“He’s The Goat!” – Why Joe Rogan Is Great For Society

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bryan Callen, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about why Joe Rogan is great for society.

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One of the things I I love about Joe is Joe Rogan is I went and saw him at uh I Was in Utah with my parents and said Come down come down to the Forum you got To see this and I'm like you know I was 50 minutes away I think I come down and I'm I'm just standing in the wings and Watching my friend perform for 14 000 wow okay I was stuck in traffic I Was going the back way and I was still Stuck in traffic and I'm like what's This traffic oh they were coming to see My friend okay so his Fame is as big as It gets but I got to tell you man I Gotta tell you what I saw which is Probably going to hit soon That that special is as good as anything He was doing that got him to the game Wow and that's called hunger that he's Always stayed hungry he's always stayed Uncomfortable you know Tyson was talking Um these guys are saying you're saying 30 million dollars doesn't make you Happy and he looked at these guys and he Said so he's got these great nuggets he Goes he said God has a way of getting Back at you by giving you everything you Want well before you can handle it and I I was like damn so it's it's like it's The same thing The Wolf of the door is Luxury that struggle but that's why you Know Joe's the goat you know Joe is the Goat of this space period you're like if You if you're talking

Uh what's the debate right now Jon Jones Right the whole conversation he's the Goat and hey you know did you hear what He said today was very interesting today He says I believe God Put me in this world to never lose He says I am destined to never lose he Says I'm a different breed that I'm Never gonna lose a fight that's John by The way that's a pretty heavy quote That's a heavy quote Yeah That's all that matters by the way right So but Cyril God's new joke you got a Jon Jones you got a you got an MJ you Got a Brady you got a Joe Rogan okay He's in that space on where he's at but Joe this is the picture by the way I Don't know if you remember that the uh This is from the 90s I just sent it to Rob I'm like the square jawed kids show The pictures can you zoom in or no we Got to make sure look at this that's you Exactly where are you guys going we were Coming back from from uh from doing Stand-up are you guys in an Uber in the 90s no no we were in we were in my Friend's car I think we were my friend Marie msrendino's car wow in fact and he Had just performed I think I'd done a Thing and he had done like 45 minutes And crushed and uh what year did you Think this was I was probably literally In 1997 I don't know when I was no what What I've known him since no social

Media no no no lucky to have have a snap You know one of those it looks like you Guys are on your way to a library to Read some books it looks like you guys Are not causing anything I can't see that happening Is that La it's the feeling I was in New York City that's New York got a Swingers Movie right there that's right God yeah Crazy I remember that so well I actually Remember that that it's so weird that I Can remember that how far were you into Your career at that point how far was Rogan into it I was on a show called Mad TV yeah of course and uh I can't Remember but I and I'd done some stuff You know but uh Joe was doing Joe was Done with I think he's done with news Radio then he's doing Fear Factor at That point nope nope he wasn't doing any Of that he was yeah because that because That was 95 to 97. he was doing stand-up Back then I don't remember was there Anything about Rogan at that point yes That was like you're gonna be the goat Of the fundamental difference between Joe and I as this yeah I suffered from Wishful thinking and I suffered from Something I was very positive and I was Not afraid of the world I had an I had An upbringing that made me safe I never Catastrophized things I was always like It'll always work out you know I had an arrogance when I was a young

Man which was the idea that I was one of God's favorites in a way I worked hard I Did all right in my life but I always Had this sort of idea that you know you Don't have to I always wanted to be the Guy I I never I couldn't stand sit in a Bench in anything I had to be you know I Had to be involved I wanted to be the People I want to be the guy you're Talking about not that I was talking in The game whatever it was but But Um I was never as honest with myself I was always honest but not honest the Way he was he was brutally honest with Himself because Joe grew up in a world Where he only had himself to rely on he Grew up in a world that was dangerous From the age of about nine on it was Only him man And I didn't grow up that way so Joe is Always afraid of the world Joe was very Aware of how bad it could be it was like Being it was like Um somebody comes out of war and Realizes you're having that you're Complaining about those dinner rolls Yeah is that what you're doing talk to Somebody who came from a from a war-torn Country and and watch how grateful they Are but also watch how hard they work Man fear and and the idea that you never Want to go back to that thing over there Is a very powerful motivator so you know

And he's the kind of guy also who had The imagination and Um and to realize what he was able to Become he he felt his own potential and He and he figured out a long time ago That if I work harder than somebody else More importantly if I'm consistent if I'm really consistent and I'm really Honest with my shortcomings I'll get Ahead and he was never not intense that Way but I would say to it to add to that The most important thing was probably His brutal honesty with everyone around Him and himself that guy was NE I Remember I remember when we were we were Doing when I started doing Mad uh Fighter and the kid we start getting Sponsors and sponsors were coming to us And we had a long conversation about the Importance of only letting people that Sponsor you be the kinds of Brands you Believe in if you take shortcuts it's Going to be a bad situation Council and We used to call it we used to call it The pesky truth we'd call it and Sometimes we'd be talking and we'd fudge Some data And I remember this and he'd go he'd say He said yeah I asked him a question yeah The answer was no and he goes no I mean maybe the answer is no you know We would always you hold each other to Account and and More than anybody else he was always the

Guy who would say to me you're [ __ ] You're bullshitting yourself you're not Working hard enough whatever it was he Was that friend you know you know what's The you know what's the There's different ways you measure Someone's success right okay so we're Talking about Neil deGrasse Tyson he Says of four things on how to measure Whether someone's going to be success It's what grades in school you know Ambition social how they're good with People and alas how they bounce back Right okay what else can you hey how you Measure success for somebody who's a Great parent well watch their grandkids That's how you measure if they were Grandparent great parent or not because They raised great kids who raise great Kids right uh one of the ways that it's Very very uh it's not talked about Enough you know the saying Um you are the average of the five People you hang out with or whatever you Know that whole conversation fine we Give that conversation but But is it really five Or is it really one person in that five That's holding everybody together At the highest level of standards and It's that one flipping annoying guy that You love sick that's right that one Person it's not five I am convinced it Is not five it's impossible to be five

In the group of five there's an alpha That Alpha sets the tone and everybody Eventually says here's the alpha whether We like it or not he's the alpha of the Group and in the alpha you try to [ __ ] the Alpha and the alpha says Yeah you're full of [ __ ] it's not gonna Happen The alpha you try to convince yeah what About we do this yeah I don't know about That it's not going to happen so some People can't take that so you sit there And say screw this guy who the hell does He think he is you filter out no problem You were never meant to be in that group Because you can't I you think you are The alpha you're not the alpha you wish You were the alpha you don't do what the Alpha does to be the alpha Joe's in Alpha it's very simple Joe's the alpha When I uh was with Tate I pulled him Aside so listen I I really like your Brother You know I really like how he is with You you know Tristan I said but to me he Knows you're the alpha he says you think So I don't know if you remember this I Said no I think he knows you're the Alpha and he gives you that respect Right even with DJ Khaled and who's the Other guy about Joe where Fat Joe says Khalid's younger than he's my young but He's the alpha right each group has that If you can find a friend like Joe but

There are good outfits and they're a bad Alpha of course they're not there's a Difference the bad Alpha is a bully and He's not dealing with the truth no he's Not good Alpha keeps everybody they keep Them in line with the truth and it's not About it's not about them like he Doesn't need the credit like a real Alpha doesn't need other people to tell Him they're Alpha and hey I constantly Need confirmation you know a bad Alpha Needs constant confirmation a real Alpha You don't need confidence the literature Backs you up on everything you said There men men delineate Authority very Quickly and they they had to you know For Millennia we came I always had this Joke about but it's true with men that There is there is one when a man meets Another man for the first time there's Only one primary question in the room And there's protocol hey how you doing Everything but at the end of the day When a man meets another man when you Strip it all down When a man looks at another man the only Thing going on in their brains is could I kill this that's it if we're in a room Naked who comes out first and Everything's in the negotiation why you Gotta be naked yeah yeah well what Because that's how I fight so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you

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