“He Never Quits” – Trump’s Net Worth Increased By $3 Billion As Truthg Social Goes Public

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss Donald Trump’s net worth skyrocketing following Truth Social going public on the stock market.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Truth social okay this just happened Guys like literally a day after they're Trying to get this guy to uh go away Truth social merger throws curveball Into presidential race this is a hill Story former president Trump truth Social merger deal adds a financial Twist to the presidential race aiming to Close the fundraising Gap with Biden who Has been significantly outraising Trump's campaign Trump faces Financial Hurdles due to ongoing legal battles Including a looming deadline to post Nearly a half a billion dos for civil Uh civil uh uh trial Bond uh Trump's Leadership pack save America spent Nearly $3 million on legal Consulting Fees January another $5.6 Million last Month but the multi-billion doll merger With digital world acquisition core Where Trump is poised to be the majority Shareholder raises questions about its Potential address Financial strains the Deal could potentially generate ready $3.5 billion for Trump although Regulatory constraints might delay its Impact on Trump's financial position as Major share shareholders are restricted From selling their stock for at least 6 Months Tom how big of a deal is this This is a huge deal this is basically Liquidity uh and this is liquidity net Worth and what I mean by that is you've Got the spack which is going out and by

The way there's nothing special here There's nothing unusual so I can't wait For the pundits to come out and claim One way or another of what's going on But um I'll tell you uh right now Donald Trump's company truth sold bus going out On the stock market it's trading today Under the ticker oh what a surprise djt Um Great Name by the way is that really The ticker I seriously Rob can you check I believe the ticker is dtt I'm 99% sure And uh 100% Vinnie it is look at that DJ 100% let's go here are we trading today It's 9:32 so it should be Market should Be open but the the spa may open a Little bit late well market cap today is 1.86 billion okay and the majority Shareholder yes so basically there's a Lockup agreement what a lockup agreement When something goes new on the stock Market sometimes they ask the major Insiders have to wait a while for the Stock to settle sometimes it's 90 days Sometimes at 6 months there's a Six-month lockup agreement well guess What you can make loans you can get Loans against your stock so uh Donald Trump if if he has say $700 million of Value in this his broker will lend him Up to $350 million so basically he has All the cash he need and by the way in Court his lawyer said that of the 175 Million your honor we have cash on hand Are prepared to wire that has to come

With an affidavit showing that it's There and that was two three days ago so Basically let the libs lose their mind He's got more than enough liquidity he Needs not only for these bonds and the Civil things he's facing but something Called his election fund Tom let me tell You something about what I learned about A lockup period and it's not going to Jail uh remember in 2021 we're in bokeh Crypto was bananas and I invested in our Buddy Adrian crypto fund um good amount Of money you know nice chunk of change Six figures to my best friend and he Started this fund right And crypto blew Up what ended up happening was our Account according to the current Estimate was worth I don't know if you Remember this I do remember $7 Million I go what sell I go sell this right now like now he goes yeah There's a 6mon lock period I'm like Buddy 6 months and 1 minute sell this yeah 6 months later yeah uh it was Worth basically the same amount that I Gave him great as the investment so That's when I had to live in a studio Apartment with v yeah you've been in the Basement but this lockup period Soing what you're saying is who knows What this is going to be worth there's a Big difference the difference is over The next 6 months let's see exactly what

Six months is okay let's take 6 months From March 25th what is 6 months from March 25th September 25th what's September 25th the peak of election and Interest in wanting to know what the Hell is going on and this man is still Not tweeting which means everybody's Going to go to truth social and Truth is Going to be quoted by everybody when They say president Trump just commented This on Truth social truth social President Trump on Truth social truth Social truth social truth social they're Going to hear it so many times so the Valuation of it's going to go higher Because traffic going to it and the Level of interest is going to be higher Where truth is going to decrease is After the election but between now and 6 Months it is not going to be going Anywhere they just have to find a way to Get the right kind of traffic and Sponsorship and money coming in and We'll see how the Market's going to React to the valuation of it Tom I Exactly right I mean between now and the Uh six months and by the way what Adam Was describing Adam you would have been Categorized as an Insider so if you had Sold at that time the reason that the Lockup laws exist is so that an Insider Like you doesn't sell in pops up and you Sell out and leave the retail investors Everybody else that came along hey maybe

I'll take a chance on this maybe Vinnie And I will put $5,000 each in this and Then all of a sudden we see the Insiders Are gone and the stock drops that's what The lockup period does it protects the Retail investors we hope from insiders Just throwing all their stuff out there Which will also drop the price now for For Donald Trump right now this is Normal he's going to get a credit line From a large bank and the banks will be Happy to give it to him at the interest Rates he'll give it to him just like he Gets loans for other things they Probably won't want their name in The Press but he's going to have everything He needs to go forward and this is uh Once again he has what he needs to do What he wants to do very much like that Clip never quit sometimes you go around The wall sometimes you go under it some You under it and sometimes you open a New company and sometimes you build it Tom and sometimes you build it you build It they can't stop him they could just Slow him down bro I'm so happy that and Well randomly look how God works all of A sudden 6 point some billion dollars Good Good and then you know I got to give Biden credit don't ever say that again On this freaking podcast all right relax Extremist um he actually came up with a Great

Nickname for Trump trump you know Little Marco you know sleepy Jil all that yeah Biden called him broke down pretty cool All right that's a good nickname to go With if you're actually owing $500 Million but when your net worth doubles After truth social goes public now You're rich let let me tell you let me Tell you the more I more I was thinking About the strategy here on what it would Be it's purely to put him in a corner Like go to the dark strategy okay Darkest think about your opponent is the Darkest most envious human beings of all Time cuz that's what it is in politics You're dealing with the darkest why is That Because see in in the world of business There is numbers and there's leaders Bulletin meaning how many customers did You sell Starbucks this many how much Profit did you bring this much how many Employees do you have this much what was Your Topline Revenue this much okay Based on that you're worth $4 billion Good for you how many employees does Starbucks have can you pull up a Rob I Think they have 240,000 employees Worldwide wow it's can you it's either 240 or 420 it's one of those two show uh Uh uh Starbucks total employees right uh Uh what is the number 240 okay it's now 39 to 200 which 2 company over compared To 248 okay so they've gone up so

They're at 391,000 employees worldwide Who gets credit for that founder Howard SCH it's hard to do guess what it's real Data the reason why he has 391,000 Employees is because he has more money Coming in that he can employ those types Of people all right in the world of Business Founders start a business super Hard guy today on man is asking me a Question he's he's talking about well my Dad doesn't listen to me and I'm really Trying to get my dad to listen and I Know he started the said so let me put It to you this way there's a between Being a founder and there's a difference Between being a CEO a Founder goes Through different kind of pains that a CEO goes through your father sacrificed Everything to make this business work Right okay now going to politics Politicians are filled with envious People why is that because in politics If they made it in business they would Have been easily validated as somebody That's super successful right it's Validated capitalism validates you very Simple and it comes with hate well the Way he made his money wasn't fair it was His dad's money he made the money Through and then they're going to say Everything and anything the fact that You made your money it's always going to Be the case right however why would they Want to do this go to the darkest

Opponents you'll ever face maybe because They want to deplete his savings so then He has to ask money from some friends in New York that are billionaires and then They can come back and say he has joined The swamp he is now owing all these People favors Trump is now own he's Officially a swamp guy he officially has To do everything they tell him to do so That whole brand that I'm doing Everything with my own money for the Campaign that brand goes away once that Goes away now it's equal opportunity You're one of us guess what guy welcome To the swamp you are now part of the Swamp and there is no way they're happy About what happened with truth social Now they're probably sitting around on Different conference calls and zooms Trying to figure out a way to destroy Truth social wait till you see a whole Different angle now that's going to be Coming up what they do with trth social Stay tuned over the next 3 to six months There may be a whole different kind of a Witch Hunt Cyber attack something Happening with trth social because That's going to be their next strategy To do that again allegedly this could Possibly happen for those of you guys That watch the podcast regularly and Maybe you have hot tea like me with Honey or you drink your coffee to the Coffee Community I'll most likely join

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