Game Theory: How To Make Better Decisions

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Like the people who say no always go With your heart take the risk it's a Nice guiding principle but it shouldn't Be a hard and fast rule similarly no Stick with what you know do the safe Thing can be a good guiding principle But you shouldn't stick to it hard and Fast so I think it somewhat depends on Your personality we all sort of fall Somewhere on the spectrum of risk Tolerance I think the best thing you can Do is like get to know yourself the Thing a lot of poker players have in Common is they would much rather Gamble And lose than to have never had the Opportunity to gamble in the first place So if you fall into that category you Know you take the risk a lot of the time You lose but you can sort of stomach it But that's fairly rare most people have Like a large loss aversion so there's Nothing wrong with that in fact it's Probably a healthier way of existing if You're someone who's going to experience More sort of suffering from having you Know taking a risky decision that then Doesn't work out that should come into Your Calculus and again if there's no Right or wrong answer it is very Subjective

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