion If you're Democrat who gets elected in a Red State over and over again I like That guy to directly answer your Question though you were asking how many Of those people are there I I talk I Mean this is what I have focused on for The last 5 years because I think the Only real group of people who can move In America are the affected Libs and I Think particularly over the last 5 Months because of immigration they're The ones that can move right now there's No yes are there disaffected Republicans Who are like ah you know the never Trump Yeah sure there of course there are but They didn't vote for him last time right There are an awful lot of old school Liberals JFK liberals decent people like You the sort of apolitical independent That's a chunk of people that can move Actually when you were on with Mah on Club random and you kind of challenged Him and I did the same thing with him And it helps cuz stoned and drunk so you

Can kind of you can kind of work him um But you basically said to him what are The good things Biden has done and he Really didn't have much right and we can All point to the bad things Biden has Done as it relates to the economy and And particularly the border and the rest Of it and a lot of people see that even Apolitical people see the crime going up In the streets and everything else so The decent liberal M who is suddenly Like you know what my son thinks he's a Girl there's a cannibal living two Blocks over you're allowed to take over People's houses and they won't kick you Out you see that story out of New York Now yeah do you have that Story stacking a whole bunch of insane [ __ ] and the good Libs and by the way That was part of my argument for Disantis was the good Libs will much More easily be able to vote for disantis Than Trump but I think Trump has an Opportunity Now by I have to go I have To go to that story I have to I can no Longer remain in today's Democratic Party Tulsi gabard said she is no longer A Democrat a potential tulsy gathered VP Where we being told that we just have to Comply and go along with whatever they Say American people uh are smarter than This however we must remain Vigilant to Recognize their propaganda for what it Is pure life unfortunately we live in a

Time where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an Apology taking on kamla Harris on a Debate stage before I would look forward To doing that again So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right Here

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