“He’s Going To Be Sued!” – Fauci EXPOSED For DisInformation

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Allen West, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick react to Fauci being exposed for disinformation.

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The New York Times published an opinion Piece criticizing Dr Anthony fasci's Approach to information sharing the Okova 19 pandemic the article primarily Focused on fauci's initial reaction rif Rotation of the covid lab League Theory And his association with the British Zoology zoologist Peter dazak the author Megan stack wrote that fauci and zayzak Could have qualified their statement to Expose Americans to more of the full Picture regarding the Wuhan Institute of Virology bad virus research but they did Not stack also condemned fauci for Initially lying about the effectiveness Of masks and frequently moving the goal Post on when it would be safe to lift Lockdowns measures this is like a this Is more of a Babylon Beast story than a New York Times stack argued that fauci's Dishonesty and promotion of Disinformation contributed to the Problem of censorship and are you in Suppression of certain ideas she Concluded that attempting to clean up This information by suppressing this Course creates its own dangers and can Lead to a society where nobody really Believes anything no Sherlock so Alan thoughts on the story you know you We had this thing in in aerosol units Called cut sling load you know what I'm Talking about they just cut sling load On Fouche Fouch is done uh and they're

Going to distance themselves and and put Sling load that means that you're like What they did to formal they're about to Do to voucher yeah you know you come in With a helicopter and you can pick up Like a Humvee or anything with the sling Attach it well when you're ready to drop It you cut sling load and that's what They've done meaning the helicopter Cannot carry the helicopter yeah just Cut it we're gonna just cut and bait They're moving on but is it a little Ironic this is after the fact he's Already retired he's done he's the Highest paid employee in the government They they they are getting ready for 2024. why do you think Governor Gretchen Whitmer all of a sudden comes out and Says you know Michigan yeah I you know I Probably went too far whoops oops I'm Sorry if I ruined your business or I Ruin your life why they're getting ready To set themselves up for 2024. they Don't want this to be a conversation Because they know that the American People have STM short-term memory and so Fauci's going to get hit with a lot of Class action lawsuits it's coming and so New York Times and everybody they're Separating themselves they don't want Anybody to come back and say that the New York Times were part of this they Don't want to be part of a lawsuit Saying that they promote so you're

Basically saying they're putting hit Pieces out there saying hey we did our Part it might have been three years too Late however we did write some hit Pieces we call that the Pontius Pilate I'm washing my hands yeah uh so if I'm Fouchy I'm I should be worried because Now I'm I'm being told I'm on my own They've they've cut bait on me Well I'm sure a lot of people are Sympathizing for this happening to fauci As well as the sympathy they have for a World Health Organization which recently Came out and said W-h-o World Health Organization says Healthy kids and teens don't need Coveted vaccinations I'm telling you the World Health Organization has updated its guidance on Covid-19 vaccines recommending that Healthy children adolescents may not Need to receive the Shah The Who Considers vaccinating healthy young People to be a low priority as a public Health impact this you are so dark World Health it's much lower than that of Traditional essential vaccine vaccines For children's like measles measles and Polio who also called for Urgent efforts To catch up on routine vaccinations Missing during the pandemic and warrant Of a rising vaccine preventable diseases Like measles the CDC reported a high Record high of almost 40 million

Children missing Their measles vaccines in 2021 Misinformation why do you think I wonder Why you're missing 40 million Misinformation linked to covet vaccines Has also led to parents rejecting normal Childhood shots despite immunizations Being the most effective way to protect Children from measles this is a Daily Mail story you know it's funny it's Almost like we played a record and then We stopped and then we start playing a Record backwards it's all changed Because who was like uh we think it's Now acceptable for 16 year olds up we Think it's now acceptable for 12 year Olds actually we think that the states That will mandate it if their Governors Are smart we can go to 10 year olds Remember that we kept going down uh we Think eight-year-olds would be fine we Kept going down now the who said no I Don't think any of the 8 10 12 16s or 18s it's like we're going backwards they They don't need it remember that we went Down the ages now we go back up the ages There's no legitimacy here truth is is Powerful and they are now understanding That how the hoodwink linked not just The United States American entire world Is is coming to fruition it's coming Back against them and of course why Would you trust the who I mean China Owns the who you know who this favors

One guy this only favors one guy yeah it Favors the guy that is campaign for 2024 Should be I told you so that's one guy And he's going to come out one by one he Just needs to have one by one stories Uh Russian uh uh uh collusion number one uh Coveted vaccine for kids number two uh Shutting down number three School Number Four you know all of these things he Just needs to go one by one by one story And both him and the scientists can use That I Told You So campaign because the Scientists can say I told you what I did In the State of Florida Trump can do the Other side the left has to apologize did You see how this Biden two days ago said Republicans are the reason behind the Fentanyl issue because they're not Taking a border seriously did you see That did you see that a couple days ago Who's gonna fall for that To say something like that I mean this Is the part where you have to be so You're willing to go to such levels to Gaslight people you're officially Thinking the voters are dumb that's what You think well they they believe in the In the and hopefully this won't get you In trouble down here but the minister of Propaganda for the Germans Goebbels who Said if you repeat a lot often enough Eventually people will take it for truth And and that's what they're going to Continue to do look

You just got to go down to the Border You just gotta understand this and look At the numbers this is all because of One single person one single Administration purposeful and Intentional the fact that we have close To two million people in the United States of America come across that Border we have no idea where they are That's scary and again coming back to Having someone that is strong All of those folks that got released out Of prison uh in Afghanistan they want Some payback and the cartels will help Anybody get into the United States of America as long as they pay them the Money and something eventually is going To go Kaboom in the United States of America because there are people that Have come across they don't mean us good So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here Foreign

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