“He’s a Danger!” – Reaction To Potential Trump Arrest

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Sam Seder, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Donald Trump’s potential arrest.

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So what are your thoughts about what's Going on right now with him you know the New York Getting him to get arrested and all These deep fakes have come out if he can Show some of the pictures Rob on the Deep fakes that uh they're showing you Know I mean you got to give them credit For what they're doing go to the next One you know you got more here and then Keep going he would never run like that By the way there's no chance he's Running that's not happening they look Younger keep going yeah I mean but um This is right now and my cousin Ryan was Just at one of these conventions AI producers is that Trump is a cop by The way No Milani is really pissed off yes it is True But I didn't even notice I can't go here Yeah here Melania you're under arrest But uh my cousin just went to a Convention where he's with all these AI Programmers and stuff and they're like Yeah we're having problems just you know With the fingers and stuff but can you Imagine this is just random in five Years the propaganda machine just can be Insane like Sam I have a video of you And it's true prove to me that you Weren't here stabbing or robbing or Running anything it's going to be a Disaster yeah I agree totally oh my God

Sam and just the just the the trying to Approve yourself is like you weren't Your innocence is going to be insane and I'm not going to be really nuts oh God I Think it's going to be bad both ways by The way that 100 you know what I mean Both ways what do you mean I I mean the Other side guys are going to be like nah That's not me that's a deep fake yeah I Think it's gonna be oh yeah both used Against you in and out where the lawyer Is going to come in and they're going to Say yeah that's not really him that's a Defense that's what is known as the Shaggy approach the it wasn't me it Wasn't there you go So so okay so this whole thing are they You know the conversation from the left Or the right or people in the middle who Really are like I don't know what's Going on they're right they're targeting Them because they want to eliminate a Competition and they've been trying to Do it so many different times the left No this guy did break the lawn let's go Get him arrested because he is this he Is that where do you where are you at With this scenario I you know I a uh I've always sort of like looked at Criminal cases you know even from like Even before I got into this and and sort Of felt like I I let Jerry's decide I Mean it's not unprecedented that Somebody would like John Edwards went

Through something very similar to this Um in his race he I think was ultimately Acquitted but I don't know how the Details are different but I mean look This one You know as far as like am I offended That he paid hush money to uh you know Someone he was having an affair with or Something like that I mean you shouldn't You shouldn't lie on your business forms Right I mean you know that I mean it's It's illegal if you do that if they're Prosecuting them the they're the Prosecuting if a grand jury indict some Grand jury indicts him I don't think That he should get off because he's a Former president Um I think the one in Georgia is Probably a lot more serious in terms of An offense towards our democracy uh and We'll see what happens with that I mean So Um does it help him does it hurt him you Know some people say Elon Musk is like He's going to be there this is pretty Much going to guarantee him winning the Election where are you at with that with What's going to happen I think it Probably helps him in the the Republican Primary Um I uh I I don't I think he was going To win the public you know I think he's Going to win the Republican primary Um I think in the general election it

Remains to be seen you know there's There's so many factors I I had Predicted very early on that he would Probably win the Republican primary in 2016. I was not I did not protect Correct predict correctly in the general Election I can tell you that but um uh Yeah I mean look he has a very solid Base of support and Um I think the my experience of the Conservative movement and the Conservative mind is that uh a Grievement is a big motivating factor Um the there is always like some Argument of you know Uh you know uh I I I have to use other Pronouns it's an imposition on me or Um the whatever it is the gays marriage Is an imposition on me or Muslims are an Imposition on me or whatever it is is an Imposition on me that aggrievement Drives it and this is why I think he Knows there there is some value to get Out of it at least he's using it for Fundraising I don't think he wants to be Indicted I don't think that's a pleasant Thing you got to expend money on lawyers And stuff like that Um but my guess is it would probably Help him I mean DeSantis in this morning Console poll I saw I guess yesterday Maybe the day before he said his lowest Ebb He went up and then he went back down I

Think the more he goes around people Don't like him that much and I think I'm Not terribly surprised by that I feel Like you could see that with like Giuliani and Scott Walker these were People who were very popular in their Own Uh area or at least there was a Perception they were very popular and Then nationally they just fizzled out I Mean I don't think DeSantis is I don't Think there's really a lot of evidence That DeSantis is as popular as you know Coming out of Florida you'd probably Know better being here but Um you know I look at his vote tallies In the last election he was running Against a horrible candidate who's lost In every single party that exists yeah Charlie Chris is one of the worst Candidates in the world I don't know why They bring this guy out and DeSantis you Know basically performed in the same way That Marco Rubio did Um there's no way better than Ruby no Rubio won by like 1.3 million votes 1.4 Million and I think DeSantis one by 1.5 1.6 I mean Charlie Chris is a horrible Candidate I mean I mean just horrible And the Democratic party in Florida is Really really weak I mean it's not doing A very good job as an institution Um and so I don't know that the uh I I

Think that there's Um you know but we'll see I mean I I think it'll I think it may help him May hurt him I mean it's going to hurt Him if he's in jail Do you think it'll get there anything It'll get there it's hard for me to Imagine yeah but I you know I don't know What like you know the people are saying Like Biden should step in we the same People who complain that Biden some type Of dictator want him to step in and tell A district attorney in Manhattan don't Don't prostrate that who's who's saying That who's saying for him to step in Yeah oh God I mean you see it all over The place I saw Tucker Carlson at the Very least I know you know was Articulating it two nights ago Biden Should step in and what pardon him I Don't know yeah what is the president Supposed to do but about a charge in New York yeah there it is yeah begs Biden to Stop indictment for the sake like how Does he do that yeah Yeah yeah in a big way I think I think It's more you know what is happening is It's the same thing with Tate right a Guy takes Andrew Tates lawyer on I don't Know if you follow his story I had his Lawyer on right so anyways but I said With a guy like this you know every Month he gets an additional 30 days for Six months so he's going to be 180 days

Of keeping him in the Romanian jail they Could have done it in April of last year But they delayed it until October Whatever month it was when they did it November when they arrested him And it's allegedly allegedly allegedly I Said if They don't get this guy this time and he Comes out he's gonna blow up and even More because it's going to be every time You try to get me to blame you for Something and it's not coming true you Got to stop and His Image gets bigger And bigger whether it was Russia whether It was whatever they've tried so many Different ways to get this guy Trump and His audience then says well I told you They're just targeting this guy they're Just targeting this guy they're just Targeting this guy and and the mega Group not all the other Republicans Rhinos but the mega group was like dude These guys are targeting him so the Support form is going to get bigger and Bigger each time they do this my Question for you I don't think that Should be a concern of prosecutors I Don't think that you should I don't Think you should I don't think so no if You've got a case score for it I'm not Telling you to do or not if you got a Kiss but by the way if you got a case You gotta also go after Hunter Biden if You got a case you also got to go up

There is the charges well I mean they're Investigating yeah if I if you do if you Do find you should go for it if you got The laptop don't say we don't have the Laptop and not look through it there's a Part of that that becomes favoritism Question for you would be to follow it Do you think I think Which is more likely to happen Okay and The scientists let's just say wins uh uh Not the general but he wins a primary Okay let's just say he does okay the Chances are slim you know CPAC was 20 Trump 60. I'm just saying let's just say That happens okay okay what's more Likely to happen for desantis's Camp to Support Trump if Trump wins the primary Or Trump's Camp to support the same Obviously are you kidding are you Kidding no Trump's not going to support The scientists Like I mean Here's my question though do you think That there's a is there uh a percent Like a possibility that the Santas Realizes okay this cat Trump is going to Win and then doesn't even announce that He's gonna you know that's that was my Thinking up until like uh a month ago It's a very good question this guy I Mean I mean if I was DeSantis I would Say I'm gonna wait yeah and be maybe be The vice president well because I don't Think he'll be VP though if he becomes a

Shocker he won't become VP Christine Christine gnome it's going to be Somebody else not Carrie like I don't Think Santa's is Young he could wait Four years Trump is out of the picture Uh there's an open there's no incumbency Uh in the president incumbency is very Helpful regardless of who the president Is more often than not Um I think he's got a much better shot I Mean he's going to go up against Trump And in in this Republican party I mean I Don't I think once is gone like Literally gone yeah like Departed the Planet Um then I think there's going to be an Opportunity for other people in the Republican party but he has a hold he'll Still be tweeting on Thursday even when He's gone he's like it's like Blockbuster you're not Blockbuster Retweeted Yeah I mean I he has a big hold on the Party because in many respects the party Was really Um Was was training itself to uh Embrace a Guy like Trump for years and years okay So did you see DeSantis on Piers Morgan Have you seen the interview yet or no I Haven't okay so I think this is like the First time where he he went at it a Little bit I don't know if you saw any Of that so I'll I'll go to this article

It's an answer you got Trump's though uh Uh truth social what he wrote that was Fantastic It was hilarious fantastic which one are You talking about the gay the men and Women thing or which one are you talking About no he he wrote uh you find it I Want to read the story The Santos breaks The silence on manufacture circus around Expect the Trump indictment I don't know What goes into paying hush money to porn Star uh again Republican Governor DeSantis criticized a Manhattan jury Investigation to president Trump's Expectors I don't know what goes into Paying hush money for a porn star to Secure silence over some type of alleged Affair I just can't speak to that and Then he follows up and he talks about How it's not fair what they're doing and It's a circus and all this other stuff But that is a shot that he took Adam and Then boom here's Donald Trump Ron the Segment that sanctimonious will probably Uh find out about false accusations and Fake stories sometimes in the future as He gets older wiser and better known When he's unfairly and uh illegally Attacked by a woman even classmates that Are underage or possibly a man I'm sure He will want to fight them these Misfitsches like That is hilarious he he went even harder On uh DeSantis uh last night and

Um basically just did all the op you Know the um the Oppo research you need I Mean it's it's a long thing but he goes Like you know uh reread the whole thing Now that Ron Des sanctimonious is Finally admitting he's in the race by Beginning to fight back for some reason He capitalizes I don't know why he does That yeah and now that his polls also Capitalizes pay but I won't stop every Time he does weird capitalization has Crashed he has no other choice because His polls did crash uh let me explain The facts He is for Republican and average Governor he got 1.2 million less votes In Florida than me he fought massive Cuts in Social Security and Medicare and Wanted Social Security minimum age to be Raised to 70 years old or more I can't Tell you how Excited I am that Donald Trump is like Like like splitting the Republican party In half over the Social Security and Medicare I really can't I mean I I don't I don't trust that he would maintain its Integrity if he got into office right I Mean I'm still waiting for his his new Health care plan that was like only six Weeks away from being revealed uh eight Years ago but I'm really happy about This he is a disciple Paul Ryan and did Whatever Ryan told him to do I was also Not a fan of Paul Ryan Florida has been

Successful for many years long before I Put Ron there and it's amazing what Ocean and sunshine will do surprise Ron Has a big lockdown Governor I mean he Goes on and on I mean he just basically Says like all the problems with Florida Um uh in education Florida ranks worse Amongst the country in crime statistics Florida ranked third worst in Murder Third worst in rape third worst in Aggravated assault for 2022 Jacksonville Was ranked as one of the top 25 major Crime cities in the country with Tampa And Orlando not doing much better on Education Florida ranks 39 and health And safety in the country 50 in Affordability 30 in education hardly Greatness there I mean this is his tweet What was that was a trip Truth mom yeah and it sounds like they Need some limits from you have to Understand from my perspective right Like I I think that Donald Trump is is a Danger I happen to think that George W Bush uh you know arguably did a lot Worse I mean he killed hundreds of Thousands of people on a lie Um and but Um you know Donald Trump really Destroyed parts of the administrative State that I think are problematic Rolled back this uh banking thing that We started with your phone roll back the Uh the banking

Um uh provision that is causing all this Problem right now Um but I have to say I like a guy who's out there saying Don't touch Social Security and Medicare And I like a guy out there who is like Uh cutting against the the whole myth That New York City is particularly Violent our crime statistics are down Like 69 from the 80s from 1980s like It's like 70s our friend Rudy Giuliani Well I have an alternate Theory because Come on if you want to look at crime Nationally and internationally When 20 years after they got rid of Leaded gasoline We know lead is a neurotoxin right uh 20 Years after both nationally and Internationally if you look in in cities Crime drop precipitously so it was the Gasoline's fault it was lead which is a Known poison neurological poison the Story LED distant gas is also just a Horrible story of corporate malfeasance I don't know if you've ever heard this But Um they knew from the beginning That that led additive was Um yeah well there's the you can either Sam back to your initial point this was An endorsement for Trump In The Green Room does Trump have your Vote or no oh no no he doesn't have my Vote but he certainly has my well wishes

From the grave so pal was before we came In I was talking to to Mike who's who's Uh back in the in in the booth like uh My thing with the with all the Investigations from Russia to all that DNC with Hillary and one of the Democrats going to realize two things Number one lead if you leave this guy Alone like the Santa's husband just Don't even give him all these all these DA's and everybody's trying to corrupt Why doesn't the Democratic party instead Of trying to just go after Trump with All this false that is making His base riled up find the candidate a Viable likable candidate to go against This guy so they don't have to do all This FBI you know trying to get The guy like why not have a good person To go against them I don't understand When people characterize it as the Democrats doing this like Alan Bragg is A Democrat but what is what is the what Is the DNC or you know Joe Biden Supposed to do about a Manhattan D.A What is he supposed to do about all the Prosecutors in Georgia who are Republicans I mean that's the real case That's the real danger I fully agree With the Georgia case yeah Georgia's Whole different situations and listen if Trump had just returned the freaking Documents when he found them and when he Was asked I mean he they were asking him

For months and months and months just Give us the documents back he wouldn't Do it and the guy wouldn't do it he lied To his own attorneys about having them He'd be fine nobody cared about that the Whole thing was the cover-up essentially In that case I mean I don't think Democrats want to focus on Donald Trump I mean I I frankly you know for me as You know I I I'm a registered Democrat But it's more or less so that I can vote In the primaries I more or less vote Against Republicans is what I do but Um have you ever voted for a republican I'm probably have on like a very local Level uh you know when I was living Upstate you probably haven't if you Don't remember well I mean there's Nothing wrong with it sometimes there's Only one person running and if there's Only one person running for like you Know County supervisor but but on a Local level a local level I mean I can't Name every Democrat I voted on a local Level on local level things have gotten Much more nationalized with with Politics even on a local level so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Thank you Foreign

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