“He Is Bought” – Trump’s Next Criticism Of DeSantis Raising $211 Million

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth talk about Trump vs DeSantis.

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2016 when Trump won what did he have he Had Twitter He had Facebook he had YouTube he had Fox he had CNN he had mainstream he had Everybody everybody wanted to give him The platform because they knew if he was There they're going to get what millions Of eyeballs okay he hasn't tweeted yet His first tweet will be the most liked Tweet ever but he hasn't tweeted yet He's still doing truth social because He's driving to value that company he Can't do that strategy long Facebook is Back Instagram is back he's gonna have To use those things Um if Fox is not platforming him Regularly if he's not going after them And fox quite frankly doesn't care Doesn't act like they care right now who Else does he have because you need Someone from mainstream you need someone From social media you need someone from Business Schwartzman is now saying They're going to support the scientist And he Schwartzman was able that's the Part that he can't yeah he can't you Can't lose those things so by the way I'll give you guys another crazy number Here do you know how much since Trump Announced his uh candidacy he now said In November right when did he announced That he announced that late October that He's running for office when was it when He announced when he's running around

That time correct was it late October in 2022 from the moment he announced that He's running for office he raised 9.6 Million dollars in 2022 alone now to be Fair he didn't campaign at all so it's Not like he was campaigning he just Raised 9.6 million dollars do you know How much Ron raised just running for Governor in 2022 do you guys know the Number 211 million dollars One state Governor That's real money okay say whatever you Want to say this guy's getting two and a Half million dollar checks right now To support him so why do you think that Is though but what the point all I'm Saying to you is you know uh the the art Of raising money is something not a lot Of people can do if your raise a million Raise mayor is what mayor you need like Uh you know depending on the city you Are Congress you know some of the cities in Atlanta Georgia that were fighting the Budgets were like 100 million 50 million Remember that how big it got for some of These cities But if you're racing 210 Jeb Bush had The last name of bush it was a two-term Governor when he ran for president he Raised only 140 for president and his Father's a president his grandfather's I Mean you know his brother's a president His grandfather was Senator Prescott you

Started with 140. bro the Santa's raised 210 0.9 You have to pay attention to this part And people vote with their money every Time you want to know like how we vote The way people go vote at Starbucks Versus uh what do you call it uh Coffee Bean you're voting with your money if You go buy Ford over Chrysler that's a That's a form of a vote that we're Putting in place right so now this Doesn't mean anything if Trump starts Doing his rallies and he starts creating Momentum and he goes on Twitter and he Starts being active on Facebook and Instagram he's capable of raising the Money now some will say what the the Difference is what who needs the money Who doesn't need the money Who doesn't need the money Trump doesn't need the money DeSantis Needs to raise the money so that's the Part where he's like well unlike him I Don't need people's money he's bought That's what Trump's going to say got you Trump's going to come in and say because That's his position he's going to say Well yeah of course he's raised that Kind of money you know who's giving them The money this person that person this Person that person this person he's the Institution he's the establishment he Has to do all these favors for them so You just have to know this is what we're

Going to be hearing the next 12 18 Months then going back and forth and the Votes the the American people are going To make a decision and they're going to Say I'm gonna go this way or that way But I think if you think it's ugly right Now By the way I'm telling you this is less Than one percent of ugly yeah we're not Even at 10 of ugly it's gonna get ugly The moment DeSantis announces he's Running Trump's going to take out his torpedo He's going to take you out of here let's Go guns blazing go ahead I think um Something to consider uh is you talked About establishment is that so we all Remember when Bernie and Hillary in 2016 Was a 2016 and yeah it was 2016. uh and Then Bernie was in the lead and then all Of a sudden The Democratic establishment the NC Basically a DNC was like Bernie thanks For everything but we're going to give It to to Hillary I I don't think that We're giving a lot of uh thought to What's happening behind the closed doors With the Republican establishment Whether it's Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy or all the bigwigs kind of Behind the scenes they are all On team DeSantis no question so when you Talk about establishment politics you Know Trump's Firebrand much credit to

Him was anti-establishment drained the Swamp and that was a great great Marketing tool for him in 2016. but I Think the the the overall temperature of The country is just like Trump Thanks bro but keep it moving and Everybody in the establishment is going To do everything they can from McConnell To McCarthy to Romney all the way down To ensure that even if it's close Meatball round is going to be the uh the The nomination any different thoughts You guys have before we go into a Different story Um just on that they changed the rules On Bernie for debates and stuff because They didn't really the mainstream Democrats and the DNC panicked they Didn't think that the Bernie Elizabeth Warren message was Central enough and They really want to come back to Central And they had Bill Clinton in their ear Yes you know pimping for Hillary if you Can use pimping and Bill Clinton in the Same sentence Um and because that's where he wanted it Right so they said hey you got to be Back on the Senate on the center and Bernie and Elizabeth are too far out There and they changed the rules for Some of the debate or you don't qualify For this debate Bernie what are you Talking about and so there's that that Was rules you just kind of proved my

Point though I don't think you need any rules right Adam on one okay one thing here I don't Think the RNC needs to bend any rules to Put DeSantis at the center of the stage It it's happening because he's getting There under his own power and he's just There Bernie was the outlier candidate And was getting there was too much over There and they wanted the votes to come Back to the center and to Galvanize Their support because they were really Worried about the election and so they Changed rules I don't think the RNC has Changed in any rules uh in this Hannah's Favorite I think they're letting that Role and they're and people are Supporting them and he's raising the Money so from an optic standpoint one Could argue that Trump is more like the Bernie back then and DeSantis is more Like the Hillary Clinton today correct Today there's a lot of establishment Like Fox choosing to ignore him but I'm With Pat we haven't even seen this war Start to start yet we have not seen it Yet and it's coming so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign Foreign

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