“FOX Is No Longer Supporting Trump!” – Reaction to Handling of East Palestine Crisis

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth react to the handling of the east Palestine crisis.

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Let's set aside the emotions for a Second all we're talking a strategy when You go to war people get you know die And of course nobody wants to see family Innocent but as a general a general has To be in a moment making tough decisions Let's talk purely strategy if it's pure Strategy how did the scientists go from Winning by only 34 000 votes to winning One and a half million votes in a great State of Florida how did he do it did he Do it because You only want to Republican counties did He do it because he only went to Republican cities or did he do it Because he won Miami-Dade how did he do It he's the greatest Governor we have Right now in America because he went and Won people over dinners being had we're Having lunch at the house what did Mikey Said he says they're having dinner with A guy who's a liberal hardcore liberal He says when they asked him the question About the sentences what do you mean the Sentence he says the best Governor he Says he's a republican he says we don't Look at our uh Governor as a republican He's just a great governor and we want To keep him here and they'd love to vote For him as a liberal this guy converted People so watch this strategically Strategically not going help to Republicans strategically you mean to Tell me you're not going guess what Pete

Here's what's going to happen when Foreign affair issues comes up they're Going to bring one question for you You're done all they're going to say is Hey so how would you handle the issue There and then the opposition is going To say what yeah half a war was to take Place it would take him four weeks to Make a decision it would cost millions Of people lives do you really want a President like that he couldn't handle a Small City like East Palestine you want Him to be the decision maker of a Country of 330 million people he's not Qualified to be a president boom you're Fired five seconds let it get off the Stage right so Pete is done with what he Did for 2024. now let's go to the other Part here's what's weird very weird So yesterday who goes to East Palestine Trump trump So if you go to go to YouTube uh Rob and And just go to YouTube's uh go to Fox News's YouTube channel go to Fox news's YouTube channel okay so this I watched The last okay go to videos go to videos Click on that can we put on the screen So everybody can see it okay so Trump in 2015 2016 if you go back and look at the Videos on Fox News literally every three Video was about Trump so Trump just went To East Palestine of the last 50 videos That they just uploaded how many of them Should be about Trump of the last 50.

What do you think it should be of the Last 50. 5 10 should be about Trump Watch this let's count one two three Four five six keep going seven eight Nine keep going 10 11 12. find this Picture on the boom former Trump donor Reveals why he's supporting possible DeSantis run this is a anti-trump story Keep going Ned Ryan is Trump political Witch hunts all end up as bad jokes keep Going negative negative story East Palestine residents praise Donald Trump Right now keep going Hannity Tucker keep Going next next keep going next next Next I went and watched CNN CNN hosts Praise Trump really how confusing is that he Says listen say what you say about Trump He showed up wow and Pete Buddha just Should show up I don't know why he's not Showing up he should they said I Understand why Biden didn't show both Republican Democrats are saying we Understand why Biden was in Ukraine for The one year anniversary if you're Already committed 50 billion it's a Total of 100 billion dollars we've given To Ukraine of which around 50 60 billion Is our money to Total 100 billion we're The number one country with the most Money being given to them You have to show up because that's Checking on your investment if that Makes sense if you're investing into a

Company and you own 50 or 60 percent of The equity company one year anniversary What do you got to do you got to go to It he still has to go to East Palestine Yeah but he's gone and done that no Problem Pete buttercich has zero excuses CNN is giving a shout out to Trump Fox Isn't giving a shout out to Trump Including Sean Hannity Sean Hannity Discussion on East Palestine was only a Few seconds CNN talked about him Visiting East Palestine so what is this Telling you here's what it's telling you Fox today is team DeSantis Fox is no Longer Tim Trump just everybody knows This part here Fox is no longer team Trump as of right now it's purely the Sentence whether you like it or not good Your own research listen to these guys So I'm willing to bet there's a Conference call or a conversation saying Pump the brakes if we're gonna go full Team Trump or if we're going to go full Team DeSantis we feel better with the Santis right now the polls are coming Out I got a couple posting on popularity Where DeSantis is showing ahead over Trump so Fox is taking that position CNN On the other side they're also looking At the saying well The Santas just has uh the most Impeccable resume today okay it's hard To beat his resume say what you want to Say you have to explain 34 000 to one

And a half million you can't win that it Doesn't matter what anybody says I went From having 34 000 subscribers and I've Increased it by 1.5 million subscribers Go ahead and beat me what's your Argument say whatever you want and more People are coming to my state and we're Safe for and we're this and we're that And we're this that's a beautiful resume So that part that Trump who had Fox News Trump who had Hannity Trump who had Everybody on Fox when he was on the Shows that's going to be missing today So I think this kind of leads me to the Conversation about Trump and the Scientists With head-to-head match up what it's Going to look like and Trump is still Making the comments how many guys don't Like it when Trump says I would never Call him meatball I would never call him Meatball I would never call him does That bother you or do you kind of find That funny when he does that how do you Take that by the way you guys don't have An opinion on that do you see when he Says the meatball stuff or do you like It or you don't care if he does it That's who he is You don't care about it okay so some People made a comment about this and I Want to get your thoughts some people Said like here's a tweet from a couple Days ago I will never call Rhonda

Sanchez the sanctimonious meatball Ron As the fake news is insisting I will Even though Fox knows killing light well Paul Ryan has revert by him low energy Jeb Bush is his hero and always had his Side his beaches and states were closed For long periods of time his testing Testing testing for the China virus Didn't work out too well and his loyalty Skills are really weak it would be Totally inappropriate to use the word Meatball as a moniker for run a lot of People don't like this commentary on What Trump said I'm gonna go to our Friend first to see what he thinks about It Adam tell me what do you think about The approach Trump has taken with round Descent it's just you got to understand Trump's humor here it's like I don't Care what you tell me to do I'll never Call him meatball no I'll never do it Never in a million years am I going to Call him meatball Ron I'm not going to Do it no matter how hard you incur urged Me to call him meatball Ron the Sanctimonious I'm just not gonna I'm not Buddy I told you I'm not gonna call him Meatball Ron it's like we've seen the Schtick uh unfortunately Uh for Trump and to my friends in the Room here uh the shit's getting old guys It was very new in 2015. very new Whether you like Trump whether you Didn't like trump it was [ __ ] new it

Was like what this guy's on stage Calling out Republicans this is crazy Little hands Marco Rubio I got bigger Hands this is crazy It's it was so new it was so fresh that People just it was must see TV at this Point even Fox News is like Ugh just Fade away and they basically said we'll Take all your policies because I've been Very clear a lot of Trump's policies Were good for the country but all the Name calling and the childishness and The the divisiveness it's like we can do Away with all of that and just get the Same policies with meatball wrong and That's I think where the the the fervor Of the country is at this point and Here's my last point if you want to just Win a Republican primary nominate Trump If you want to lose the presidency again Go ahead guys Trump 2024. good luck well I'm a pack I say one thing though Adam Will be in the back for those I want to Talk to him if you have issues with that You'll be right here but but just to be Clear I will gladly gladly vote for Meatball Ron to sanctimonious gladly and I'll just call him Governor DeSantis I Won't I will never call him meatball Yeah but here's my question though and It's for everybody like is anybody Surprised that he's going to be this guy Pat is anybody like oh my God I Understand that oh my God here we go

Again but put yourself in hold on put Yourself in Trump's shoes from the jump You don't think he has a vendetta from The beginning he announced everybody and Their mother from Republic and all the Republicans all the Democrats all the Media all the left they all surrounded His ass and they went after him bro that Guy and everything now that we're Finding out with Twitter and just common Sense it was all [ __ ] you don't Think he has a chip on his shoulder Where he's like yo I'm coming in hot He's a winner bro say what you want he's Orange or whatever the hell people say Bro that guy is a winner her he wins in Real estate he he's a freaking boss and With all the stuff culminating around What everybody was around him bro he is In attack mode and guess what he's a Competitor bro when you have when you Know you have Ron DeSantis the meatball Coming up with you bro you got to talk Smack he's he's he's The Golden Child so Guess what I don't I'm not surprised and Guess what the gloves come off he's a Fighter bro and it's gonna be it's gonna Be interesting but it's gonna be a it's Going to be a hardcore fight let's talk To a very uh stable man who's a father Of Two Girls Professor you know just took his kids They're rock star kids 4.6 GPA won the Best golfers in the country at 16 years

Old she is I've watched him as a father As a businessman as a advisor Tom tell Us what do you think is really going on Here and who do you think is going to Have the edge when it comes out to Winning this whole thing well there's Two things that people need to Understand about Trump Um you don't you don't have to love them But go look at the videos like when he Sat there with NATO telling them that They had to pay their fair share and how He defended America defend America's Economy go look at how he stood up to China and said this is the way I'm going To play this game and then when he gets Out on the field to play the field of Play for politics has been set you do Your sound bites and then all your Proxies go out there and spin it to the Media and then this guy comes out and Says I'm not playing your game the way You want me to play your game so you are A disaster and he goes out and he does It the way he wants this guy brings guns To knife fights and he does not go Gentle into that good night the way the Political realm goes in America because The underlying current of running for Pilot running for office in America is I'm ultimately going to have to make a Compromise with you you and you and get Legislation passed so I'm going to come Hot on certain things but I'm not going

To come in you know really really super Low because ultimately I have to work Work together now the presidential race We saw it that way we saw it that way With Romney and Obama that was the last Time we saw it that way with Hillary we Didn't and DeSantis is taking a normal Progression of people love me in Florida Because I executed hurricane I executed Solutions economy executed solution Co-fit executed Solutions and then Everywhere but Broward County a little And a little part of Orlando said you Know you're right and I like what you Did to my state and I'm voting for you And he gets one point You know almost million and a half vote Differential there he crushed the Opponent well that guy is taking his Normal next political step and he's Running into a buzz saw with a guy that Does not play by the normal set of rules In terms of the campaign and I'll tell You you know that's what you're seeing And you're seeing Trump be Trump and You're seeing the political Establishment in the media they don't Know how to deal with that here's here's My uh so I I'm by the way it doesn't Bother me at all you know like uh when People ask and say hey how could you sit There with Antonio Brown and he says you Idiot you idiot what you know about Liberty City and all of them

Okay cool I got you okay I'm gonna go to Your city to learn about your city and I'm gonna go be a Dixie what do you call It a bagger and to learn what that City's all about because maybe I'm an Idiot okay and I'll learn about your Community but here's the point he tried To compare Liberty City to erase the guy There's guns out here it's like I'm from Iran from Iran how about bombs yeah it's A big difference yeah you didn't really Understand me boy you didn't understand Yeah this was just the parody Um you're funny it's a parody but but You know what it is here's a part you Have an opponent if you know your Opponent's dirty and he's dirty and You're shocked you're a fool Do you understand what I'm saying if Your opponent plays the hardcore Christian you know Mike Pence do-gooder You know all this stuff and then Something comes out he doesn't know how To handle it it's like oh you can't use That card if a girl came out for for uh Mike Pence what would the world react With yeah right buddy no no oh you Wouldn't even believe it He doesn't travel without I got his wife But that is Trump's brand so for people To say how could you say something like This you must not have been following This guy for decades that's who he is so If you like this clip and you want to

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