“He Didn’t Want To Tame Us!” – Shaq On His Relationship With Phil Jackson

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Did Phil ever bring you guys in and say You guys have big eagles but I got a Bigger ego than you did he ever do Anything like that you never said Anything because you know he didn't he Didn't want to tame us you got one guy Averaging 30 32 he got another guy Averaging 29 you got two guys chasing Each other you don't want to tame you he Didn't want to tame us they're on the Same team When you and Kobe did the interview Kobe Said you know how Phil would go on Interviews and make comments to get Under our skins and it would piss us off And we would fight each other and then Eventually we would unite the was that Pretty common Whitfield was that his Style all the time he would mess with me And I would mess with Kobe so what was One way he messed with you what is Phil's style of messing with you he was Just you know say something like you're Not ready and I'm like well I can't be Ready if this guy's shooting all the Shots So he would say something to me and I'd Throw it right back Genius work

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