“He’s a Lunatic!” – Sam Seder SLAMS Jordan Peterson

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Sam Seder, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about Jordan Peterson’s impact on society.

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What are your thoughts on Jordan Peterson uh I think Jordan Phoenix is a Lunatic and I think I think his his Perspective on uh on on women is just Twisted Um he might be good for you know helping Wayward uh kids who don't know how to Make their bed but I think that I think That a lot of his ideas are really Incredibly toxic and bizarre frankly What is it on women specifically oh I Mean just the you know I'm not a uh a Jordan Peterson file but I just remember The last thing that uh had talked about That he had said was he was speculating That perhaps it was a detriment to women Uh not to not for men to have some Form of ownership stake I think he was Talking just sort of like you know Broadly like loose investment in Relationship with them to protect them From uh from rape Both statistically that's bizarre but Also the idea that like when and it Wasn't that long ago that women were Chattel of their husband let's say in This country or uh women were property Rape wasn't even a crime against women It was a crime against the owner of Women so like it's his stuff is Completely a historical and why do you Think he has such a massive following And what do you think about his Followers I mean I don't know his

Followers I don't know who they are I I Imagine their their young people but I Mean I think there's there's a bunch of Reasons I think that look this is a um It is a society is in a period of Transition of uh because people who have Been marginalized uh for the at least in The context of American society Um have more of a voice particularly Through like social media and this and That but also um I think like there's More of a voice in terms of like There's not as much hostility from uh Law and this and that was only 2013 when When uh there was marriage equality in This country Um and I think there's also a um and I Think that it it makes it hard for some People to understand where they fit in And I think there is a very strong Message from fundamentalists in this Country religious fundamentalists who Are Um you know white knuckledly holding on To their system of the way that uh Society and families and people should Be organized and uh their interpretation Of gender and whatnot because it's it's All perceived as a threat and and so I Think within that milia and and then I Think there's other factors in terms of Like money there's there's money that That sloshes around on the right that is Helpful to things that push their

Ideology so I think it's a combination Of all those things I think I think Jordan Peterson you know you you can't Ever be a hundred percent Um uh accurate on everything that you Say without offending people you're Going to say some stuff that's going to Offend people I think he has helped a Lot of young boys who have been lost uh The last 10 20 years Know a little bit more about what it is To be a man the the endless amount of Stories of how that guy positively Impacted people's lives is uh is it's The numbers unbelievable how big it is Where I mean where do you you I've heard You say I think uh sir someone told me That you you you're a data Guy where is Like do you is that just anecdote Anecdotes or uh go have you ever filled Up an arena with 15 000 people No but Andrew Dice Clay did uh the 30 000 but the difference is the difference Is we went to Andrew Dice Clay for Comedy but people are going to Peterson For other reasons well that doesn't Necessarily mean it's having a positive Impact on society I think for men to be Stronger is a positive impact on society In an ERA with so many uh fatherless Homes that they don't have a man giving Them direction thank God someone has Given them directly well I I worry about That guy if people want Direction they

Can come to me I'll give you I'll give Them well that would be a fun case to See you Give mindset to 100 boys and him give Mine says to 100 boys and we see what Happens 20 years later it's yours by the Way and that'd be an interesting one by The way last one see that another guy Another guy you could afford to set that Up I would be open to it so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign

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