Follow Your Passion Is Bad Advice. Here’s why. #shorts

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We're often told to follow our passion If we want to be happy in life but Here's why multi-millionaire Entrepreneur Grace Beverly thinks this Advice can be dangerous one of the Downfalls of passions is that you're Probably not going to realize when You're burnt out because there's this Like necessity whether internal or External because it's a business that You put into a lot of money into or Internal because you believe in it so Much and you love it and you really want It to succeed it's like when you're Working for ages and you don't realize Until you look up how long you've been Working for and you're really like your Whole brain's just Zapped and I think That we don't talk about how exhausting Working on something you're passionate About can be because you exert yourself That much more now that's not to say That it's as like I've mentioned it's Not to say that it's not a hugely Privileged position because it is but I Also think that when we're encouraging Like work on your passion like all of This also remembering the fact that if You're there every day so trying to make This idea into a business and so trying To make this work and so trying to get Your side hustle off the ground and all Of these things you're also allowed to Feel burnt out

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