FOCUS ON YOUR DREAM – Best Motivational Video For 2023

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

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Nathan Harmon

Ed Mylett

Eddie Truck Gordon

Music: Whitesand

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Your dreams and your goals are not going To come easy and if they're coming easy You're not dreaming big enough Literally dreams and goals they should Take sacrificed Blood Sweat tears Absolute Total Focus of of pushing Yourself And if dreams and goals are coming easy I I submit to you it's time for you to Ratchet up what you're going after Because you can achieve more because Without restraint Without struggle without resistance There's no growth Do you got to know why You're dreaming your goal why do you Want to be that Because your why is important Your why has to be bigger than the storm That's coming the challenges that comes Because your why will be the roots that When adversity comes that you're chasing Down your dreams and your goals and They're going to be tough If you have a good why No matter what happens you will not quit Because quitting is not an option Because you have a why you have a Passion you have a purpose you're on a Mission to achieve something And nothing can knock you off course Because you have a good why So having a dream and having a goal is Important

But honestly I say having your why is Even more important because having a Dream and having a goal is like a buoy Throughout in the middle of the ocean And if there's no weight if there's no Substance to that buoy every storm every Wave of adversity every struggle it'll Take that buoy anywhere but when you put An anchor down And now your why are the is the anchor No storm can knock you off [Music] When you have a dream And the dream isn't something you dream And then it happens the dream is Something you never knew was going to Come into your life it dreams always Come from behind you not not right Between your eyes it sneaks up on you But when you have a dream It doesn't often come at you screaming In your face this is who you are this is What you must be for the rest of your Life sometimes a dream almost Whispers The hardest thing to listen to your Instincts your human personal intuition Always Whispers it never shouts very Hard to hear so you have to every day of Your lives be ready to hear what Whispers In Your Ear it very rarely Shouts and if you can listen to the Whisper and if it tickles your heart and It's something you think you want to do For the rest of your life then that is

Going to be what you do for the rest of Your life and we will benefit from Everything you do I want you to write this down I need to Embrace the suffering you know there's Something powerful that once you just Sort of embrace the fact that in order To achieve something big you've got to Get rid of these distractions and then The other layer of it is you're probably Going to have to have some suffering to Get there or some sacrifice to get there And so once you've embraced and decided That this suffering this sacrifice You're making is an indicator of Progress it's an indicator of obsession Suffering and sacrifice and hard work Is an indication of progress towards our Dreams the price you will pay the Suffering you will go through to make Your dream come true is incredibly small Infinitely smaller than the price you Will pay if you never do you'll pay that One the rest of your life and so ask Yourself what you're willing to risk What's the price you're willing to pay Because what most people do when they're Trying to chase their dream or their big Outcome the whole time they're Negotiating the price in their head and What happens is if you don't negotiate That price in advance it's going to Steal your focus and energy and become Another distraction one of the great

Distractions of chasing our dreams is This thing that goes off in our head as We're negotiating the price we're paying Foreign A lot of us have the wrong relationship With with failure a lot of us are afraid To fail Unfortunately and fortunately it's a Part of the process If you can change that relationship that You have with failure you're going to Realize that Here to reach Your goals your business Your Dreams a Lot faster than you would If you try to avoid failing if you try To uh Avoid the obstacles the bumps the Bruises let it become a part of the Process It's hard to to visualize it that and And actually enjoy the hurt and pain That comes along with failure But it actually allows you to to to to Savor and embrace Successes more because you know what's On the other side you know what's on the Other Road you know what it's like to Fail and if you're not reaching and Going for for the dreams and goals that Are big enough to actually fail then You're just cutting yourself short Foreign I believe that as long as I was reading

There was hope and that good choices and Valuing people nothing could stop me Value people respect people appreciate People and work hard if you do those two Things nothing can stop you I promise You Hard work will always bring Opportunities Hard work will always position you in Life for you to succeed Don't become complacent because it's Easy Continue to challenge yourself If it's easy for some of you don't Become complacent Continue to find set goals raise the bar Raise the expectation But then don't be afraid to fail either Because failure is okay It's not about you being perfect it's About growth and development and every Single day that when you look in the Mirror can you say that you gave today 120 of you And maybe that 120 of you you made some Mistakes and you zigged when you should Have zagged but I guarantee if you allow It to you can learn instead of zigging When you were supposed to zag next time You'll get it right It's all perspective It's all about learning how to be better To achieve better to become better [Music]

And a lot of times I don't think people Are actually afraid of of failing but We're afraid of how others are going to Respond to us feeling Allow them to consume your heart and Soul your mind don't allow them to to Make you worried about failing it's a Part of the process the most successful People on the planet the most successful People in the world have failed and are Going to continue to fail but they Discount they just got up and they kept On pushing you don't truly fail unless You stop and quick bottom line you Really truly truly do not fail unless You stop or quit and you're not a Quitter and you're not gonna stop you're Gonna keep going and keep pushing you to Get to where you want to go [Music] Foreign

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