“He Does Not Look Like a Meatball!”- Reaction to DeSantis Getting In to Fighting Shape

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth react to DeSantis Getting in to fighting shape.

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Zoom in on his face he's happy no no no No zoom in on his face forget about the Picture they used or not okay do you Know what I noticed when I see that Picture here's what I notice I see a man who wants to take every Single shot Trump's gonna take at him Away from him he does not look like a Meatball he looks like he's lost 20 Pounds he looks good he looks like he's Got a full-time trainer he looks like He's eating vegetables he looks like his Diet has changed he's gone off of starch She looks like he may even be on some Kind of supplements amino acids some Kind of fat burner he's looking very Very good when that day comes when he Hits the stage he wants every single Thing to be gone let me make my Prediction the moment if president Trump Makes a comment about meatball he's Going to say well let me just give you Some facts here because I know president Trump you're about the truth yeah here's Some facts based on your doctors this is Your height this is your weight oh wow My doctor gave me my height my weight my Body fat here's where I'm at I'm taking Care of my health wow I think it's Important I think he's strategic quickly Planning to show everybody how healthy He freaking is and it's gonna go viral Oh my God I'm telling look at his face Look what he looks like kind of Falls

And he looks amazing he looks younger Than three years ago he looks really Good and one of his hits is gonna be This and uh Mr President my tan is Better than yours you orange I don't Know I mean he's orange I know he's Looking really he looks good but the Point is he's looking really really good If he's you know Camp I know their Camp Follows the content here he's a shout Out to him for taking care of him you See what and you see what's happening Like the campaign is it's it's rolling Out for itself he's such a likable guy His his military his seal his you know You know his wife thank God she's okay Everything the family everything's Coming together he's showing everybody Uh Pat don't mess with the kids leave The kids alone he showed everybody that Florida kicks ass with covet and like This is the place to be and he's not Gonna lock you down I'm telling you Right now bro he's gonna be a hard guy To be do you think he actually is Likable or he's trying to become more Likable because here's here's where I'm Going with this and this like granted This is a New York Times article and They basically gave a book review They're basically saying this is someone With no Charisma or no humor which is I Would tend to agree I've never heard Ron DeSantis make a funny joke I've never

Been like that's the kind of guy I want To get a beer with but I'll tell you What uh I'm okay with a serious President I'm okay with someone with Credibility I'm okay with someone who's Non-nonsense I'm okay with that so my Only question is How much is charisma because of The Seven Elements of what makes a present Wasn't like the deciding factor their Charisma what was that whole that Friendly bet that you had with uh with Our buddy the uh Is one of them so there's no denying That Trump has Charisma Charisma for Days it's just is he as serious as a Candidate as Ron DeSantis is is potentially going to Be but I absolutely think Pat's analysis Is spot on he's trying to take every Single piece of ammunition away oh maybe 20 pounds overweight yeah let me lose 20 Pounds look my best meanwhile Trump's Not getting anything let me tell you The Memoir is a reason why he's going You know it's like oh I know for a fact He's gonna run all this other the reason Why I'm now certain this guy is going to Announce that he's running is because He's lost weight I'm telling you because He understands Optics whoever's on the Inside with his Consultants they're Saying look at John F Kennedy on the Camera how great he looked I there's

Some stuff with the forehead looks good You know there's some things in Florida We are in a very young someone I'm Saying like you know what you do you Know he's looking really good so go Ahead Tom you're gonna say something no I'm looking forward to the campaign and By my the primary candidates are coming Out it's starting to happen because I Think America is ready for the election It's going to be bloody rolling into it Because right now we don't have a President we have elder abuse you know We've got I think some things coming That I think are going to be good and I Think this is a sign of one of the many People that are going to be running and Let's face it DeSantis is running that Are getting revved up for their whether It's your five minutes in the spotlight Nikki Haley because you want to position Yourself for a position Which is I think what's happening there Or you want to make your point on National stage Marianne Williamson or You really want to be part of it and you Want to run Um I I don't I think you hit the nail in The head with the Elder Bruce Gavin Newsom I think there is such a yearning In our country for if you're 75 plus Thank you for your your service thank You for serving the country it's time For the millennial and gen xers to

Really Step Up Now what and that is the Sentences you mean you're you're not I'm Having I I'm starting to like biting More like did you see what he said Yesterday I'm just saying McConnell thank you for your service Left and right peace but I don't know I Don't know if we're ready for somebody That serious because I love like Biden Yesterday he was speaking for the Black History Month he says tell you about the Divine nine and he was like I may be a White boy but I'm not stupid and got a Standing ovation like I'm I'm gonna miss That just goofy old he's like a comedy Guy who can always go back Yes the highlight videos highlight of Look uh every week how many how many Tripping on the stairs videos oh my god With the balloon hits them no no did you See the one in Ukraine where actually Somebody was on the back stairs her First one fell and took out three of the People yeah it was hilarious it's like Yeah so now we have fail videos courtesy Of the president did you see what he Said this is this is yesterday pack he Was speaking in DC about Black History Month about the divine nine let's look At watches I I may be a white boy but I'm not stupid Look at the girl on the right Girl's the best he goes she was throwing Up games she looks like it actually I

Was I was offended by that I think in The middle of Black History Month There's so much to look back on in America let me Um I think when you're pandering for the Crowd like what I think what is that I Think that's wait what is what is that Is that true no yesterday yeah swimming On is this picture real [Laughter] Or no wait you're serious this is real No When is this what happens That is hilarious so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign [Music]

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