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As a writer, being able to express oneself is a necessary skill. However, writing about something as controversial as politics can be a delicate task. Recently, Donald Trump made an appearance at CNN’s Town Hall event and the internet was buzzing with reactions. As an observer of the political arena, I couldn’t help but form my own opinion on the matter. In this blog post, I will share my thoughts and reactions to Trump’s appearance and the impact it has on the political landscape.


Donald Trump’s appearance at CNN’s town hall generated a buzz, as always. He was accused of spreading lies and conspiracy theories during the event. CNN’s decision to host the town hall received a flurry of criticism by certain media personalities such as Patrick Bet-David, George Gammon, Ran Neuner, Tom Ellsworth, and Adam Sosnick. Chris Licht, CNN’s executive producer, defended the town hall and Caitlin Collins, stating that they obtained Trump’s answers and made significant news, and that Collins exemplified what it means to be a world-class journalist. Licht’s mandate was to bring CNN back to a more balanced credibility with the viewer and get some viewers back. The article will analyze the reactions to Trump’s appearance at the town hall and CNN’s coverage, exploring both sides of the argument.

What Are the Reactions to Trump’s Appearance at CNN’s Town Hall?

The media space is all about getting eyeballs. CNN and Trump were the big winners on the night of the debate. The problem with CNN is that there’s momentum inside the organization, and Licht tried to push them back up. However, some viewers feel that the town hall was biased against Trump; they believe CNN should not have hosted the event.

On the other hand, some people appreciated Trump’s presence on the show. They hailed Caitlin Collins’s questions and noted that Trump responded politely to her queries. Also, they believe CNN’s coverage presents an unbiased view of Trump and showcases events he attends. The debate concerning CNN’s coverage and Trump’s appearance has caused a stir in the media space.

Why Was CNN’s Decision to Host the Town Hall Widely Criticized?

Many people questioned CNN’s decision to host Trump’s town hall. They alleged that the network was focusing too much on Trump, and his incessant claims and lies took up too much airtime. Some viewers felt that CNN was providing Trump a public platform to repeat falsehoods without any hard questions. Critics asserted that CNN needed to go beyond just highlighting with candor what the president says. It should also fact-check and contextualize his claims.

Chris Licht, however, reacted favorably to these complaints. He pointed out that CNN hosted the town hall to provide its viewers with transparent and credible news as they approach the elections. Licht maintained that the town hall enabled CNN to ask Trump tough questions while obtaining his answers without any hindrance.

Was CNN’s Coverage of the Town Hall Balanced?

CNN and Chris Licht faced a fury of criticism concerning their coverage. A CNN staffer expressed their disbelief in anyone thinking that the town hall was an excellent idea.

Licht’s goal was to bring CNN back to a more balanced credibility with viewers and get some viewers back. However, many viewers thought that CNN did not do enough to challenge Trump’s baseless claims and outright lies.

On the other hand, some viewers thought that Collins’s questions were challenging enough. They believed that she asked Trump many uncomfortable questions and that her approach exemplified what it means to be a world-class journalist in a time when impartiality is increasingly rare.

Should the Town Hall Have Been Hosted?

The debate around whether or not Trump’s town hall should have been hosted remains a contentious issue. Some people believe that CNN should not have given Trump a platform to air his views since his claims are often baseless and misleading. They argue that CNN’s coverage would act as an enabler, enabling Trump to continue propagating his lies.

However, those who support CNN’s coverage argue that without it, many Americans may not recognize or confront the fact that their president is openly and deliberately lying to them. They contend that it is essential to provide a balanced view of events, and this town hall served that function.


The town hall with Trump has divided opinions considerably in the media. There have been claims that the town hall lacked the required journalistic rigor, with some critics accusing CNN of providing Trump with a public plinth for his baseless theories. However, some viewers appreciated Trump’s appearance, and they believed Caitlin Collins did an exceptional job in questioning him. In any case, the purpose of the town hall was to provide CNN’s viewers with transparent and unbiased news coverage as they approach the election day.

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