Grant Cardone On Why Women SHOULD Be Gold Diggers

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Somebody asked Elena the other night are You a gold digger like what you digging For dude what's wrong with that why has That become a bad thing I've been I'm Digging for gold every freaking day of My life why wouldn't you go dig for gold If I was going out with a guy Brittany I'd say hey let me see your financials Buddy okay I ain't going out with a Goddess broke I'm not going out with a Guy that can't freaking bank money can't Pay his credit cards how's he going to Take care of your kids if he can't Freaking Bank so I would change the Places you go I'd start going to the Country clubs the charity events dude I'd be freaking digging gold there's Nothing wrong with a woman because look Land in a goddess that's a great tip by The way Landon I got his roots one thing Okay staying with him and creating the Life he wants that's a different deal I Mean I'm not saying you would dig for Gold just go for the money and not find Somebody you love you want the whole Deal that's wealthy you want the whole Package but why would I go freaking just Take leftovers

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