“He Is A Sick Puppy!“- Reaction To Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Comments

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Dennis Prager, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick talk about Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic comments.

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Then as as a Jew yourself when you saw What was going on with Kanye and the Things he was saying and then boom Adidas and his marriage and you know Everything you listen to his comments About Hitler on Alex Jones and now he's Been kind of low-key for the last six Weeks which I think is a great idea the Fact whoever he listened to good for him For to kind of taking a break and Apparently Loki he got married to Somebody that no one knows about it was Done on a very low key way now I don't Know if this is true or not it's just What the media is saying how did you how Did you process what he was saying uh About Jews were you upset were you Frustrated were you saying well Partially he's right about this well He's not right about this I can't Believe he said that What feelings did You give when he was saying what he was Saying Well I don't I don't work on feelings uh As much I try to think through Rationally I wrote a book on anti-Semitism I have Fought It All of My Life the book is Called why the Jews And There there's every every population has A percentage of people who hate Jews Uh they they're a whole host of reasons Why

People might hate Jews uh and As I point out in my book and then the Piece I wrote on Kanye West one of my Columns Non-jews need to know something Anti-Semitism destroys societies I'm not Saying it because I'm a Jew I'm saying It because it's true No Society has survived anti-semitism Spain was one of the greatest world Powers than it had the Spanish Inquisition and the Spanish expulsion of The Jews in 1492 and have you heard from Spain in the last 500 years It went downhill the speed with speed of A skier after it kicked out its Jews Germany was was the most vibrant culture In Europe Uh before Hitler Most vibrant in in in the Arts in in Philosophy in science And then they had the Holocaust what do You hear from Germany Volkswagen I mean what what the economy is can People even name a living German Uh it's not to mention what was done to Germany as a result of Hitler being uh In power the Germans the losses in Germany the the rape of German women by Soviet soldiers It it is you're an idiot if you're a Non-jew and you don't fight Anti-semitism I don't even care if people like Jews I

Care if people hate Jews you don't like Jews don't like Jews fine I I doesn't it Doesn't Everybody has a pet group that they may Not like okay the Germans didn't like The polls the polls didn't like the Russians the Russians don't like the Ukrainians everybody dislikes his Neighbor the British didn't like the Irish the Irish didn't like the British It doesn't mean a damn thing and Jokes I used to hear that were called Polish jokes when I went to England the Exact same jokes but it was the Irish The exact same joke that was what was so Funny about it so I don't it's dislike Or don't like and hate they're a very Very big different thing if a man can Say Hitler was a good man He he is a sick poop he's a sick puppy I Mean there's just there's something very Scary about such a human being and by The way If you have to be a Jew to be offended By that if somebody said Stalin was a Good person I would think the person is A sick puppy too and it wasn't Jews who Stalin went after mostly he killed six Million five million ukrainians Deliberately plus 30 million Russians in General But didn't how many Americans died Fighting Hitler isn't that an insult to All the Americans who died in World War

II Oh Hitler oh really so these Americans died in vain if Hitler was a Good guy then your grandparents who died Or fought they uh they died in vain they Fought in vain they got blinded and or Or shell-shocked in vain Uh but people don't have a they they Don't have either courage or a moral Compass to to distinguish between good And bad so you don't like Jews you don't Like juice fine I'm not asking you it's I as I said I'm repeating myself forgive Me I but hating Jews is very bad thing Dennis what's the difference between a Jew saying there are still people who Hate Jews versus a black a person on the Left saying there are still people who Hate blacks yes there are people who Hate plaques that's correct But uh so there were people who hate Every group Therefore what the question is how many What percentage of whites in America Hate blacks it's tiny the percentage is Tight tiny okay uh uh what was it Larry Elder who who you know he could reel off These statistics uh if you woke him up At 3 A.M uh he's he's gifted in that way I'm not gifted in that way to no Statistics by heart but uh he shows how Many whites voted for Obama uh and you Know That what was it the percentage of Whites who voted for Obama was smaller

Than the percentage of whites who voted For some white candidate I don't Remember what it was uh this this is the Least racist multi-ethnic country on the Face of the Earth in the in the history Of the world here's a statistic no kid At Harvard knows Okay at Harvard I'm picking the creme de La Creme and that is that uh ask Ask a Kid at Harvard how many uh how many Slaves how many black slaves were Brought to the United States and the Transatlantic slave trade and then asked Them how many blacks came to the United States voluntarily in the last 50 years The first one is 360 000 the second number is 3 million Are they stupid by the way if America Systemically racist every black who Moves here is an idiot You can't have it both ways and as I Always say any Jews moved to Germany in The 1930s not one Right Because that was systemically racist Blacks moved to the United States Because it's the best country on Earth For a black to live period and they know It only the left that denies it what was The number again 360 and 3 million three Hundred sixty thousand versus three Million that's correct and uh you know I Take a risk with any one of these Numbers because if it's wrong I lose my

Reputation but I've been broadcasting 40 Years and Truth is my number one goal Those are the those are the data And you know where I got the data on the 3 million from William sapphire in the New York Times in the 1980s That's the amazing thing that's where I Got it last thing here a couple minutes So Holocaust you got uh slavery okay we're Not comparing two different tragedies so That's not what we're going to be doing We're not sending units of which is Awards which is this I'm not doing that I Would by the way I believe in Gradations of evil slavery is Despicable And evil but in the final analysis you Could at least live in the final Analysis the Jews were enslaves Jews Would have given their right arm to be Slaves they were exterminated there is a Difference and people need to know that I do make moral distinctions if we don't We lose our Humanity That's not the question I was going to My question wasn't that my question was Going to be why after such a dramatic Event that happened to Jews okay with The intentions of wanting to eliminate Every single Jew on the face of the Planet right right this is what Hitler's Vision was right Why is it years later After a crisis like that what values and

Principles helped Jews pretty much own Hollywood do well in business do well in Life oh I'll tell you I have the answers They didn't see themselves as victims it Is the most paralyzing thing in Black Life what the left is doing to blacks The left hates you blacks just you no They don't hate you they have contempt For you telling you you're a victim is Paralyzing Jews did not walk around Thinking their victims even after the Holoca why not because they knew it is Completely self-destructive how did they Know I don't know it's a great well Maybe because of the Jewish tradition Has always been we take responsibility For our own suffering so why wouldn't The media try to Target the Jews to make Them feel victims how come they didn't Succeed with you the media doesn't have Contempt for Jews it has content why not Why not because the left has contempt For blacks because they use them they Don't use Jews why why can't they use Jews if if they can use anything they Would do it so why can't they use Jews Well Jews Jews are I mean Jews are Disproportionately on the left I mean There's no no way around it so uh in Effect there's no there's no need to to Keep they already have a business yeah In a sense yes I got you I got you Interesting I'm sorry to say so you like This clip and you want to watch another

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