“He’s Fake!” – Tim Pool Roasts Sam Seder

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, @TimcastNews, Vincent Oshana and Adam Sosnick talk about Sam Seder.

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Sam Cedar wants to come on but I think He's one of the most disingenuous human Beings in the space so like I I should Still have them on well I invited him And then he used it against us as a Weapon so I just he's cut off got it He's also I can tell you this I love Saying this by the way there are some Other high profile podcasts that have Completely boycotted him and he's like Complained about this not understanding Why and I know why but he's considered Widely in the space to be uh I mean it's kind of stupid to say but Grifter we've heard similar things I'll Leave it at that I'll tell you the story I tweeted hey we often invite leftist Guests on our show and they just don't Come on so he responded I'll come on the Show I tweeted something like it's live In studio we'll cover your costs travel And accommodation one works for you Since how's the 13th I say that works Perfectly he says okay I was like We'll DM you immediately DM him and he says I'm not coming on your show and then I Was like okay then he goes on his show And makes him a claim against very Tweeting about me and trying to back out Or something like that turning it into Some grift where he could rally his Audience you know what he did the Majority report took the song we Released only ever wanted and ran it

Through a filter to make it sound bad And then made fun of us for having bad Music like The Dude legit is fake and it Wasn't him personally it was his people Who who put a filter on our song to make It sound bad but like that's a really Good example of what you get when you Watch someone like Sam Cedar listen We've had a lot of people on we had a Roll of Martin on here four months ago Which was an incredible conversation Back and forth non-stop the entire time It was uncomfortable from the second to The last second literally but it was one Of my favorite conversations of the year And uh uh we get you know every time you Have somebody on people texting so I Cannot believe you're having that person This person's this ever I've never had Anybody on That I got that many text messages as Sam Cedar and I don't know why people And negative not good well so I'll I Will say In terms of media industry stuff I don't Wanna Put anybody on the spot I'll just say And Sam will probably hear this there Are high profile producers and media People who have told me explicitly he's Blacklisted because why though because There was this period where I can I can Speak in in one circumstance yeah there Was a period where he made a ridiculous

Amount of videos about Dave Rubin And it got really creepy I guess I don't know a lot about it I don't know How many videos he made but there was a Period where people were just like this Guy's got a weird grift going on where He just tries to do drama and the the The perspective I suppose was Look what happened to me when I said hey Come on the show he turns it into drama For his audience look what happens when I I we release a song called only ever Wanted and then his people ran it Through this weird filter so it sounded Awful and they mocked us and insulted us Like that's the fake I I that's my Experience I can only imagine that many Others had a very I mean these all Majority report Reuben Clips yeah and it Just keeps going and going and going let Me ask you this to use the uh metaphor That Miley yiannopoulos were still Talking about him he's getting names is He kind of taking a page out of that Book Sam Cedar it's like we're talking About him oh it's not for him good for Him I don't know you know like uh but we We the one of the best shows I think We've ever done was just the other day With Lance from the Surfs TV uh I think His views are wrong I think I I think He's wrong But it was funny we had fun he brought a Tall boy Bud Light and cracked it open

On the show he gave his opinions which We all like countered and we were Laughing together I thought he was a Good with bad views and some views evil Sam Cedar sat down here and he said you Know I think you know 168. keep going how many videos are There But but let me but wow let me ask you This though When you see something like this what do You think about when a guy's done 167 Reaction videos on one person Good luck if you pull up me and you pull Up David Pacman you're gonna find Biden And Trump thousands of views probably And uh that's fine if you pull up my Channel you might find a couple dozen About The Young Turks mostly because I'll respond to them saying something About me right but this is like the Dave Rubin review podcast Yeah well yeah it's Crazy that's pretty wild so so this was This is one thing I was told explicitly That they were like we don't know what His deal is but wow he's got a lot of Dave Rubin videos and that kind of is Like the perspective look he gets a lot Of video views from me he has a lot of Videos about me too I don't know how Many videos has about me But the perception is he is not a good Faith individual trying to have a Political argument he's trying to WWE

Style fan his his audience into into Would you say that look at this like Look come on look at that look scroll up Look at that picture of me where they Used photoshop on my face doesn't even Look like you who is that that's you Tim Poole is a lying coward okay you know Sure whatever uh but I will tell you Though to me this is this is look at This Temple haunted by Thanos let me let Me tell you the story too it's a really Good oh they got another one from Yesterday uh so look at that Tim pool Claims not conservative shredded by Lance from the service so uh I had a Conversation with Sam Cedar this is the Biggest one of the biggest challenges For me trying to talk with people like Sam Cedar I say sam Um I think we're talking about Healthcare this is years ago it's like Five years ago and actually first thing I'll say sam Cedar was the first person Needed to ever shout me out and and and Um uh uh positively comment on my work So shout out to Sam and uh so we're Having a conversation and I said it Sounds like your views are utilitarian As opposed to like deontological Morality and his response was something Effective I don't know what that means And then I'm like okay like Thanos for Instance like let me let me bring this

Down to a a an analogy Thanos in Avengers is a utilitarian I will Sacrifice half of the universe to save The other half maximizing the amount of Good deontological morality you cannot Take an immoral action period the the Idea that you would commit an immoral Action against an individual individual Is wrong you can't cross that line In doing so he turned it into a meme say And then got all of his people start Tweeting at me non-stop because they Didn't understand this and I tried to Relate to them they insulted me for it I'm like that's what Sam Cedar does Instead of having a good faith Conversation and saying I Now understand Your point or I'm sorry I don't Understand the reference he makes videos Like that People don't people don't like it you Know what I mean like his audience might Like it it's WWE style politics and so There's higher higher format shows that Are just like we we won't we don't Associate with this guy and I think he Knows it and I think what you're just Saying about getting those messages he Knows it and he's and he complains about It a lot it's like bro clean your act up And stop doing this stuff and maybe you Might find some Redemption but you know What far be it for me to tell you to Stop doing what works if it ain't broke

Don't fix it I'm sure the dude's making A million bucks or something so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Thank you [Music]

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