“He’s a Rat!” – Will Fauci Ever Be Held Accountable?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Jedediah Bila, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana discuss whether Fauci will ever be held accountable.

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We have to get away from this Blame Game Folks it's too much blaming going on go Ahead and play this clip for us but I Want to know what you think You and the community got wrong was the Closing of the schools how do you take Responsibility how much of a delay did The fact that nobody fully understood The asymptomatic spread of this nobody Figured out that it could actually bust Through certain vaccine levels as well What other Takeaways they're real lessons I think We have to get away from the blame game Because so many of the things that you Have mentioned were unknowns at the time It's so easy and I made that comment uh In my response to one of the questions That Davis Wallace weld asked me and This is in the New York Times profile in The New York Times profile and I didn't Mean it as an affront to him but I said You know this is really big time Monday Morning quarterbacking here Is it listen to me and I know I know the Viewer the real viewers that get what I'm saying this is the most protected Bureaucrat rat they they brought him out He did exactly what he did he's been I Have videos on my phone of him flip Flip-flopping about the mask and this is What pisses me off Judd zero Accountability how many Congressional Hearings Judiciary hearings where Rand

Paul is screaming at him and they're in Your face evidence you funded this you Did all this nothing will happen to him Zero Pat was talking about investigation Year and all this all that stuff no I Get that you will never see this guy for All the people that died for all the that he funded he'll never see a Prison none of them do and it frustrates Somebody like me because I'm sitting There and I'm saying okay the left is The left is the right right just there To bark and bark just to show us oh look There's two sides and I don't think There is any side yet they don't give a and they just have us they have us By the well it depends what part of the Right you're talking about if you're Talking about controlled opposition Which absolutely exists they're just you Know they do this they give you the Illusion of actually fighting guys like This guy's a loathsome right he is a Loathsome creature he makes villains you Know when you turn on a superhero movie And you see a villain this guy makes Them 100 he is that guy the only person That really Rivals him in turn in terms Of villainous energy is like Cloud Schwab I also can turn that guy on and There's a darkness that emanates from Them juxtapose him by the way with like A Tucker Carlson who we talked about the Strength of Tucker Carlson as being able

To say I got it wrong I did something Wrong you know I I I would do it Differently now even when he was talking About when Tucker there was a video um He was on a podcast I think it was full Sound podcast I'm not sure and he was Talking about corporate media and he was Saying I've been on those panels I've Done that myself and it's it's loathsome The ability to do that all facts she has To come out and say is you know what we Got it wrong if we had to do it again We'd do things differently but he can't So committed to the talking point and he Also knows there's going to be no Consequence for the lies and the deceit He is a loathsome creature my skin Crawls when he speaks and he should be In jail same as me and you're right then Jay going off your thing about Tucker Tucker literally in this interview he Said you know what he said he goes like He goes I was Pro Iraq war he goes I up he goes I I'm telling you guys I messed up and that to me grounds you As a person and makes me go because You're trustworthy I trust you because You messed up and admit it how can you Trust a guy who when all the data Emerges that he was wrong still can't Take responsibility fauci was Responsible for giving directives about The lockdowns for giving directives that Led local and state leadership to

Enforce mandates to enforce all of this Stuff he was at the top of the chain He's the reason that people lost their Businesses he's the reason that little Kids were going to school with masks on He is the reason reason the data does Not support those decisions so what kind Of human could you ever trust again if They can't own up he's disgusting I hate I love that you hate him just as much as I do he's loathsome he is the system yep No it's it's worse than that I I think It's I think it's even worse than that I Think that it's not just fouchy it's Everything that protects and abettes About you right now Um that is the soulless leadership of of The country and we need much different Leaders to emerge this is this is really Stark you mean you do have people like Rand Paul but Rand Paul gets portrayed Always a far right wing guy he's uh he's He's medically trained and everything And he's going to scream a lot let's Just get through this whenever he's in a Hearing you know you get that that That's how they that's how media puts Rand Paul in a box okay here goes around Paul get ready this is what you're gonna See but really what you have is the Soulless government that is aiding in a Bed thing everything that happened here And it's um it's disgusting it's not Just here too just as a note yeah you

Say aiding and betting soulless Government it's remember this is bigger Than the United States fauci is not only Supported by soulless horrific Leadership in this country but you got To bring in your three-letter Organizations you've got to be very Interesting who the wef this guy is Supported by heavy big Pharma Institutions is a deep deep dark because I thought when you said it's not just That I thought we were getting into Satan con frankly because there's a Difference no joke there is a deep Darkness going on here and people don't Want to I know even Chuck or invoke the Supernatural the other day something Ugly is happening here when it comes to The evilness of these policies there's Something really dark happening there's A battle of good versus evil I'll call a Man there has to be a vulnerability There has to be accountability so by the Way whoever runs next if there's no Accountability people lose trust in the System there has to be accountability For what he's doing uh what what is Always great what what is always great Is the following here's what's always Great it's for somebody to invest money Into doing a real documentary on him who Is willing to go do the interviews and The legwork it may take a million it may Take three million it may take five

Million and Netflix and Hulu and some of These guys may not even take that Documentary may need to go to a Independent Ott to put it out there for People to see there's a lot of different Ways to do it but somebody needs to make The right investment maybe even get Involved with an RFK from the research Standpoint go interview some of the Older people that used to work at the Places and put that documentary up I'm Not talking about like uh Vaxxed or any of that give both sides Give stuff that he's done right give Stuff that he's won as well and then Give the other side of the argument and Then put that documentary out there Because somebody like this if there is Anything there he says we can't talk About blame you know we have to blame Where the origin came out if you blamed Uh Trump you blamed a lot of average People that are sitting there saying Dude I don't irresponsible Governors Irresponsible this no there needs to be The blame and and you being held Accountable for it so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign [Music]

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