“Getting F*cking Serious” – Billionaires Backing Trump’s 2024 Campaign Worth Over $12B

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by political commentator Dave Rubin as they discuss billionaires Bernard Marcus, John Paulson, and Nelson Peltz announce their support for Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Three billionaires came out of nowhere Supporting Trump okay so first of all Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus issues Battle Cry to GOP unite behind Trump Billionaire John Paulson to hold Mega Dona fundraiser for Donald Trump okay Nelson pelts from the guy that's trying To get a board seat on Disney or he has Won or something's going on he's a very Powerful guy to vote for Donald Trump Over fears of Joe Biden's mental Condition back to back to back I think All these announcements were on the same Exact day do you think this is going to Be a trend of more people Tom coming out Publicly supporting Trump against Biden A absolutely I think what's happening Now is the primaries are over and the Primary is a time where we can come Together with a variety of candidates Such as Des santis put himself out there Ran a campaign uh Nikki Haley ran a Campaign a lot of people ran a campaign Doug ran a campaign you know the guy That we met out there you know oh Doug With the big eyebrows yeah yeah Um and and who you know was up there Campaigning even though he had I guess Did an ACL or something really he got Really hurt but all that time of exp Inspection is done life is about to get Effing serious and so people are coming Out we're come to the election we know Who the two guys are no Trump didn't get

Get um held back or um or or or use These legal techniques to disqualify him He wasn't held back he's still here that Was part of the calculus that was in the Haley Camp absolutely it was a little Piece of the calculus that was in the The santis camp to be fair that hey he May not even make it there and so now They're coming out Bernie Marcus is out John Paulson's out Nelson pels is out And they're all out and I think you're Going to see more of this pbd as the Election gets closer it's getting real People are looking what really matters They're looking at who the real Candidates are and they're voting with Their wallets because it's time for them To stand up and take a stand and guess What they're at we talked about this Earlier you know what Bernie Marcus uh John pson and uh Nelson pelts have in Common they're all Jewish and they're All like let's [ __ ] go you yo you Guys want to have an attitude you want Chuck Schumer to go over there and talk [ __ ] about Israel guess what now the Money you talked about the vote da' now Guess what the money's going for Trump So I don't know I I know Markus from Home Depot I don't know this Nelson Pelts guy but this the point on the Mental condition I mean does anyone at This table believe that Joe Biden is Running the country do you believe that

The IDE that come out of this Administration and the final calls a man Who not only fumbles everything he says And can't read a teleprompter and slurs Literally every single sentence that he Says and yes they can pump him up with Some stuff and get him to be semi Functional at certain hours of the day Do you think he's the same guy who also Who also often at the end of press Conferences says uh oh I'm not supposed To say that or I'm going to get in Trouble if I say that does anyone here Honestly believe he I yes I believe he Is the president meaning his name is on The desk but does anyone actually Believe that what is happening with this Country is being driven by a cogent Joe Biden and I don't think there's even I Don't even think you can get I would Recommend go try to get five Democrats Legit Democrats that will honestly put Their name to that and you barely can Find any can I give you a scary answer Talk about that but I mean that's not Really the question the question is What's going on with the burn and with These billionaires and regardless of Who's there Dave and I agree I think There's a shadow behind him that's Pulling the levers but regardless of Who's there these guys don't want it and They're all unifying there it's the you Know the it's it's time it's time to

Vote it's time to get serious time to Take a side well the reason I mentioned It though is because I think if he W if He wasn't so obviously broken down if he Wasn't so obviously not Joe Biden of 20 Years ago I don't know that everyone Would get there I think people are like Oh it's not just that the policies are Freaking horrible and the border is open And bomic makes no sense and everything Else it's also that he gets up there and There's no confidence you watch him I'm Sure all of you guys have had relative Liv with dementia my my grandmother had It and when I was doing standup in New York my days were a little free cuz I Was working at night so I would take her To the to the elder care doctors and the Geriatric doctors his behavior is Exactly the same and you know that thing When they start talking and you're just Waiting for them to get to the end of The sentence you're just praying that They get there because you don't want to Have to oh Grandma you know you lost it Or blah blah blah it's like we're all Doing that with this guy and pretending That we're not doing it and the media's Running cover you saw that Chuck Scarboro clip where he said he's Sharp Than ever like they have on you dude What do they have they're chanting four More years four more I'll give you Something even scarier uh CU I think

There's a lot of people out there that Would agree with you that basically Saying there's no way he's running this Country that's crazy he's probably got a Team of handlers uh you know number one We learned during the State of the Union Address when you set the bar so low that He can't even tie his shoes he can't tie Two sentences together when he gets out There and basically yells at everybody For an hour and a half it sort of Lessens the argument that he's not Capable to doing that but here's what I'll give you cuz we were all sitting There at lunch I won't say the name we Were sitting there at lunch and he said You want to know what even scarier I'm I'm one phone call away from the guy That's basically running the show within The Biden Administration the scariest Thing is that it's actually him making The decision so you would think Otherwise there's other people making Decisions he basically made this a very Credible Source here you were there Basically said no no no no it's actually Him making the decisions that might be Even scarier that actually is even Scarier but this thing where he gets to The end of these press conferences and He says oh if I say that I'm in trouble They told me no Pat you're uh your Name's all over this place you're in Charge of this operation uh if you were

To flub something during the show uh do You do you get in trouble with somebody Do they take you out back and hit you Over the head with a shovel or or are You actually in charge of this place I Mean you can see the big teleprompt in Front of me and the Big Font I have to Read that they don't type that up there I don't I have to follow we have to give You names of the Irish people that you Know to remember the names remember to Thank people he's my English tutor on This side Amid Amid these certain Problems for years I've been working on This and Dave going of what you said the Fact that and I'm 100% agree with you no Doubt when he says the they and the them And I can't and they and that's why I Think they all had to go after Trump Because that they Trump didn't need they Trump did Trump ever go hey guys I got To get off the stage for two hours cuz They told me I got to get off never it's Him look how many of you have had dogs That have passed away while you've had The dog right we've all most people have Been through that you know at the end You can do an awful lot of stuff to keep That animal alive and you can drug them With all sorts of stuff and we did that With with my dog who was 16 years old And basically they said to us that the Vet said you can give her these Medications but basically it'll extend

It a little bit and then at some point It her insides are just going to explode Like the organs will liter and it seems To me they are juicing him to get him Out there and be functional and they are Just praying it gets to November 5th They are just praying because other I Mean you know they have contingency Plans obviously right I mean they're not Running Cala obviously the Gavin thing You know for you you may say the whole Dan santis thing was a disaster but if Dan santis did one good thing in the Entire campaign he basically destroyed Gavin Nome we don't hear about Gavin Anymore because that debate was so Absolutely a win for Dan santis uh but You know that there are plans for he he Could break a hip while we are doing This show right now he most people fall Down stairs he he seems to fall upstairs Like that could happen right now Anything Could Happen Dave here's what I'm going to disagree with we're one Flight of stairs i'me with my friend Dave you're talking about the DeSantis Newsome debate from a policy standpoint Uh it was not even a question that the Santis won but if you pull the general People that don't know [ __ ] about policy They're going to take a look at slick Back hair uh Nome and think that he won I mean we haven't heard much of him Since then oh what do you mean he's been

Doing uh Interview after interview he he's out There I'm not gonna story I don't want To do that Nome Nome I'll say this about Biden uh you know we're using the Pronouns things they them they them if They and them actually had that much Control he wouldn't be running again Meaning unfortunately or fortunately He's running because he made the Decision as a sitting president of United States I'm running again so if There was people the coddlers the Handlers that were really in control Would have been dismissed well I think It's partly cuz they made a deal with The Devil by bringing Kamala on who was Basically pulling at zero at that point So they made a deal with the devil okay We're going to get Biden to be president And pray that it gets that far and he And Biden you know one of the other Things is when you're when you're in Cognitive decline you don't know it Necessarily so he may not be fully aware So I'm not saying he didn't make the Decision I believe that he I don't know I assume there's a document they have to Sign saying they're running again or File like yeah whatever they have to do Eat a child whatever I'm not I'm not not Saying he didn't do that I'm not saying He didn't do that but the idea that he's The driving force behind the ideas of

The administration and I think in many Ways he's a perfect avatar for what America has become we're confused we Don't know what we are we don't stand For anything and I can no longer remain In today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard Say she is no longer a Democrat a Potential tulsy gathered VP where we are Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say American people Are smarter than this however we must Remain Vigilant to recognize their Propaganda for what it is pure life Unfortunately we live in a time where Free speech is under attack whatever They say goes and we we have to just Fall and the people who suffered under Your reign as prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another click right here And if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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