“Gotcha Interview” Don Lemon FIRED by Elon Musk Over Strange Interview

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they react to Don Lemon’s claims that Elon Musk fired him from Twitter following a disastrous interview.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Don Lemon says Elon must cancel this Deal after X uh uh W uh with X after 10 Interview this is a CNN story and we got A couple clips that we want to show you But let me first read the story to you And then we go to the clips Don Lemon Said Wednesday that his partnership with El musk uh went down the Flames hours After the former CNN anchor conducted an Interview last week with the erratic Billionaire for the debut episode of his New independent web based show Elon Publicly encouraged me to join x with a New show saying I would have his full Support lemon said in a statement adding That he took musk at his word that he Was interested in working directly with Diverse voices in an interview with CNN's Aaron Bernett on Wednesday lemon Spoke about his exchange with musk and Shared video excerpts from the 90-minute Sitdown in which lemon asked musk Questions on an array of topics lemon Said he pressed musk about the rise in Hate speech on exence billionaire took Over the social media platform asking Him if believed that he and the company Had a responsibility to Mo moderate Hateful content Rob do you have any the Clips here that we can show so how many You guys saw this interview with CNN That he did yesterday who watched the Entire thing did you guys watch the Entire thing I did not watch I watched

The whole thing it's actually very Interesting play play uh well that's the Promo right he's kind of talking about Being canceled do you have a uh do you Have another one outside of that so this Is him on CNN kind of giving a glimpse On what the conversation was like goad And play this clip Rob that one that you Got right there uh this is just real Quick this is an excerpt from the Interview where he talks about Interviewing Donald or speaking with Donald Trump he's asking go play the Clip let's see some of the stuff that They spoke you recently met with Donald Trump in Florida what did you guys talk About I was at a breakfast at a friend's Place and Donald Trump came by that's it What' you discuss I I um let's just say uh he did most of The talking did he ask you for money he Didn't are you going to loan him money To help pay his legal bills I'm not I'm Not paying paying his bills in any way Shape or form did he ask you for a Donation no are you leaning towards Anyone no you're not leaning towards Anyone because you've been very leaning Leaning away from Biden you're leaning From Biden said from Biden he said he Leaning away from somebody meaning like You know he definitely does did he say Biden he didn't say Biden he said from Someone go and play this other clip and

Then we'll react to it go ahead more Like a deposition interview yeah I I Agree I agree go Ahead do you believe that X and you have Some responsibility to moderate hate Speech on the platform that you wouldn't Have to answer these questions from Reporters about the great replacement Theory as it Rel I don't have to answer Question great replacement Theory as it Relates to Jewish people do you think That I don't have to answer questions From the reporters Don the only reason I'm doing this interview is because You're on the xplatform and you asked For it uh otherwise I would not do Interview with this interview so you Don't think you do you think that you Wouldn't get in trouble or you wouldn't Be criticized for these SC critized Constantly I could care less h Illuminating in so many ways I have two I have two I ask you about first the Great replacement Theory you PA it you Can pause it right there so Tom reaction To this interview well first of all it Kind of disappoints me Don Lemon is a Professional it didn't seem like an Interview where you want to get people Talking and you want to dive into issues It really felt like a deposition where Were you on the night of the 5th were You drinking there's a receipt that says You were drinking my gosh it was like

Bing bing Bing and finally Elon Musk says what we All would expect hang on dude you asked To have this conversation cuz you're on X I'm not doing interviews like this I'm I'm getting constantly criticized and so I was kind of disappointed in Don Lemon's angle and also Don Lemon if You're going to be an investigative Reporter dude you got to understand you Asked him a direct question about FCC 230 and every one of the social medias Don't want to be called the publisher Under FCC 230 this is a major issue Don't you have responsibility to Moderate hate speech defining what hate Speech is and isn't and moderating it And have a bunch of censorship or Cancelling or back and forth puts you Exactly where uh people like x Facebook Insta don't want to be is declared to be Moderators under FCC 230 I I was kind of Hoping we would see the Don Lemon that Had a very pragmatic Viewpoint several Years ago we saw him talking about the African-American Community very positive Messages of how to move up I was kind of Hoping after a little bit of a break That maybe that Don Lemon would come Back without a liberal producer in his Ear but I didn't see it here I saw a guy Almost like with an ax to grind yeah and By the way so on Twitter uh Rob if you Can pull this up so this is what uh uh X

Business said X is a platform that Champions free speech and we're proud to Provide an open environment for diverse Voices and perspective the Don Lemon Show is welcome to publish its content Without censorship as we believe in Providing a platform for creators to Scale for their their work and connect With new communities however we reserve The right to make decisions about our Business Partnership and careful Consideration decided not to enter into A commercial partnership with the show However the challenge with this whole Thing is that that Don Lemon is say if You go to the other tweet he's saying That Elon said on May 10th 2023 which is About a year ago have you considered Doing your show on this platform maybe Worth a try audiences much bigger and he Was kind of that's a bus man though Right course totally F but what are your Thoughts about this whole well I I I When I saw that CNN Kiron I was like Wait wait I thought it was a joke like Didn't they they just paid him2 million Not to work with him Anymore it wasn't a settlement by the Way remember that was just paying out His contract cont he didn't get any Extra Penny but they let him but they Fired him correct that's right and then They paid the contract they signed out Paid the contract now you bring him back

To talk to him it's kind of like a Show it's just this is one of the Reasons that attitude that arrogance That that cuz the comments he made about Women it was about the older women in Their Prime that's what got him fired It's just unattractive just as a person I think the case got dropped but you Know what type of he was accused Us in 2018 this type of guy that Don Lemon is Do you remember this Tom you get Emotional I'm very Emotional he got dropped but he was at a He was at a bar and multiple people said That they saw and heard this he put his Hand down this is Don Lemon this is Classy Don Lemon allegedly put his hand Down his crotch rubbed it on the Waiter's face and said rubbed his hand On the waiter's face rubbed his hand on The waiter's face and sent some really Choice words people heard it but Apparently somebody must have gone and Talked to this waiter cuz the waiter you Know the waiter said uh I after I took a Deep dive into my memor oh let me let me Say this right ready for this he goes I Took a deep dive into my memory and I Don't really recall it anymore you know What that sounds like somebody went and Paid him to shut the hell up but just Just that arrogance and that attitude of Don Lemon I get like I get why Elon Musk Wouldn't want to work work with him with

Part up you can still be on the platform Right Pat you can still do his thing but You're not going to be getting paid for It but Elon did put that tweet out Saying hey I welcome a lot of people Come I'm not going to pay you Yeah I'm sure uh Don Lemon was okay with That deep dive by that guy right there Uh look this is what you would call two Completely Divergent Stars Divergent Careers intersecting at once Elon Musk Is number one or number two richest man In the world depending on the day Depending on the stock price of Tesla And you have Don Don Lemon who is a Fading star fading newsman who's just Trying to get a name for himself like if You saw the the I didn't see any of the Interview but we did have that clip um In our group chat of Don Lemon sort of Promoting it and he was on uh he was Just like on the street doing his thing And it was the equivalent of like Literally like hey girl you have no idea What elon's homemate like that's Basically what it was you saw that right But on one hand you have Elon Musk who Is literally being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to What wait for it free speech there it is And also his contributions to what they Call knowledge of Earth and space Everything he's doing with SpaceX right Now great so he's he's you know lifted

Off for Elon Musk especially over the Since covid when he became the richest Man in the world and Don Lemon since Co Has been you know going nowhere fast so You know you have Don Lemon trying to Make a name for himself you know isn't It ironic that all these Legacy Media People Don Lemon now going on to X tuer Carlson the Tucker Network you know Biggest star on FOX NOW on X Megan Kelly Where you've done content with pbd she's On YouTube Chris Cuomo coming hanging Out with us total stud of a guy you know And uh you know good to see somebody Else maybe getting some of the hate Comments out there shout out to you Chris comoo but at the end of the day Why why I appreciate Elon Musk he has Said that he's a free speech absolutist And I'm in that camp and as the Supreme Court Justice Lewis Brandy said said 100 Years ago sunlight is the best Disinfectant so that's what x is people Can say what the hell they want to say Yeah Rob can you pull out what I just Sent you here here's the comments that Uh uh uh uh Elon Musk made about the Interview he says lemon is welcome to Monetize on this platform just like Everybody else what we aren't going to Do is bus guarantee minimum payments to Him as he was demanding which would be Going Beyond everyone else unfortunately All lemon wants to do is rehash the

Dying CNN model but on social media Which will do even worse here than it Did on cable TV by the way he also on One of the recent post most recent thing He commented on which was like an hour Ago uh Ian miles Chong post something 12 Hours ago and uh musk responded 6 hours Ago saying Zucker wrote the questions Jeff Zucker wrote the questions serious He's saying this obviously that's what That's what El mus is talking about but Let me let me let me kind of go through This Here on how this thing works so you know Yesterday I had a second Quest Conversation with uh uh uh Ryan Garcia We had a we had an extensive Conversation together and I everybody at This point knows I want to see this guy Make better decisions okay and I'm not Going to talk about the details of the Conversation because I gave him feedback And I sold him a vision and a painting a Picture of what this could look like if We stay focused and he was excited about It and he even commented on it yesterday In one of the ESPN interviews but I I I Told him something that I said he has to Be very aware of I said listen there Sometimes in life the the relationships That you want to build you have to ask Yourself what do I want from this Relationship I've dated girls where the Relationship was like I have no idea for

Us to be no desire for us to be an item I have no desire for us to hang out We're not going to hold hands in public We're not going to weddings together We're not going to events together but Oh my gosh we have a lot of fun together And that's it are you good with that I Am cool that's the expectation it is Okay here's what doing with this Business relationship I'm really only Hiring you for 18 months because I need You to clean up technology da da da da Da you good awesome great hey we're only Doing this with this hey I'm only going 20 years hey I'm going till the day I Die right everything is about managing Expectations upfront and you have to ask Yourself what kind of a relationship you Want with this person very simple so the Relationship that Dan is wanting to have With musk it starts off with hey would Love to be under great then you after Musk tries to give you a contract you do An interview to do a gotcha interview There's a difference between a gotcha Interview to make your CNN friends happy And be like oh you see what I told him I Asked them I asked him did you see that Did you see that I ask your questions Jeff versus your loyalty to freedom of Speech your loyalty to freedom of speech Is totally fine and by the way you have The right to ask those questions Elon Musk is a grown man he knows when he

Gives you the right to come and Interview him he doesn't know 100% what Questions you're asking him Elon is not The type of guy at least I don't see him Being the type of guy that says hey send Me the questions you're going to be Asking him I don't see that being Elon Elon's like ask me whatever you want and By the end of guess what Elon did I'm Just not interested in this relationship We're moving on do whatever you want to Do contract is done we're out of here Right and then he goes on CNN and highlights to make CNN so proud Yeah of what he did to validate all the Criticism that CNN was given musk to be In alignment with CNN not necessarily Freedom of speech then that's where you Are so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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