Get Up!! You’re NOT Wrong for Aiming High w/ Jordan Peterson

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If you just sit there you'll die you Can't just sit there you have to go act Out in the world okay so act towards What well that's whatever your Aspiration is you have to have a name Okay well what should the aim be well it Should be something worth doing let's Say why why do something that you don't Feel is worth doing what do you think's Worth doing well if you watch other People and you judge when they're doing Something worthwhile you usually judge Them positively if you see that they're Taking responsibility at least for Themselves what do you want to be Completely useless so other people have To take care of you that's pretty Pathetic and maybe you could get your Act together so you're taking care of Yourself and your family and maybe you Could even do better than that and take Care of yourself and your family and Your community well good for you that's That's responsibility and that's a name

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