“He’s Not an Icon!” – Rudy Giuliani SLAMS DeSantis’ Chance To Be President

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Rudy Giuliani, Dave Rubin, Tom Ellsworth and Adam discuss DeSantis’ chance to be president.

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Oh DeSantis uh Trump one of the Conversations that's been coming up is Uh the fact that hey uh Megan Kelly came Out the other day and said Hey Ron DeSantis I'm not for Trump everyone Knows Megan Kelly is not somebody that's Going around you know promoting Donald Trump we all don't know what happened What kind of questions she asked the First question we know this right okay She goes out and says the scientist is Not going out there he's hiding you're Afraid to come and be interviewed by me You're doing a softball interview but by Pierce Morgan and we know Pierce Morgan Is more for you than it is for Trump Anyways I don't need to get into it so Then the conversation becomes on NBC or Some of these places like I'm not going To go do the interview unless you say You apologize for this or for that or For this Is the strategy he's taken he hasn't Announced yet you know there's a lot of Things you kind of educated us about Florida and some of the things which you Can share with the audience he has he Hasn't announced yet do you think he's Taken the right strategy right now not Going out there and doing a lot of Interviews yeah Dave I'll go to you First well first off I just want to say I I don't work for the campaign I've Never been given a day campaign manager

Tell them the truth Dave so everybody Knows I work for tequila no I've never I've never I've never been given anything look I Again just to reiterate the reason that I that I support the guy the way I do is Because I see what he has done to my Life and I S and I suspect that many of You if you live in Florida are feeling The exact same same thing and I just see What's going on here uh relative to a Country right now that is upside down in So many ways uh as for the strategy Related to that I mean the truth is I Don't know if he's running let's go on The Assumption he's running for the for The purpose of this conversation there Are some laws in the Florida uh Legislature that he can't he would have To step down I mean he just won Re-election by an unbelievable Landslide I mean don't forget the guy you know Four years ago he only beat Andrew Gillum who turned out to be a meth Addict he only beat him by 30 000 votes That's how close Florida got to Basically being Illinois or New York or Or California at this point you know Once you factor in covid so that's one Thing so he'd have to figure out some of The legislative stuff which is you know They've got a super majority here I Think that'll work itself out I think The other part of this probably is you

Know if you're the guy that that From where I sit I think most people see As the most competent public leader that We have at this point a guy who also as I said before the age thing he's I think He's about 45 you know he's got three Kids he's a family man he come you know All the think of all the people over the Last you know six years who would say You know I I get Trump on the policy I Like the policies it's working the Economy's cooking peace in the Middle East all that stuff I don't like the Tweets and the attitude right that was The whole thing I don't like the Mean Tweets well congratulations you got it With this guy so the point is I think he Can bring over the independence I think He can bring over the disaffected Liberals like me like this guy uh like Probably some people in this crowd he Proved it here because he went from 30 000 votes to winning by about 1.6 Million votes so I think he's the Crossover guy and but just to very Clearly answer your question in terms of Uh timing you know it's nice to make People wait but at some point you can't At some point you can't right but it's Nice to have people kind of going oh You're the guy you're the guy and then They kind of drag you in uh but I I Suspect the mayor might have a different Opinion on that uh no I I I actually

Don't uh let me just take off my trump Hat and put on my political Expert hat Uh I don't know that it's a bad strategy To wait In a horrible way no I don't and I don't Think that's the so one of the reasons People would say that is if a month or So two months ago look like he was ahead Now it looks like the status is behind I Don't think it has anything to do with The sentence I think it has to do with What they did to Trump I think if if if They are trying to get him nominated the Democrats they did I mean they they did Him a real favor I mean uh so he goes from being behind To being anywhere from five to 20 points Ahead 30 points ahead and in many National polls uh And I so I if I were to stand as this Campaign I wouldn't look so much I don't know there was much he could Have done so if he were appearing over The last Uh month on uh shows and being Interviewed I don't think it would have Changed anything because it's not a Function of the status it's a function Of trump being in the minds of most Republicans even the ones that don't Support him being unfairly treated Um And I and I I my objective really and I

You know Trump's lawyer he's been my Friend for 34 years and I'd love to see Him be reelected and the main reason is Because he's already done it And I I know how difficult the Presidency is I don't know it from Having done it but I've worked for Ronald Reagan and I I virtually lived in The Trump white house for two years as a Lawyer You never know and I I like DeSantis a Lot I appreciate him as an American I Appreciate him as a republican I don't Think there's anything he said about him That isn't true in terms of His abilities as a governor and maybe Some advantages he would have as a Candidate Um But what I do know is I know exactly how Trump will react To the most difficult job in the American president ever going to face Which is to take our government back From it's already been delivered over to Socialism If not totalitarianism in many respects It's inbred within the federal Government the Deep State really exists It is much much worse than I ever Thought And when Trump became president I told him how bad the federal Government was

He probably didn't know As much as I knew how bad it was It I was telling him a fairy tale when I Was telling him that it is much worse Than I thought it's going to take a man Of tremendous courage to do it and he's Gonna have to start on day one I have no reason to believe that Trump That the Santa's can can't do that But I've seen people once they get into Office into that office not be able to Do it and honestly nobody knows that Answer he could be a great Governor Terrible president Um I don't say that he would be if Trump Isn't a nominee I will support the Sanders I probably will support any Republican Over a Democrat and I'll feel pretty Comfortable that he has a good record as A governor therefore he'll be a good President But I won't be a hundred percent sure That he'll be able to do all the things Trump already did it he delivered peace He delivered one of our most prosperous Eras that we had He delivered uh the best economy for Minorities that they've ever had Uh he achieved a Peaceful resolution or seemed to be in The Middle East There's no there I don't think there's Anybody in this room that would doubt

That Russia would not have invaded Ukraine If Trump were the president Just wouldn't have happened Just think of all those people to be Alive today if we hadn't made the Mistake of electing Mr demented I mean We would No well just think of it I mean those People would be alive today He put out his Afghanistan report and he Blamed Afghanistan on Trump Although Afghanistan is not necessarily A mistake because we left it's a Perfectly reasonable decision to leave I think you could defend either decision Leave or stay It's how we left He handled how we left right Trump Didn't make the decision to take out the Troops before you take out the civilians Now I do I don't understand that I will Never understand that decision there had To be somebody on his staff even if he Is demented that would say to him Mr President will usually do it the other Way around We leave the troops So the civilians can leave and in a Country that's dominated by terrorists Who these civilians have been fighting You basically get them all killed I mean only a I don't know I don't I don't even know

If you're owned by China why you would Do that except Gates saying that he Always makes the wrong decision about Foreign policy It isn't it makes the wrong decision About foreign policy in addition to Being demented before he was demented he Was profoundly stupid and No and he was put there because he's Profoundly stupid because he can be Manipulated So I I don't know if uh I don't know if if I could take my hat Off at Trump hat off and say if I were Running to Santa's campaign I'd wait This out I wouldn't there were times in which it Doesn't make sense to try to fight the Inevitable this is too big For a candidate to take on what's going On with Trump it's going to resolve Itself you got to have patience and then That's the time for him to Move forward if that's what he wants to Do Pat at the end of the day I guess I Would say who do you think can bring in More new voters who is where can Trump Go to find new votes if we're to believe That the last election was legit now Trump doesn't believe it was legit but If we're all playing in the show that The election was legit we know that he Got 75 million votes and Biden got 81

Million votes right despite the dementia And everything else right so if we're if We believe let's not forget the most Popular president of all time is Joe Biden I mean we have to put the facts Out it's incredible million votes yeah And the ice cream and all of it Corn Pop Everybody Um but you know what it would be the Question you're asking I'll go to Adam And here's why I'm going to Adam because Of what you said earlier you know we We've spoken you've spoken at him a Couple times you know where he's at Politically when Adam and I first met at An insurance conference years ago I Thought he was just a good looking guy I'm like this is a good looking guy Going around trying to sell people Insurance right and I said hey why don't You get on camera and do something right And then the boom next thing you know he Calls hey pal let's get together to come And join the value Timmy Timmy flies From Miami to Addison the state is Staying with us for a couple years it's Not been two and a half years and I Asked him I said so tell me politically Where you stand what do you think about Trump what do you think about all these Guys and his opinions Was very like there's no way in the World you know Russia all this other Stuff Adam for yourself two and a half

Years three years you've seen what's Happened okay you're not the biggest Trump supporter you got a guy that you Got DeSantis here in Florida how do you Feel as an independent you used to be a Center left you're maybe in the middle Right now how do you feel as a voter Between Trump and the Santas well thank You Um well number one what a great looking Crowd we got here just before I answer This what have you pandered the crowd For a second great to see everybody here Um but Um I think Dave's absolutely right Because for me it's all about upside we Know That Trump's upside is 50 at best did he Ever reach above a 50 approval rating Ever he might have he might have at one Point but it's it's actually moon at This point it's like where are the new Voters right now and um if the Republican party wants to get Independence because Um that's what it's all about we all we Say this all the time on the podcast 45 Of America's voting left 45 of America's Voting right there's nothing you could Do about it whether you're Bernie Sanders whether you're Rudy Giuliani They're going there so you got to figure Out the 10 percent Where are they willing to go and I think

Um so everyone has a Tipping Point with Trump in my opinion so whether it was You know for me it was the whole what do You thoughts about David Duke he's like I don't even know who David Duke is he's Like he's the leader of the Ku Klux Klan I don't know that is there's everyone Has a Tipping Point and I kind of want To find out when your Tipping Point was But for me if you ask me like Adam what Do you stand for I'm just sick of Americans at each other's throat half my Friends are Republicans half my friends Are Democrats and they're like all my Republican friends are like You're a freaking socialist liberal Whack job and all my liberal friends are Like you're a Maga supporting like crazy Person I'm like I'm just a cool dude That lives in Miami they have two cats Can I just hang out with some chicks and Hang on my buddies like no you have to Pick a side it's like I don't want to Pick a side because I think both sides Are kind of ridiculous right now but He's trying to say DeSantis very slow Yes you see what's happening here yes Just for me I think it's What president or what candidate I know You said that sanus hasn't declared yet You're not sure if he's going to run He's going to run now you're not like Top of the polls and decide to pull back What candidate can get to a 60 approval

Rating and I say this all the time and What can Donald Trump do to get north of 50 there's nothing that we've seen seen That can get us there and I think There's something to your credit there's Something about DeSantis whether it's The youth whether it's the the way he Handled covet whether what he's done in Florida that there's something so Attractive about the guy that even Though he hasn't announced his candidacy Yet people are still clamoring for it by The way guys don't forget you know Joe Rogan who has a pretty popular podcast And obviously knew that Biden was broken And this whole thing was fraudulent Rogan didn't vote instead of saying I Was going to vote for Trump right so he Didn't want to take that risk but he has Since said that he would support DeSantis Elon Musk who is a lifetime Democrat has now said that he would vote For DeSantis so it shows you that Something culturally Beyond just the Politics of who can change this vote and You know what do you think on that Policy or what's going on with the trial There's something else culturally going On here where some of the taste makers Are finally being like boy I thought That Republicans were supposed to be These mean evil scary people who only Cared about money and War but actually It's not the case and DeSantis is

Modeling let me ask you a question Um what was the moment because you were You know supporter of trump you voted For Trump 16 and 20. no not 16. I voted For Gary Johnson the independent really Because Voting booth yeah right so you came Around yeah yeah so you didn't go Joe Jorgensen in 20 no why is no and why not Because by that point I really liked President Trump and I completely agree With Rudy the things that he just laid Out there but by the way historically You know Joe Jorgensen is known as one Of the greatest Debaters of all time Instagram Retirement after going on baby What happened on my show she goes Through an hour of explaining everything And I'm like yeah you know I'm very Sympathetic to libertarian ideas and I I Voted for Gary Johnson and then she did The stupidest thing you can possibly do On a show like ours she goes so Dave are You going to vote for me and I was like No And you can see the moment You could see her die like slow motion You know yeah what was the the the Moment where you cool shoes by the way Uh Aldo 75 bucks nothing save that money Why don't you Adam this is this is the More important part than what you're Talking about because while we're having

Dinner here's what we learned from Dave I think it's very important to all the Political strategists to pay attention To this part because there may be a big Clue here they've pointed out that Typically dog owners are Republicans And he pointed out that cat owners are Democrats so one of the things that Republicans got to think about is the Next time the scientist is doing an ad He should pet a cat because some of the People to be like hey you're a Republican you're a republican you're Republican and then maybe you can Convert some based on what Dave you Pointed out tonight I thought it was a Brilliant strategy that's better Political analysis than you're gonna get On CNN tonight so well I I will I will Nominate my two cats for desantis's Campaign rally what was the moment that You officially said all right Donald Trump thank you for your service I'm on The DeSantis train now oh what was the Moment well that I was on The Descent Look again I like Trump so it's not it's Just from being here Yeah look I've seen it I've seen what You all see in this state crime is not Running rampant taxes are low we have Lowest all-time unemployment here our The biggest problem in Florida and I Asked the scientists this on the show a Couple weeks ago we have a housing price

Prop problem because twelve hundred People move here a day a million people In three years it's it's roughly Equivalent to the million that left California so it's it simply is a matter Of seeing something functional and Competent and you are voting for DeSantis my friend Yeah there you go so are you basically Saying that if Gavin Newsom was the Nominee of the democratic party there's No chance that you would support your Old friend Governor Gavin news oh God This is where Dave gets triggered by the Way I've never hated someone so much I don't Like I don't like having the feeling of Hate I I honestly you know people say They're a lizard people I actually Believe he's a lizard person like I I Funded I believe he is he is a lizard Wearing the skin much like uh Silence of The Lambs like he has created a human Body out of human skin and he's wearing Yeah yeah lotion in the basket he is an Evil evil freak and I I would just leave The country so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here [Music]

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