‘He’ll Get Dirty With You!’ – Andrew Schulz On Trump & DeSantis Rivalry

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Andrew Schulz, Vincent Oshana & Adam Sosnick discuss Kanye West defending Hitler.

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The level of relentlessness this guy's Got there is nobody at his level in Politics Just nobody at his level he's Intimidating he'll get dirty with you He'll talk trash to you he'll tell you What nobody else is wanting to tell you He'll he'll entertain he'll talk he'll Can go for hours talking on stage Without a uh what do you call a Teleprompter all these other guys are Teleprompter driven they need script Writers this guy doesn't you know when You're saying how he did a special and He got up and he started first talking To the crowd good luck where's the Teleprompter half the guys need somebody To write the script they need a writer For them comedian this guy's getting up There saying you know I've seen him in a Private event multiple times at Mar-A-Lago with the thing off And I tell you you know George two hours You're laughing thirty percent of the Time forty percent of the time you're Literally in tears laughing I love it You're like this you could have been a Comedian this year 100 and he just goes No teleprompter oh my God who can do That today honestly can the scientists Do that no no he can't do that can Newsome do that no can Biden do it for Half a second no no can Kamala do it can Peach do it can Rubio do it can Cruz do

It none of these guys have that ability To get up and light it up and 50 000 People show up so as much as it's very Easy for people to say Let it Loose you Know no way in the world all this other Stuff you have to deal with Trump period So if he doesn't run as a republican Runs as an independent if I'm if I'm a Like right now DeSantis is playing the Card of just staying quiet not saying Anything back not talking not Retaliating not rebuttling nothing's Been said yet but he has announced that His autobiography is coming out for the Scientists anytime you have an Autobiography like when yours comes up We know you're running for office just So you know is that true yeah yeah you And your autobiography what if he's like I'm actually in the middle of right now You said that you know you know you know What it is going to be here's a perfect Title for your book and I'm telling you I think the moment I say it the moment I Said you're gonna say that's the title You ready circumcised Foreign [Laughter] A little Heat To to what to want to get in there and Go by the way he wants in he wants it do You think he does you think he really Wanted something there's there's two Things that never lies man did you just

Never look at the guy's eyes yeah eyes Never Lie yeah this guy wants it like You have no clue he wants that fight he Doesn't want it to be easy he wants to Go up against a guy like that as Brilliant as he is as strategic as he is He wants that oh you think he wants oh I Think he wants that fight he is a Soldier boy he's a soldier I think you Know like a you know how boxers get Criticized for not wanting to fight the Other opponent yeah that they were at The he wants to beat Trump At his best like he wants him he wants To now that's my opinion I may be fully Off and I may be like because if I think Who he is I don't think he wants to be a Guy to become a president easily like He's like well let me tell you how we Did it we got rid of him we got rid of Him oh here's the sentence what a lame Story you kidding me Trump's story like Looking what just happened yesterday We're upstairs I'm in a business meeting One Colombian Sam runs in a Guatemalan Mario runs in we're like oh Mexico won Their advancing no they're not because Argentina won 2-0 Mexico was supposed to Win 2-0 yeah two minutes left stoppage Time you know Saudi Arabia scores a goal Mexico's out and I'm like are you Kidding me by the Mexicans are now Watching World Cup they're done Immediately forget about the coach got

Fired that thing was that that comeback Of what just happened there that's a That's a tough loss right oh my God Think about the most incredible losses Like how the Red Sox came out and beat The Yankees that's a pain you look at How you know Atlanta lost to Brady oh my 28 to three you think about you know all These games dude nothing comes close With what Trump did to Hillary that Night like it's 3 30 in the morning you Just enjoyed watching these people cry Yeah I did just freaking entertained bro So I I think if this guy wants to truly Be a heavyweight and he wants to be like A reagan-esque type of a guy he's got to Take out Trump and how The how he's got the right people that Are sharing Insight on how to do it This guy is uh he's he he's he's not Gonna have a hard time doing it in his Eyes he's not gonna have a hard time Doing it however Um so I'll give you some strategies in My opinion and then you know it is what It is so look at for example okay You walk into a room you're negotiating With an enemy Okay and you know this guy's an He doesn't like you he's bigger than you And he's been bullying you and he's Constantly talking to you When you walk into this meeting you have A few different options option number

One be diplomatic yeah and you go in and You say hey John how are you everything Good hey thank you for making the time It's great to be here with you okay now To him you're kissing his ass all right It's fake number two you show up eight Minutes late Okay big dick yeah and then you're like Oh hey what's up hey could you do me a Favor can you tell them we got to leave In 20 minutes I okay so what's up tell Me I know you want to figure this thing Out obviously we have some issues here What do you want to do I'm not convinced You want to do anything here with us so Go ahead I'm all yours go ahead you can Take that route He can't come in be like hey you know he Has to send handlers to have those types Of conversation both of them are having Their handlers talk to each other But you eventually have to face off Against the guy privately and have the Conversation and He's not going to take the Mark Rubio Route if he does he'll get destroyed if He takes the Ted Cruz Rod he's going to Get destroyed what are those Mark Rubio Route was the route where He's uh uh uh starts off you know being Very diplomatic and then all of a sudden He tries to you know play the game of Trump to talk You're not in this league bro yeah and

Then everybody's like dude it's not your Game bro don't play this game like you Know Sports on your shooter you try to Play in the inside again that's not your Game yeah keep shooting the threes That's your game Golden State play that Game This guy has to come out guns blazing And setting his argument and letting Everybody know uh but at the same time Given the message in a way knowing he's Still gonna need the mega voters to Support him to win office yeah yeah so It is a very Massaging you know like you have to Maneuver you have to push you have to Bully it you have to respect he he's got His work cut out for him but if there's A guy that could pull it off it's him so With all the craziness taking place I Believe future looks bright if you Believe future looks bright get your Latest Future looks bright hat of Valuetainment it says future looks Bright here future looks bright here we Got him in white we got them in Black we Got them in red or black on black sold Out these are about to sell out if you Haven't ordered one yet we had a person In Michigan but one then he bought three Then when those three people wore it in The office they had to order 58 of them Because people wanted the future looks Bright hat especially during times like

This because ain't nobody saying future Looks bad toward your future looks Bright hat click over here and to watch The entire podcast click here take care Everybody [Music]

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