“GPT Is Going To Be A Trillion Dollar Company!” – Reaction To Microsoft Investing $10B In ChatGPT

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana react to Microsoft investing $10B in ChatGBT.

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So Microsoft reportedly plans to invest 10 billion dollars a creator of a buzzy AI tool chat gbt this is an NBC NBC news Story Um a uh startup behind the popular AI Tool Chad gbt as part of a funding Ground that would value open AI 29 Billion dollars according to report the Deal would give Microsoft a 75 share of Open AI profits until it recoups its Investment after which the company would Assume a 49 stake on in open air damn Like 49 the reports states that the deal Has not been finalized yet and that the Plan was to close the deal by the end of 2022 open AI gbt is natural language Processing model which can generate next That appears to be written by a human it Is widely used to be developing code and Writing essays this spent on chat gbt May help Microsoft in its web search Efforts Tom Microsoft is a genius Um and you you look back Once Upon a Time Apple was struggling and Steve Jobs Calls Bill Gates and says listen Apple's Going to go bankrupt but we need your Help uh we need and Gates came up with a 150 million dollars and it was on the Cover Time Magazine Steve Jobs on the Phone that says thank you Bill the world Is a better place because apple and Microsoft can coexist Microsoft sold That a couple years later for 550 Million dollars had they held that until

Apple Peak last February you know if That would have been worth 122 billion dollars if they would have Held it if they would have held it yeah And by the way they thought they had Made Bank hey we gave Apple 150 we just Got 550 back half a billion Wahoo Microsoft is really smart about this Stuff and you notice they're holding it At 49 and by the way they've already Invested a billion in this they know What they're doing Um and they're on top of it and they're Going to make money on this remember do You remember something called Encarta It's funny do you know what that is in Carta and Carter was a CD it's like a Little DVD CD and it was an unbelievable Dictionary it was like four times the Content of the set of world book Encyclopedias if anybody remembers what Those were and That was what Microsoft believed was There it is 1995 was going was an information Resource for your computer and remember Microsoft said you know this internet Thing is probably going to come and go Because they saw it like prodigy or AOL So they were wrong about that since that Moment Microsoft has not been wrong These guys are going to make money on This and this is a really smart move and You go back and look at what they did

With apple they're a king maker they Think open AI has what it takes to be a Trillion dollar company I mean another trillion dollar company Do you think it has a shot of being a Trillion dollar company in 10 years Absolutely okay so that's a half a Billion dollar valuation added to Microsoft yeah at least well I mean 449 Is is you're talking about you mean half A trillion half a trillion what did I Say and you said half half a billion Half a billion is nothing it's a half a Trillion dollars yeah this is another 500 not a trillion dollars yeah 500 Billion dollars added to valuation Gotcha yeah that's another half a Billion on the Microsoft stock price I Am surprised others are not going in This every once in a while you get some Kind of a company that comes along like This that you can you're seeing the Results of what it's capable of doing We're not talking about FTX you know We're talking about you can sit there You know what the biggest complaint is Yesterday I posted a video about what is Chad gbt and who's behind it you know What's the most common tweet I got back From people here's the most common Response stop talking about Chad gbt I Use it daily and every time you guys Talk about it the website [Laughter]

Okay I want to watch that because here's The question I have yeah generally Sometimes it's better to ask questions I Mean I don't know much about this why Are people using it because my Assumption at least initially is hey I'm A 20 year old college kid time to write That essay uh thanks chat gbt so why why Are people using like what are they Using it for I'm not doubting why Someone would use it Adam what are the Reasons they're using ready for this Then this is off school right right now I could say go on it right now yeah Right you can say this I need a I need a Sketch shot Friday I need some ideas I Just put in their little search thing Come up with 50 sketch ideas Is at capacity right now we can't even Get in that's how many people are trying To get off yeah that's how many college Kids are trying to get through essays He's talking it's basically doing all The work for you so you don't have to It's basically it's the robot is doing All the work and I mean then you could Take it's it's I don't know bro so so Writing papers So for example I'll give you I'll give You I'll give you an idea so let's just Say you're about to interview uh Elon Musk or you're about to interact about That it's coming up you're about to Interview whoever let's just say you're

Interviewing somebody you're looking Forward to you say uh give me 10 Questions no one no one's ever asked Elon Musk in an interview it'll give you More questions And make it original too okay hey give Me it can now write code oh my God it Can write code it can make rap songs it Can make real it can make I mean it's The capability and by the way this is 1.0 yeah this is not 2.0 3.0 5.0 not at All this is 1.0 go ahead Tom I'll ask one quick question The usage of this thing is so spread Wide it is like the internet for AI if You think of it that way it's that big When do you think they will have on a Trailing one month 12 month basis a Billion dollars in Revenue And I'll and I'll help you out your Answer will be in in months wow how many Months until they will have a trailing Billion dollars six months what are the Revenue sources is it advertising Because is this open to the public how Do they make money usage is the answer The answer is 17 months before the end Of 2024 they will be running a billion Dollar Revenue company not valuation Because a VC thought oh I'll give you Your unicorn valuation Revenue okay and Gbt4 there there we go Gpt4 there it is is is coming and that's Just going to accelerate it further and

GPT by the way Theo is putting a billion Dollars on here the planetary guys are They public yet huh palantir guys Palantir yeah sorry sorry how are they Driving revenue is it all oh it's going To be 7.99 a week I believe it's going To be seven can you look to see how much It's going to be perfect you have to pay For to use it it's a plug-in license That's basically the the way it works Plug into what whatever you want what Are you plugging into you can plug it Into A term paper website and so you and I Run a term paper website people can go And build term paper we pay a plug-in Licensing fee every time it's used and We there's a subscription model built Into it correct and but is that how They're going to make the majority of Their of their revenue or is it going to Be spot like sponsors advertising that Kind of stuff ad Revenue I I think it's D all of the above and because like Right now Adam you could go in and it'll Print something that's only like two or Three pages for you or like a page you Have to pay to get the November November wow it launched at in Six it's the fastest ever to get to a Million users how do you think Rob got All this you think Rob did this yeah Rob Didn't do that Rob didn't even do it by The way by the way give me a podcast out

Here's what people don't even know this Is why Greg gut Fields beating Everything that's it that's who's right Monologue writers you just figured it Out so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here Foreign [Music]

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