“He Was Falsely Accused of Sex Crimes!” – RFK Jr. Will Pardon Julian Assange and Snowden

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tim Pool, Vincent Oshana and Adam Sosnick talk about RFK wanting to pardon Julian Assange and Snowden.

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RFK Jr vows to pardon Snowden Assange And other whistleblowers if affected if Elected RFK Democratic presidential Candidate vowed to Pardon Julian Assange Snowden and other whistleblowers if he's Elected as president uh the America I Love doesn't imprison imprison Dissidents Kennedy believes that the U.S Actively persecutes journalists and Whistleblowers and he intends to Investigate the corruption and crimes They expose Wikileaks gained widespread Attention 2010 after publishing a series Of leagues provided by U.S Army Intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning Revealing previously unreported Incidents involving the U.S military Killing civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars which led to criminal Investigations against the organizations And Julian Assange what are your Thoughts on what rfk's saying here Donald Trump Jr called into my show and Said we have to Pardon Assange and Snowden at this point they've you know We we know and it's a simple version of It that is probably one of the most Important things for me in terms of who I'm going to vote for if you put all the Presidential candidates up candidates Age and they all say we will not pardon Assange and RFK says he will on voting For him Is an active assassination Julian

Assange is a journalist he was falsely Accused of of uh sex crimes which were It's fabricated garbage and nonsense They've since been dropped they use it As a pretext to stop him from doing the Work that he was doing because he was Exposing corruption he was running a Journalistic organization that received Leaks and then published them the same As any other newspaper they forced him To be into the Ecuadorian Embassy for a Decade where he's been slowly dying and They tried destroying his name it is Such an egregious action of evil that uh It's one of the most important issues to Me in terms of what someone can do not a Lot of people have said Tim do a Fundraiser for him and I'm like there's Only so much I can do in terms of the One issue of Julian Assange but uh his Pardon is absolute and as far as I'm Concerned Snowden Snowden flip a coin For me he should probably be pardoned But uh it's not the same Edward Snowden Is not a whistleblower he's a leaker he Grabbed a collection of documents and he Released them to the Press without Knowing what they were very very Different from blowing the whistle Julian Assange is not a whistleblower or A leaker he's a journalist who received In information and then published it and So they literally destroyed everything That made him who he was evil to an

Insane degree and it's crazy Tim how They always use the sexual assault thing With like with him with Andrew Tate with Brett Kavanaugh's always like oh you did Something to a woman and nobody even That's it there's you're finished well They're smart right you go you go back In time you take a look at uh Martin Luther King Jr you take a look at JFK And whatever you think about him they've Become immortal their ideas of their Words they have they they they can never Be stopped I think the Deep State Understood that uh whether they were Involved or not after watching that Happen saying hey you know if you kill Somebody you're gonna make him a hero What do you got to do you gotta Character assassinate and destroy their Legs so the first thing you do is you go For the most reprehensible because in The United States sex crimes are Considered particularly heinous Well there you go Julian Assange is Falsely accused of rape the media then Lies in locks up with each other he's Then detained for questioning he says if I stay here they're going to extradite Me to the United States so he fleets the Ecuadorian Embassy lo and behold to Under Donald Trump it's Donald Trump who Did this and he was wrong to do it they Are trying to extradite Julian Assange And so is the Biden Administration now I

Asked Trump Jr will your dad pardon Julian Assange and he says or should we Something that effect he said yes we Have to do it at this point we know About the corruption I believe him when Donald Trump said that the biggest Threat we face is not China it's it's The Deep State it's the bureaucratic It's the it's the intelligence agency That lied to the American people you've Got this this letter that came out Joe Biden Anthony blinken were effectively Uh Mike Morrell that they told the press That the intelligence agency said that Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinfo Total fabrication the intelligence Agency's former colluded to mislead the American public these people are evil They want power they will get it at Whatever cost they lied about Trump Every step of the way when Trump Jr says We're going to Pardon these guys this is What I like about a trump second term The Revenge I believe it and I'm not Saying he's gonna like go and just be Recklessly destroying things I think He's going to go in he's going to pull Up his tie and he's going to be like Pardon for that guy a pardon for that Guy and you're fired and you're fighting You're fired I'll take what I can get But I feel it I believe it I could be Wrong I've been I was I've been wrong Many many times when it comes to

Politicians but my worst case scenario Is if Trump gets elected the world's not Going to end I think the worst case Scenario is He built a wall he puts more fencing Up On the Border he brings car factories to Michigan I'm like you look at what he Did in his first term and I'm like okay Is that the worst case scenario like Under Biden we're looking at nuclear war You know you know what I like about What's going on here's one thing I like Uh is the fact that Trump or DeSantis at This point Trump's got a 40 point lead 35 point lead whatever the number is These there's a couple guys that are Bringing up topics that's resonating With voters that I think is going to be A great case to pay attention to to run On for 2024 vivec being one of them I Would be watching exactly uh I'd have my Guys pull up a report on the top 20 Messages vivec has given and what's Resonating the most and I would bring Him in because I think he's making very Good case on woke on ESG on Dei that Messaging is resonating there's an Audience for that I think rfk's talking About certain things that you you can Watch and see how the audience is Reacting for that as well that can help Out for the 2024 election I think these Two guys are very important so if you Like this clip and you want to watch

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