“He’s a President!” – Can Tucker Carlson Beat Trump In 2024 Election?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about whether Tucker Carlson beat Trump in 2024 election.

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What do you think that the percentage of The chances are that he goes you know What I'm gonna I'm gonna take a shift if You really care and try to change and go Into politics and be like a let's say a Vice president for a president that's Going to be the front runner and then Next time he's not a vice president no Could he go for a president Tucker is a President listen if a freaking comedian In Ukraine becomes a president and it's Painted as Churchill by the left yeah This guy can be the president yeah and By the way Churchill what did he do Before he went into politics what was he In what industry Was it the car what industry was Churchill in he was a writer you know he Wrote so many books articles journalism He was he was in that space a lot of People from that space this this could Be a a a a way of Shocking everybody next week Taco Carlson announces 2024 run yeah what wow Yeah the world will lose their mind if He says that okay Um And what about his chances Pat like if He does let's just say he does and let's Say Trump is the number one and it's him And and it goes on to him and Trump what Do you think a percentage of the people That like whatever his chances I think He's automatically number two wow

Oh pbd how can you say that I think he You guys are so funny You were so funny when you say how could You say that listen you know uh uh why Did Trump run for office and win why he Was tired of everything yeah no he has No background on first of all which one Of those guys he ran with had more Experience in actual policies and Politics than Trump which one on the Stage except for Carson every one of Them yes what are you talking about Rubio well you know the what was the Guy's name from Walker message what was The guys Scott Walker is going to be the One that's going to be running by Winning president Jeb Bush Generations You know father brother president presca 140 million dollars they won and then Trump shows up O'Donnell or whatever he said right Why did he because he gets eyeballs Listen you know who's on fire right now You know who's on fire right now he's Such a necessary voice today every time I watch this guy I'm like this freaking Guy is great at what he's doing Vivek Ramaswani yeah is unbelievable at what He's doing right now I don't know Whether he's gonna win or not but the Way he handles debates arguments points He makes brilliant smart politics Success one immigrant 38 he's got so Many things going for himself and he

Knows how to defend yet give his own Argument he's got so many things going On but even him Tucker Starts day one he's number two Tucker Starts day one he's got the Number one show for God knows how many Years the day he starts Tucker's number Two uh again not because of experience In politics because that's the Santa Sent Trump eyeballs it's because he gets Eyeballs Day one wow okay now by the way can we Run a poll run a poll Rob of do you Think Tucker Carlson would run for President okay and I'm gonna give mine I'm gonna write down I want you to see What the polls are going to be within Them because last time I was I got it Right now it was 61 right I'm gonna Write my score right here yeah the Chances of Tucker Carlson running for President okay okay all right so chances Of him running chances of him this time Around And I'm talking 2024. I'm not talking Future today rob you start the poll Tom Can you guys all I'll play it on my Phone text text yourself okay text Yourself what you said the ratios are I'm gonna put mine okay I'm gonna put Mine And this one is risky of him running Uh this one is risky but I'm gonna write This down oh man I'm so curious It's

Just of him running that's it came Running Okay this is of him running okay oh if I Get it right on the dot all right I'm Gonna put it right there you're guessing What they're there I'm gonna guess what They're gonna guess let's see if we're Connected so the risk we're taking Folks By the way some people are going to Totally answer it the other way just to Kind of screw up the algorithms but it Is what it is we'll play along so Tom likelihood of Tucker running 2024. My number yes What was it 30. you're at 30 what are You doing 25 what did you put He's probably like five percent Seriously eighty percent he's running Yeah you just sold Here I am non-believer now I'm 80 DVD Salesman marketer right here okay We have 2 300 votes in the first minute Let's see what we got what is it what Does it say I said twenty seven five oh My God I'm good what did it say 26 75 25 Look at my answer I put 28 yes 72 Percent they said 75 25. people were on The same page how insane is that huh you Know your audience I don't think they Think he's gonna run because there's a High likelihood he doesn't run okay There's no saying I'm the biggest I'm Not just messed up at him what I'm Saying to you is if he does he's number

Two day one damn I'm telling you watch This think about this you watch the Question I'm about to ask you listen to The question I'm about to ask you ready Yeah here's a question I'm about to ask You Put Trump put the scientist put Tucker Okay Who has made the most money in his Lifetime Donald Trump okay who has the Most experience coming up military Congress Governor State not even close The perfect recipe you ready who has Debated the most on National Television A creepy porn lawyer one of my favorites I think this guy's got it I think he's a Guy that can actually do it I just I Just don't know because here's what's Going to happen you know uh uh uh you You can learn a lot about a lot of Different people on how they live their Lives this this is a guy that based on What I'm hearing he does a show from his House he's not a guy that's traveling All the time to DC to other places he's Not a guy that wants that harassment That's coming his way all the time he Wants to live a a different kind of a Life he's not Trump that he wants to be Out there there's a part of the Scientist that DeSantis also doesn't Want to be out there but the sentence Loves America of course and the sentence Is a fighter and since he was 18 years

The centers wanted to be a president Okay that's when I'm convinced that DeSantis was the guy that in high school You're like this guy wants to be a President he's going to be somebody Someday he's not a guy that accidentally Became a congressman accidentally became A governor this is a guy that knew Intentionally he was going to be that And by the way respect and salute to Anybody that had a vision and that Vision became a reality 100 but if Tucker's right now sitting around Thinking what I do next boom Here we go but breaking news nah Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon team up a new show On MSNBC called mother Tucker and there It is non-lemon and talking you can Totally see it totally joking Good actor yeah that would be a funny Thing so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here [Music]

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