“He’s Going To Get Destroyed!” – Will DeSantis Stand a Chance Against Trump?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Jedediah Bila, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana discuss if DeSantis stand a chance against Trump.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been Trying to appeal to his party's Conservative base would move such as Signing a six-week abortion ban and Fighting with Disney but his efforts Have not paid off on primary Republican Polling a recent Fox News poll shows him At 21 32 points behind president Donald Trump incomparable with 19 that Robert F Kennedy uh is receiving from the Democratic side candidates polling in The low 20s like DeSantis have gone on To win with about 20 percent of the time The Santa's decline is at least in part Because of Trump's rise who has gone From the low to mid 40s to about 50 Percent in the average 2024 polling DeSantis plays to the right doesn't line Up with where the anti-trump forces are Within the Republican party which Includes a moderate Wing that is least Likely to want a ban on abortion after Six weeks by the way this is a Fox News Poll and we all know Fox is no longer Trump's Camp they want to send it so What are your thoughts on the story you Know I I do think he's in trouble I Don't know you know when you watch his Delivery sometimes I mean he's he's a Great Governor I think we can all Acknowledge that and and rational people Will see what he's done in Florida and Policy wise I think he's on point but I Don't think this is about oh he's not

You know moderate enough there's Something about desantis's delivery I Think that is going to have a hard time Translating to the National stage I Think if you have if you stuck him on a Stage today and you put him and you put Someone like a Donald Trump I think Donald Trump destroys him absolutely Destroys him and that's not because of Policy by the way I think you know Trump Has the he may step into some potholes Here and there when he talks about you Know the uh vaccine he may stop and just He's going to get himself into trouble When he talks about policy and he's also Going to be part of a legacy that people May reject he also has the January sixth Stuff there's a lot of baggage that he Has but there's something about his Ability to Captivate an audience about His Charisma about his capacity to own That stage that DeSantis doesn't quite Have there's something missing there now Also you have this Rift right now in the Republican Party I don't know that the Trump voters who are really passionate About Trump I don't know if all of those Go over to DeSantis I don't think that The DeSantis voters necessarily go over To Trump so I think this Rift is going To be an issue I think we're going to Need to let if Republicans want to win We're going to have to decide first of All you know is there an official run

Here from DeSantis what does that look Like also all of this travel that he's Doing you know this like World Tour that He did where he's everywhere but there's No official announcement I think that Rubbed a lot of people the wrong way People don't understand what his Strategy is is your strategy to be this Fantastic incredible governor in Florida With a great record is your strategy to Move on to the National stage and I Don't think people know what to do with All of this chaos right now because if DeSantis moves out of the way and says I'm not doing it then I think things Look very different for Trump if DeSantis is in the game then people have To start thinking about this differently I I I don't know what's going to happen Here but he is missing something like He's missing that star power that you Don't necessarily need as a governor but You do need on that National stage you Really do it makes a huge difference and You know you know why you need it I know You want to say something you know why You need it here's why you need it so You don't need it all the time I mean Biden's got zero star power that's Different but that's what I'm saying to You but Biden has zero star power right I think Sanders has star power right if You think about Bernie Sanders forget About his policies he's ludicrous but

He's got started here right yeah uh Obama star power oh yeah okay Clinton Star power right you look at John Kerry No star power right John F Kennedy star Power Nixon no star power you can go Back and say well that's not necessarily True in the history of all this other Stuff the problem he's facing the guy That's part of his party that's leading Right now has been a star before he was Born yeah because his mom and his dad Were stars and that you know they were In the parties they were all so he's Grown up and and in a way it's unfair to DeSantis because DeSantis has not been In the you know Limelight Hollywood you Know Stars parties networking charm Charisma selling all this stuff he's Been more to doer I'm gonna get the job Job done but now when the camera lights Everything is on action you kind of Gotta show up you know and the way it Happened with his books there was not a Lot of performance there Tom yeah I want To dig in a little bit on what you just Said because it's very interesting you Were saying that thing and I've always I've sat back and I've always believed That Bill Clinton could have uh carried The day on any other president or Candidate including Obama I think Actually he would have been more Tenaciously factually a stronger debate With with Obama and the American voter

Right now kind of short attention span Theater I think we could probably agree On that and they're easily Impressionable it DeSantis doesn't have that that Charisma There that Um That Trump does the stage presence so What do you think happens over the Course of the summer you know we've got A tough economy Just short attention span theater carry The day on the GOP side or do people Back up and start thinking maybe a Little bit more rationally about Economics and start looking at DeSantis Record I I don't have a bias here I Actually don't have an opinion yet I'm Kind of watching like everybody else but You dig into it no I I don't think that That need for the entertainer ever goes Away and I always said this if you're Not entertaining people they're not Listening so you can be a doer and you Can be incredibly efficient and Ron DeSantis is you know he's that guy that You hire if you want to get stuff done Right that's great but he's not the guy You hire if you want to convince people To vote for him to get that stuff done So it's I mean and the other option is You know does this become a team I don't Know they've been taking you know Trump's been taking a lot of Jabs at

DeSantis but truly if you paired them Then you have the efficiency of a Ron DeSantis you have the record of Iran DeSantis and you have the PowerHouse Personality of a Donald Trump that's a Very interesting ticket president yeah You know what you know what Giuliani Said it can't happen because they're Both residents of Florida oh yeah you Can't do that that's right because They're both from Florida but that's What you need so like if say it's Trump He needs to be looking for someone he Doesn't need that big personality he Needs somebody who is a doer in the same Way that Ron DeSantis doesn't need a Doer he needs the personality so that's The complementary structure that works GOP voters will not just push to the Side and say ah the economies let me Vote based on issues let me get Practical right now that actually goes Very much against most people's human Nature they want someone who they're Going to want to sit and hang out with And right now Ron DeSantis is reading a Little bit too much like a politician or A businessman he needs to read more like Someone that you'd want to have a beer With that's just a reality you don't Have to like that reality but it is one Again Not with but now let me just address Biden for a second though because you

Said first of all it's very different With Democrats everyone media at large Hollywood at large everyone rushes in to Help Democrats they actually really have To be less entertaining and bring a lot Less to the table because they have so Much in their favor but Biden used to be A funny guy yeah I interviewed him on The set of the view we had him on he was Funny he was likable I walked away he Whispered in my ear hey don't tell Anyone but I'm a big fan you know we had A great discussion he was very Charismatic but that and he was that guy Right he knew what to say get a little Grab there too yeah Although there is a picture can he smell You he smelled her hair 100 sure out There of him like leaning in and I'm Like and everybody did memes on that so Funny he had a person you know he's just He's not present anymore but he doesn't Need to be Republicans need to be Everything and more right now to get Elected and the only thing it is uh Jen You were talking about that missing Thing Trump is a he's not a veteran in The military like the Santa says but He's a veteran of the media and the gut Everybody that that swamp that he was Talking about he's still in the front Lines he fought these people he won they Cheated on him they he still got there Look at all this those are

Patriotic he's a gangster look at those Thanksgivings where he showed up around The world He is a boss he is a leader but but the Scary thing is Jed that look what They're doing they did all this Investigation all this whatever now Trump is number one the scientist is Barely hanging on the left we have to Ask ourselves the question why is the Left so uh wanting Trump in there Because they think that they could get His ass up So so here's here's a uh so blue auction Strategy we just interviewed the authors For two hours and we had a very Interesting conversation about ESG Dei If you guys know about that book I've Probably sold 100 000 copies of that Book I love that book if you've never Read it you got to read it it's the Number one or number two best marketing Book in the history of business books uh Behind tied with Michael Porter Competitive strategy and top 10 best Business books of all time the book sold Five and a half million copies Incredible Book they got a new book Coming out called Beyond disruption it's A great conversation every thing in life You have to look at yourself as a Product your company your country Anything you do is a blue ocean concept So what can I compete do like if you're

Trying to date a girl and you're going Up against Larry okay and if Larry comes From a rich family and this guy's family Is Rich and he's the quarterback and He's the guy The Jock all this other Stuff but he's really dumb okay but he's Extremely handsome however from your end You're a competitive swimmer and you Have this and your background is rugged And you're coming from the streets and You're kind of like this you can't go And try to compete with them in an area That he's got you beat you're not going To win bro you're just not going to win Okay in the blue ocean concept okay if We look at America against other Countries so other countries argument Could be like in Iran I'll never forget When I'm sitting with my mom and my mom Was supportive of Khomeini because the Fear they had is look what Iran's losing It's losing its conservative values Women are out there wearing this and They're no longer wearing scarves and They're becoming hookers and they're Literally women in Iran were afraid that By giving too much freedom to women Their daughters could One Day end up Becoming Street girls all this other Stuff so that was how it was sold but Iran realized you can't sell to women of Iran you can be free you can do what you Want to do you can do this no we have to Give our argument that's different than

Iran than us because if we talk about Freedom you're going to lose to us right Let's do the sentence against everybody Else here right now okay Charisma You're Gonna Lose charm you Will lose okay uh policies you will win Okay uh uh leadership and doing it During covet when it was so nasty you Won't win you will dominate okay when it Comes down to getting into a fight can You stand up yes uh when you do Interviews and somebody's not in your Ear trying to make you look perfect and You're just yourself and you're the Tough guy that's going out there and Pushing challenging all that stuff That's a turn on and you're like here's What I stand for I think if a marketer Sits down and says dude Blue Ocean Strategy you're not gonna beat him in This game Ruby and Cruz tried and they Got destroyed so don't try to play that Game but if there's one thing about the Santis if he goes and they push him and He fights he's in more you know Opportunities to debate somebody Opportunities were to have a banter with Somebody on TV going on CNN going on MSNBC and there's pushing him and he Comes back and what about this and what About that and what about this and what About that I think he wins there because I think naturally he is a street brawler But I feel like he's being held back

From brawling I think that is something That is a strength I think someone in His ear is not letting bro I think he's Guarded he's very guarded but he has a Likability problem like if you think About I mean you talked about Rubio and Cruz Ruby and Chris are not likable like I don't want to hang out with either of Them you know I don't and I think a lot Of people would probably find themselves Saying the same thing not that you don't Want them to run something but again I'm Talking about likability can you imagine Ron DeSantis excelling the way Trump Does when Trump does it goes to a small Town and he walks into the Pizzeria and He's like hey everyone and he has the Pizzeria he has the bite of the McDonald's hamburger whatever that is he Shines he is a man of the people in Those moments DeSantis to that he has to Be able to do that though DeSantis has To be able to do that He's going to win an election if he Can't appeal to people in a way that Resonates with so for example you don't Like him they're not voting remember the Dukaku story where he came on the tank Do you know that whole story where after That it was oh do you know the story With Dukakis and the tank Rob do you Know the story or no just type Dukakis And tank this is when he was over with Tom do you want to tell us what the

Story is about so Michael Dukakis has to Look like you know a little bit of a Little bit of all America I'm gonna be a Commander-in-chief and I'm just a Governor up here and they're criticizing Me for being a brainy little Governor so What he did was he went out riding Around in this tank taking a tour of a Military facility and Bush remember this Is Bush senior Herbert Walker brush Bush Looks at that and they're like oh this Guy's we this thank you thank you Jesus Destroyed thank you for this this Picture and everything and he came out He was destroyed because number one he Didn't look presidential number two he Didn't look like a commander-in-chief he Looked like a geek and and he had let Willie Horton out of jail only to commit Another crime and so his back was up Against the wall and it's basically he Looks like he's from the Middle East Yeah he dude that looks like a Taliban Guy no you know he looks like he's gonna Looks like he's my second cousin or Something like we're related he's in a High school play about Vietnam this is What this is but here's the point I'm Trying to make I'm trying to make a Point about what Jed is saying here's Here's the point okay where can the Sentence Excel if he does videos and Clips and things like that hang out with Navy Seals go to the military because

Guess what they know you go hang out With Navy Seals we all respect seals you Were commander of Navy SEAL Team go Around Navy Seals what do we think about When we think about SEAL Team Six what Do I think about when we think about an ABC's imagine he's going out there Sitting there with 20 other Navy Seals That respect him and he's talking about The great work that they do all of a Sudden we're like oh my God this guy's An ABC look he was a command he wasn't An ABC but he was a commander an ABCO Team there is things that he you know Others cannot do that you were not an a You were not in the military so you Don't understand I think the positioning For him if he goes direct to what Trump Naturally has been doing in New York yep And May Nationwide I think he's gonna Get destroyed does he have to hire a Team because you talked about this on The Giuliani thing about his marketing Team how they weren't doing a great job Especially with the book making a phone Call to Blue Ocean strategy consultants And I'm hiring them low-key go with that Question go that line I know where You're going I want to follow up go yeah So basically what I'm saying is like Pat You're right now the sentence I got the Navy SEAL thing thing but are you going As a right now Pat are you just getting Aggressive and going out there because

Yo he has to work out that muscle Pat That DeSantis has a little bit of it Because I think he got that from Trump He kind of he kind of takes his his cues On like how he talks to the media but he Hasn't had that really fight that that Big argument with any media Outlet where You're like oh this guy he's good Like so here here's something I saw Um the people that have been at school And served and knew DeSantis from Yale And from his time as a Jag which was Judge Advocate General in in the Navy Also the same thing that that getting an Argument with this guy or getting a Debate with this guy let me correct this First yeah Santa's joined the United States Navy in 2000 promoted to Lieutenant before serving as a legal Advisor to Seal Team One just just want To put that out there so everybody knows Go ahead yeah correct he was a Jag so he Was a Judge Advocate which is a lawyer In the Navy and he was working with Seal Team one it says you know you can't Prosecute these guys the bad guys Deserved a guy so that's what he was Asking to him for a while yeah but what He did do you remember when he got in When he he wasn't so packaged right now What you're seeing is political Consultants and other people packaging The candidates and I know Jed's got an Opinion on this and can amplify it she's

Got more information I do on this but The Consultants package candidates the Same way you get packaged and produced When you're you know uh when you're on a Show on TV do you remember during the Debate why is Florida open what the hell Are they doing down there and they Allowed some of the media to get close And ask unscripted questions do you Remember what that governor with his Rolled up sleeves from the podium was Telling people no no no no you don't Tell me I'm leading the state and this Is what we're doing remember that yeah Later that was unscripted they're trying To pass what you might think you know The thing is though like what DeSantis Is missing for me and I'm by the way I'm A fan of his policies I am but what he's Missing is very hard to teach it's very Hard to teach I would rather if you had To hire me for that role I would rather Have to teach Trump how to change what He's doing because he's got stuff that's So hard to teach that Charisma you can't Teach it to Hillary Clinton people live On the Democrat side have been trying to Teach her how to be likable how to Relate to people there's like a film Over her and and what does Santa's needs To lose is this politician Vibe he Doesn't read as like a non-politician That's what Trump has that's why he's Considered a hero to people who believe

In populism I think it's going to be Very hard is that to say that DeSantis Can't overcome it no no but it's going To be really challenging for him because I don't think it's natural for him I Don't think you can hire a media Consultant and by the way most of the Times the people that get hired by these Politicians are people who don't know How to do media I'm always like I'm like Just hire somebody who understands this Game who gets Charisma they never hire Those people but even if you hired Somebody I think it's going to be really Hard to push to Santas he reads like you Said he's a lawyer for the seals he Reads like the lawyer he doesn't have That blue collar live and that's really What most of America is right we're Really just regular people I grew up Behind the Staten Island dump like I Want to feel like somebody gets my Struggle and he's too polished if he can Lose that I think he can climb I don't Think in a year I don't think in a year Tom that that that's just my personal Opinion but let's not forget we live in Florida now right we came here because We heard this guy speaking DeSantis is Florida famous Trump is international Bro everybody knows who he is everybody Knows the attitude I don't think I don't Think a year is going to be enough so if You like this clip and you want to watch

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