FOCUS ON YOURSELF NOW – Motivational Video 2023

A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.

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Foreign [Music] Money you don't have Trying to impress people that could give A damn about you Stop spending money you don't have Trying to make people like you that will Never love you Like be for real like how many of us Have been financially broke spiritually Broke emotionally broke because we Trying to impress people You got to get out the business of Impressing people if you want to change Your life financially get out the Business of impressive people if you Want to change your life emotionally get Out the business of impressing people if You want to change your life spiritually Get out the business of impressing People impressing people will do nothing But make you broke don't live a life to Impress people live a life to impact People the first steps of being unhappy Is trying to please everyone else and I'll take it a step further the first Step to hating your own life is trying To impress people that don't care about You we spend money we don't have just to Make people like us we spend money that We should be saving just to make people Like us we change who we are just to Make people like us right we hide our Greatness just to make people like us we

Fit in we blend in we follow the trend Just to make people like us How much would your life change you stop Caring about opinions How much would your life change you stop Caring about what people think we buy Cards we can't afford just to make People think that we got some that we Don't got we spend money on things we Can't afford just to make people think a Certain way about us foreign [Music] I know you've been coming a long way Lately from the hardships that light's Been thrown at you [Music] I know it's hard to stay motivated at Times but I'm proud of you For never giving up [Music] If there's one thing I've realized about You It's your ability to keep going When life's at its worst I know you have some big goals And I promise that I'm doing everything I can to make them happen it's not easy When everything's against you But still we'll keep going [Music] I wanted you to know that no matter what Happens Then I'm gonna stay by your side

I know how hard you can be on yourself But I know you're doing the best you can [Music] Look around this world empty it's empty A lot of us walk around this world hurt There's a lot of us walking around this World with a dark cloud around our heads And our hearts [Music] The only person that's going to be able To to clear up that cloudy day is you You you have the ability to transform Your life if whatever reason you're Holding yourself back You're not holding yourself accountable You're looking at his hip you look at Her looking at everybody else Hoping that they're gonna fulfill that Empty void that's within you Only you can do that It's a gift and a curse We are all gonna go through dark moments We're gonna all face it firstly we're Gonna all be tore down at some point in Our life whether the outside look at the Things that you're successful thinks That you're happy only you know that you Happy is that's with it I've been down To dark dark roads I've been sad I've Been depressed I'm out of shape Overweight I've been emotionally scarred One thing I realized Through all that Darkness do all that Harding to all that pain

I knew that Pulled myself out of it [Music] You gotta stop caring about people that Ain't gonna be there at your hardest Times you're gonna stop caring about Strangers on the internet they ain't Gonna be at your funeral You are literally putting yourself in Debt Trying to impress people Emotional debt financial debt spiritual Debt You wonder why you feel so broken is Because you're doing things that are not True to impress people that could care Less about you so if you want to change Your life tell me I don't want to hear This some of y'all ain't gonna want the Truth so do what you do right Stop spending your money on liabilities Stop spending your energy on liabilities What's a liability something that Doesn't bring your life back number Right some of us we spend our energy on People that are liabilities that we give Out joy we give out happiness they bring Us back pain they bring us back drama Some of us we spend our money on Liabilities things that don't appreciate Enough and we wonder why we get to a Place in our life that we are living Check to check that we're living in debt That we're not living in abundance

Go check your bank account check your Bank statements and ask yourself every Single month dang did I live a life full Of impressive people this month or did I Really get things that I really wanted Because I wanted it I'm okay with that But what I'm not okay with is you doing Things that are not true to make people Like you That will never love you But it's your life right [Music] Even though times get hard And you hate being patient You never doubt our ability to make it Through And I know there's apologies that are Still owed to you And those apologies may never come But the most important apology is the One I owe you And the truth is I apologize For not putting you first For making your worth dependent On how others saw you For making others Worth more important than yours And for believing them when they said Something was wrong with you I'm sorry Thank you [Music] Always knew that there was a there was

Something better you know that I wanted For my life I always knew that I deserved better And when you Truly believe that you can overcome just About anything But you got to hold yourself accountable You gotta be responsible for your life Don't allow nobody else to paint a Picture don't allow nobody else to Dictate don't allow nobody else to Control Your attitude sticks are gonna happen in Our life things are gonna happen out of Our control we're not all gonna be dealt With a fair hand It's not possible But how you react to it Is all up to you It's easier said than done right yeah I Know But what I do know is that you can get Through it and how do I know that [Music] Stronger than you I'm no better than you You have the ability to overcome Endure overcome and exceed all Expectations that anybody brought you Especially one that you prove yourself Foreign [Music]

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